Saturday, December 06, 2003 - Miserable Failure? Google Trick Says It's Bush: "Google bombings are created by people who run Web sites and Web logs, or blogs, which allow people to easily post information about particular topics. One person posts an idea for a bombing online, then it spreads like, you might say, Webfire.

The latest Google bombing appears to have spread within a matter of weeks.

It apparently doesn't take much for Google to make the association. At least 826 pages link to the Bush bio but just 32 of those pages include the phrase 'miserable failure,' according to a Google search.

In previous pranks, tricksters have rigged Google to bring up spoof pages. For instance, after France refused to join the coalition forces fighting Iraq, a Google search for 'French military victories' brought up a spoof page that said no documents were found and asked, 'Did you mean 'french military defeats.''"
Slægtshistorisk Forening for Storkøbenhavn - Forside

The Family History Society for Greater Copenhagen

which has the good news that the National Archives and the Copemhagen provincial archives will share a site on the old goodsyard close to Copenhagen main station and about 800 meters from the royal Library.

Sidste nyt om Rigsarkivet.
Rigsarkivet bliver i centrum af København"

So now the architects are rubbing their hands . . there should be a competition ;-)

or not picture of the new building which as boring as the football loving "Culture" minister

A cheap and nasty box

Nyt Rigsarkiv midt i København - Pressemeddelelse
press elease form the Danish Ministry of Culture

picture of the site

the buildings on the water front are prestigious new office buildings and to the right

Copenhagen Marriott Hotel -- Copenhagen, Denmark; Hotel Rates and Reservation Information Available at

"Let your visit to the wonderful capital of Denmark begin at the Copenhagen Marriott Hotel, the only hotel along the harbour at Kalvebod Brygge.

The hotel opens towards the harbour with an amazing view over the water and the city.

Tivoli Gardens, Christiansborg Palace, Nyhavn, the little Mermaid, Amalieborg and the Europe's longest pedestrian street, 'Strxget', is just a short stroll away.
All these wonderful sights can be enjoyed while you feel at home at the first Marriott hotel in Scandinavia. Whether you are travelling for business, pleasure, or planning a meeting, the Copenhagen Marriott Hotel focuses on what it takes to make your stay succesful."


very useful home page in Danish for the Copenhagen local collection - Rådhusbibliotekets hjemmeside


Revl og krat - Hyppige spørgsmål til Rådhusbiblioteket om København

Revl og krat: "København/Kjøbenhavn og andre navneformer"

What happened to the J in Kjøbenhavn ?
- it became optional in 1896 and went out in 1938
from my mail box :-
XRZ wrote:

> Can you translate 'kurvemagermester'

with pleasure and pride to do it without my dictionary ;.)

Danish compound words break down easily

kurve = basket

mager = maker

mester = master

which is very significant and means at age 14 he was an apprentice
if Abraham Heinrich Samuel Knepel was the same age:-

he was born about 1787
confirmed about 1801
start looking in Skt Petri churchbooks
the writing may be difficult GOTISK and in German too with a little church Latin.

he would be qualified about 1808 as a journey man
and would be expected to travel to gain experience in various workshops
so he might even be a German who met a Danish girl and settled

he should qualify as a master around age 28 to 30 by making a master piece
in order to get permission from the lag or guild to open his own workshop.

I Uk this would mean that he also became a freeman of the City and would have aquired voting rights at elections too, and is in the Burgess Rolls. . . apprenticeship agreemenst were listed in the apprentice rolls

In Denmark I have done mostly provincial and village genealogy with use of military records, so I have no detailed experience but I would start searching for him at the Town Hall in the Copenhagen city archives.Københavns Stadsarkiv

I once glanced at some minutes of a lag - things like fines for poor workmanship -
but the writng was very very difficultanmd i rapidly gave up.

