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Digital Library of Historical Directories - Project Information:
"The Historical Directories collection
The main considerations in selecting directories for digitisation were to achieve national coverage and also to integrate material from different institutions as a coherent online collection. National coverage has been provided for three date bands: the 1850s, 1890s, and 1910-1920, with one digitised directory from each period selected for each county and main county town.

The 1850s were the decade when directories began to be published more widely and with information at parish level. The years around the turn of the century coincide with the popular 1901 census website, though the decision to include volumes from the decade before the 1901 census, and from the decade 1910-1920, avoids duplication of coverage.
Nonetheless, it is hoped that this choice will allow users of both websites to be able compare different historical sources. The intense current interest in World War I also gives a potentially large audience for directories from the period 1910-1920.
Examples of some very early directories, from the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, were also included, together with a more detailed approach to Leicestershire, London and Wales."

Hugh Watkins
Danska Præster: " S. V. Wibergs 'Personalhistoriske, statistiske og genealogiske Bidrag til en almindelig dansk Præstehistorie', fra 1870"

>> This is my contribution to map all Danish priests’ consanguinity. I have mainly used S. V. Wiberg’s "Almindelig præstehistorie", from 1870, but will supplement as I receive new information.

Since the text is written in old Gothic Danish I am assuming I am incorrect in some places. E-mail me and I will correct. I have not included texts about the office itself, but have focused on consanguinity.

Please only consider this material as “clues” to where you can search for information regarding your ancestry.

I would in particular like to thank the Landsarkivet (provincial record office) here in Visby for lending me S. V. Wiberg’s "Almindelig præstehistorie"
Lotte Jensen
[FAQ] Genealogy Meta FAQ - A Guide to the FAQs: "Genealogy Meta FAQ - A Guide to the FAQs"
Dansk biografisk Lexikon:
"tillige omfattende
Norge for Tidsrummet 1537-1814. << includes Norway from 1537 to 1814
C. F. Bricka.
Gyldendalske Boghandels Forlag (F. Hegel & Søn).
Græbes Bogtrykkeri.
1887 - 1905. "

The really useful reference work in Danish for Danish genealogists

Hugh Watkins

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Computers in Genealogy

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Vol. 7 No. 5/6 - March/June 2001 = The Current Issue

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Links for Danish census dnkcen:

And I have been busy today doing this
HGS: Internet Projects: "Gary Horlacher,"
Index of Counties (Amter), Districts (Herreder) and Parishes (Sogne) in Denmark: "Index of Counties (Amter), Districts (Herreder) and Parishes (Sogne) in Denmark"

I use this all the time to locate parishes
Google Directory - Regional > Europe > Denmark > Society and Culture > Genealogy > Surnames: "Regional > Europe > Denmark > Society and Culture > Genealogy > Surnames "
Google Directory - Regional > Europe > Denmark > Society and Culture > Genealogy
"Regional > Europe > Denmark > Society and Culture > Genealogy "
Google Web Katalog - World > Dansk > Samfund > Slægtsforskning: "World > Danish > Society > Family (history) research
Lars Jørgen Helbo's Homepage, slægtsforskning, dansk:
Danish Census Project

Lars starts:-
As well as doing my own family history, I am also taking part in this major project of transcribing all Danish census from 1787 to 1916.

In my opinion this project is very important for all genealogists. When the resources have been entered into a computer, you get brand new search possibilities.
Therefore the time you use on transcription is well spent and it is a good way for to practice reading old Danish gotisk handwritng.

To date the census records of more than 6 millioner persons have been transcribed; but there are still a lot left to do. Therefore everybody interested should participate. It is easy to join.

Get the program WinKip which is a paradox database template.

Then take a look at the county maps here Kildeindtastninger

You can see, what has already been done, and what is still missing.
Then make contact with DDA. Here you can reserve a parish, so that no one else will start on the same job. Hvordan bliver jeg ?

1801 1840 and 1860 are available as images on the Internet or if you have a fiche or microfilm reader you may work from that and you will be loaned the material you need.