But first of all I would look at trade and street directories in the Copenhagen Town Hall libnrary (and local collection) Københavns biblioteker - Rådhusbiblioteket
but if he was an employee he might not appear.

kurvemager is worth a google Google Search: kurvemager

Kurvemager: Flemming Neumann
Babyvugge a cradle so click on that word

>> Jeg leverede den til Blindes-arbejde og Dansk Blindesamfund købte den til den kongelige familie <<
I delivered this one to the (lit.) "Blindpeoples-work" (ie retail shop) and the "Danish blind (persons) society" puchased it for the Royal family.

A present for HRH Prince Nikolais son of HRH Prince Joachim (second heir to the throne) and HRH Princess Alexandra, who is as popular as poor HRH Princess Diana - but much more sensible.

> It was used in a listing for 1850 census fro Kjøbenhavns almindelige hospital.

could be called a public hospice in english

> Christiane Knepel is listed as 63 enke = widow

> manden var kurvemagermester.

the man (her husband) was a master basket-maker

> I imagine this means she is the widow of a man whose occupation was ?

a master basket-maker

> I have found her marriage as Christiana Holm to Abraham Heinrich Samuel Knepel in 1811 in IGI

good enough as an index but no guarantee of accuracy

> . Also found several children in the church records on IGI for Sankt Petri, Kobenhavn, Kobenhavn, Denmark. I have not found the couple in the census online, though I did find some of the children.
> Their daughter Henriette Wilhelmine Knepell married Schack Joakim Otto From Linneman - these were my 2nd great grandparents

> Her surname in the records is variously listed as Knebel, Kneball, Kueball, Knepell - given name Jette, Henriette and Henriette W(V)ilhelmine

typical and normal spelling variations whether comtemporary in the MSS or in the transcriptions by monoglot english speaking researchers.

BTW another wicked google trick
Google Search: kurvemager glossary

finds a word list danish = english

Glossary to the census and marriage: "Census and marriage of the county of Aarhus, Denmark"

Hugh Watkins


Danish genealogy - dansk genealogi

Danish Census welcome


the grand parents
Kongelig dåb: "Prins Felix Henrik Valdemar Christian"

Friday, December 05, 2003

Ancestry Message Boards - Message [ Ethics in Genealogy ]: "but on the other hand " the tell tale phrase which is always a sign of philosophising.

From my mail this morning.

Hugh Watkins
(I have to sign my full name now and then for Google sake)
Saddam and Conspiracy Theories: "Saddam was a gambler. Only he gambled with the life and the future of his people. Even if he were deceived by this or that foreign power, he remains responsible for his deeds and misdeeds.
He could render a service to his people, perhaps even to his place in history, if he were to come out of his hiding to face trial. A proper trial would give him a chance to explain and defend his record, and to show that he was not a mere pawn in a game played by others. Such a trial would also help the Iraqis, and Arabs in general, understand the roots of the evil that has afflicted their politics for decades."

Thursday, December 04, 2003

BRUMLEBY - Københavns Lægeforeningens Boliger: "one place study "

sitting up all night again
time to eat breakfast and go to bed
DAISY: "Daisy – Dansk Arkivalie Informationssystem "
new on Rootsweb

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Google Search: daisy: "new archival database, DAISY (Danish
Archival Information SYstem),"

When you go to the Danish National archives you still have to fill in orders with two carbon copies

Arkivdatabasen DAISY

Dansk Arkivalie Informationssystem

Danish Archive Information System ie catalogue

Elektronisk tilgængeliggørelse og nye veje i arkivaliebeskrivelsen

to get the most out of it you need to read a few words of Danish - say 300 for genealogy
Google Groups: View Thread "Mr SUPER surgeon and Dr POISON": "when I got a letter from Heartlands Hospital Birmingham giving me an appointment with Mr Super Surgeon, I laughed and thought it was
a typo.

But I met Mr Super today.
In the waiitng room there was a notice board saying who was in the clinic
below Mr Super
was Doctor Poison . . I thought

Well new glasses on old eyes made it out of POLSON
(son of Paul ?)

But Mr Super's grandfather came to Scotland as a boy from Krakov in Poland and worked all his life in a steel works - his name was

Google Search: "mr super" surgeon birmingham

seems he has a small fan club developing.

Thank you sir - good handwork done :-)

and the Heartlands day surgery team - thank you too

Hugh Watkins

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

A CD ROM from Australia was awaiting my return from hospital,
and I have summarised a little of it below. pictures and scanned letters from my cousin THANKS A

The hospital thing was two incisions and 8 stitches
so no worse than a badly cut knee in childhod

amazing how my doom seeing imagination ran away with me, as long as there is no infection

the wounds seemed to have stopped leaking blood now after about 6 hours, so fingers crossed.
Canada, Australia & New Zealand Business Association Luncheon:

"In fact, our airport at Lae was the last place Amelia Earhart was seen in 1937 on her failed first ever circumnavigation of the globe by a female pilot. "

George Palmer Putnam Collection description -- Purdue Libraries: "Amelia Earhart Putnam (1897-1937)."

Canada, Australia & New Zealand Business Association Luncheon: "Placer Development's roots extend back to the1920s with alluvial gold workings in Bulolo, Papua New Guinea (then a territory and a UN protectorate of Australia), where our predecessor company, Bulolo Gold Dredging, produced more than two million ounces of gold in the remote, mountainous jungles. "

My Uncle,
"Alfred George (Dick) Lapham was there - in his letters from New Guinea and Australia to his father
C/o Bulolo Gold Dredging,
Bulolo, New Guinea

July 11 1937

he was from about January 1934 and describes himself as an old man soon to be 35
he was acting as cook on the dredge because the boy broke his arm

and everyone is talking about Mrs Putnam.

C/o J Temperley Tully North Queensland
March 4, 1932
Driving a team of horses to cart stones from the creek to the cow yard.
He says altough slower bullock teams are better, on rough and hilly ground, than horses for hauling the timber out, which is very valuable and railed to Brisbane and shipped to America.

c/o B. G. D. Co. Ltd.
New Guinea

January 6 1935

he is logging cedar
no income tax to pay because the country is under the League of Nations

February 20th 1937

He flew for the first time in his life in a
Guinea Airways: "Guinea Airways Lockheed Super Electra (? L14 VH-ADY)"
8 passengers 2 pilots 250 mph

November 20 1937
dear Dad
no best girl
thanks for pen - birthday present

"What a funny world this is, here we are over here digging gold
to provide money for world to make another war,
which I think will be in the near future, at the rate things are going on.

February 7 1938
Heard King George[VI] speak on radio

discusses threatened strike
he was the dredge crew's representative

He had been asked to join the Free Masons
a "gay and debonair bachelor" up to (his brothers ) Norman and Howard to keep the Lapham name going strong

Only Howard was to have two daughters so the name died with that generation.

C/o Bulolo Gold Dredging,
Bulolo, New Guinea
December 14 1938

16 men and a chinese cook of course
transfering to a camp 15 miles from Bulolo and 4 miles from Wace
eating underdone steak with a mug of beer and pay the company £12 a month for what they ate
he had a sort of foreman's job, a winchman to be correct
he has a spot of cash about £500 wrapped up in gold shares
and hopes to use it to come home to Bristol 1940 -1944

July 10 1939

9 months since his last letter home
4 days day in Sidney and 6 weeks in Melbourne
On his first afternoon at the Carlton Hotel he caught a thief in his room and after fighting him and managing to "king-hit" him

The theif turned out to be a criminal 6 months out of jail after serving 15 years for murder !
the hotel manager gave a bottle of champagne

3 days after that he go a car in Melbournend drove about 2000 miles touring Victoria
put on about 2 stone in weight leading the life of a gentleman

But "after the Lord mayor's show comes the sanitary cart"

July 10 1939 to his mother (not living with my grandfather )
back in Bololo about a month
Played golf with Billy Hughes
First World - Who's Who - Billy Hughes: "William Morris ('Billy') Hughes (1862-1952) served as Australia's Prime Minister from 1915-23,"
welsh but born in London

October 7 1939 Bololo
going to be engaged to be married
her names is Lilian (hole torn in letter)
sister in hospital Port Moresby

must win this war first

"Russia is only in for what she can get out of it , with the hope that she may extend extend her communist doctrine to Germany after Hitler has fallen. * * * * *

All our news comes over the radio which does not amount to much.