Then you send your completed transcription to Dansk Data Arkiv, and it will be on the Internet about 2 months later . "

rewritten and additions by Hugh W

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

: "From The Cork Examiner, 26 September 1890 -

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
THE black cannibals of Northern Queensland are
exceedingly partial to Chinamen. The reason is said to
be that the flesh of the Chinese is peculiarly tender and
palatable, owing to rice being their staple article of diet.

There is now a numerous Chinese population in the
North of Australia, and scores of them who have
ventured beyond the confines of civilisation have been
captured and devoured by the natives.

This explains the nonchalance with which the Northern Queensland
surveyor recently reported in these terms to the Government
:--'The blacks have stolen all my
provisions and sampled two of my Chinamen.'

'Sampled' in this connection is good.

Dennis Ahern |
Acton, Massachusetts | Ireland Newspaper Abstracts

thank you Dennis

I often skip your posts

google says View: Complete Thread (2417 articles

A man has deliberately committed suicide to-night, at Salthill, by
laying his head on the rails, and allowing the 11 p.m. train
from Dublin to pass over it. His features are not

He is old, and of a gentlemanly appearance.
His name is not known, but inside his hat was found a
paper on which was written, 'I have been sleeping on the
rocks these two nights.'

--The Cork Examiner, 1 August 1862 "

The oldest I can find

Google Search: "Ireland Newspaper Abstracts": "!! Connaught Journal; May 28, 1823
... Celtic Cousins Searches of all the former newspaper
abstracts posted may be found at: Ireland Newspaper Abstracts - 22 Nov 2001 by Cathy Joynt Labath"

Search Result 6
From: Dennis Ahern (
Subject: Re: Excerpts from Irish newspapers
View: Complete Thread (2417 articles)
Original Format
Newsgroups: soc.genealogy.ireland
Date: 2002-11-25 20:37:41 PST

And so you've been doing it a year ?

The President of the European Parliament - Biography: "Pat Cox was elected President of the European Parliament on 15 January 2002. Pat Cox is married with six children and divides his time between family in Cork, his constituency of Munster, Brussels and Strasbourg, the seats of the European Parliament, and the wider European stage. "

and I did't know that

the SHAME of IT
European Parliament: "News update"
Press room
Fenêtre sur l'Europe "Window overlooking Europe",
spam ?

With the upcoming enlargement of the European Union, the elections of the Members of the European Parliament, also to be enlarged, and a possible referendum on the future European Constitution, the year 2004 will mark a turning point in the history of Europe.

Fenêtre sur l'Europe "Window overlooking Europe", whose mission is to inform citizens with news and explain the functioning of the E.U. by the means of new technologies, has decided to contribute to the increase of European democratic debates by anticipating these unprecedented events. It launched, 17th November 2003, at the same time of the plenary session of the European Parliament, an internet web site both in French and in English, supported by the European Affairs Minister Delegate Noëlle Lenoir,


This web site, will attract several tens of thousands of visitors and will enable citizens to follow currently discussed European decisions through the means of short news updates, articles and exclusive interviews of European decision makers, parliamentary commissioners, European Members of Parliament etc… Furthermore, each person will be entitled to express his or her opinion on related topics via a chat room and a poll area, equally accessible to all those who "make Europe".

Video wise,[ ]EU-CITIZEN.COM will offer via Europe by Satellite, live access to the debates of parliamentary sessions in all the languages of the European Union. At the end of each session, internet users will be able to view video summaries of the debates.

Contact : Anne-Sophie CROUZET
NIBIRU, PLANET X, ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS, NASA, MARS, EARTH: "10th planet should be two to five times more massive than Earth and have a highly elliptical orbit that takes it some 5 billion miles beyond that of Pluto"

URL from my cousin in Australia - who did not watch THE rugby
I telephoned him to commiserate - or gloat !
BLOGGER - Knowledge Base - How do I make a link to another webpage?: " Knowledge Base > Blogger Basics > Posting and Editing How do I make a link to another webpage?"


Firstly never type an URL - always copy paste

secondly use the Google tool bar and click BLOG THIS button

and you get a GOOD POP-UP window with a ready made < a = href in it

thirdly in WIndoze after editing the > text of link <
use this key sequence


fourthly CONTROL V to drop the link into any old htm source which you are ediitng in blogger - or whatever.

Silly webmaster tricks
Technorati: Link Cosmos: "What Cosmos results mean
There are two ways of ranking the inbound links to a blog - either by 'Freshness' or by 'Authority'. When links are sorted in order of Authority, blogs that have the most inbound links are ranked first. This will give you a quick feel for the relative authority of the site itself - if lots of people who have authority are linking to this blog, it is probably credible or has interesting content.

Very few authoritative links to a blog may mean that the blog is new, or is not often updated, or is not considering interesting to many bloggers. Perhaps it is a diamond in the rough just waiting to be found!

The freshness ranking places the most updated blogs first in the search results, without regard for blog authority. This allows you to find newly updated links quickly, which usually mean interesting content, rather than just 'blogroll' links."

blogosphere about 230,000 or blogsphere about 32,100

new words entering the english language via the web

blogroll about 728,00 and blogspot about 1,740,000

To me their COSMOS seems to be as naff as a hits counter on a web page

blogged but not bookmarked
Technorati: Web Services for bloggers.: "Find out who's linking to you.
Cosmos allows you to find what's new in the blogging universe, and find out who's linking to whom. Simply type in a URL of a blog, website, or interesting article on the web, and Cosmos will tell you which bloggers are linking to the URL."

and one of the webmasters I critcised has just emailed me
Wicked webtricks
the place LADYBARN as a birthplace came up in a failed 1891 census sarch
Manchester UK

Google Search: Ladybarn

Manchester Education Department Schoolfinder - Ladybarn Primary School: "Briarfield Road, Withington, Manchester, M20 4SR"
M20 4SR goes in search resultsM20 4SR"

Use to link to this map. Click here to convert/measure coordinates

Grid Conversion Results

OS X 385923
OS Y 392657

385923,392657 copy paste into

When there is a NONBLOG DAY it means I am busy in RL
? Acronym Finder Search: What does RL stand for?: "RL Real Life (as opposed to the Internet) "

yesterday up at 545 am and on the 0747 CENTRO to Lime Street
old suburban stock

3 minutes walk to Liverpool City Council - Libraries:

CMS Overhead map: "overhead photograph of the location of the James Parsons Building, John Moores University ( top left). At the bottom right is Lime Street Train Station" and the library entrance is under the letter g of Mountford Building

"Liverpool Record Office, Local Studies and Family History Service

We have a vast resource of information covering the fascinating history of the City dating from the 13th century to the present.
These include archives of the City Council and its predecessors, schools, churches, families, businesses and societies, books, maps, watercolours and unique photographs"

more later

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RootsWeb's HelpDesk Index: "Mail Lists:
Email delivery problems to domains - /
Parts of the British Telecom group mail servers were bouncing. We would recommend that BT users check their subscriptions"


but a great corner of Rootsweb

Umlauted Vowels and Symbols:

"Many researchers will not use character codes when doing surname searches. To make make sure your surnames are not overlooked, you may want to list your surnames with and without the character codes."
Open Source Initiative OSI - Welcome: "The basic idea behind open source is very simple: When programmers can read, redistribute, and modify the source code for a piece of software, the software evolves. People improve it, people adapt it, people fix bugs. And this can happen at a speed that, if one is used to the slow pace of conventional software development, seems astonishing.

We in the open source community have learned that this rapid evolutionary process produces better software than the traditional closed model, in which only a very few programmers can see the source and everybody else must blindly use an opaque block of bits."
GENEALOGE: "Sunday, August 31, 2003
blogging the blog"

This archive link was broken so I emailed blogger support
and they sent me here :-

BLOGGER - Knowledge Base - How do I republish my blog?: "How do I republish my blog?"

Back To: Knowledge Base > Blogger Basics > Posting and Editing How do I republish my blog?

>> If you cannot find what you're looking for, please ask us.<<
lovely people


BLOGGER - Knowledge Base: "Knowledge Base
Please consult the list of frequently asked questions below to help address your problem"


real men don't make backups

Sunday, November 23, 2003

Google Groups Search: soc.genealogy: "


soc.genealogy.surnames.* (7 groups)


some of the USENET groups where you can find helpful people with local knowledge.