2/11 Field Engineers
September 4 1940

"the duty of all fit single men to join up" so he had 6 weeks earlier
no good having jobs or money if Germany is allowed to win the war.

April 7 1941
2/11 Field Engineers Darwin, North Australia
gossip about the place and the regiment
Japan mentioned
written by the light of a hurricane lamp

Lastly to his father from Staf Sergeant Frank J White 25 april 46
who knew Dick from Jan 1934

was with him the day he died and attended his burial. "His death was absolutely painless."
only 123 out of 900 POW in Ambon returned to Australia

c/o David Knox
"River View"
S W Line
Feb 22 (undated but a more boyish hand)
there 3 months
working at burning prickly pear
2000 sheep

saw a large red fox

the immigration people in Brisbane want to send him up north.
amd he dreams of gold.

>> Source: The Collins English Dictionary © 2000 HarperCollins Publishers:

king-hit (Australian) (informal)
1 a knockout blow, esp. an unfair one
verb (-hits, -hitting, -hit)
2 to deliver a knockout blow to


Pacific Book House - Book Lists: "BOOTH, Doris R.
Cornstalk Publishing. Sydney. 1929. Second Australian Edition; xix, 203, index; 29 illusts.; hardcover (rebound with gilt titles, new endpapers) reproduction dust jacket protected; (sporadic foxing, numerous library stamps) a readers copy. Very Scarce. The author, Mrs Booth, arrived at the goldfields in 1924 where her previous training as a nurse undoubtedly saved many lives, while at the same time she was supervising the work on her claim. Much sought after book on the Bulolo and Edie Creek goldfields with references to the Buang and Watut. "

(son of Alfred Thomas Lapham and Florence Caroline Evans) was born October 19, 1912 in Bristol England
and died July 1, 1945 in Royal Australian Army (Prisoner of Japanese). "

Welcome to the Bucks Family History Society: "Bucks Family History Society"

One of the usenet DENIZENS
is Eve McLaughlin

Author of the McLaughlin Guides for family historians
Secretary Bucks Genealogical Society
Federation of Family History Societies list

hangs out in
Google Search: soc.genealogy.britain

good stuff

Google Search: author:Eve author:McLaughlin

Highly recomended

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Mercury News | 12/01/2003 | Dreaming of a white whale: "`Oh, look,'' Lee Ward of Los Altos said to her three small fries on a recent Sunday as Humphreys and Tackett clambered about in the whale's belly. ``They're lighting the whale! I'll bet it looks really neat. Do you light it every year?'' she asked."
NYC - Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree - New York City - New Yorkled: "The Manchester, Connecticut Katkauskas family's 50 year old, 79-foot-Norway spruce was cut only two days ago. It came to New York City's Rockefeller Center via Truck and Barge and is in my opinion a heck of alot more upright than previous years' trees. "
History and Status of the Welsh Language:
"What is Welsh?
Welsh is one of the Celtic languages still spoken, perhaps that with the greatest number of speakers. The only natural communities of speakers are in that part of Britain which is called Wales, and a small colony in Patagonia (in the Chubut province of Argentina), although there are many speakers of Welsh elsewhere, particularly in England and Australia and the United States of America.

The English names of the Welsh language (in Welsh, y Gymraeg) and the Welsh people (y Cymry) and Wales (Cymru) derive from a Germanic name for foreigners that crops up elsewhere in Europe in the same way, and which comes from a Latin name for a lost Celtic people, the Volcae.

Isn't Welsh just a dialect of English?
No. It is a language with an older pedigree, and a distinct one."

About tine I learned the language of my ancestors but I was raised as a monoglot anglophone

We learned LATIN at the age of 8 - which grammar ruled until CHOMSKY.

Then a sort of book French where reading and writing took priority over speaking.
I dropped lartin at 14 in favour of maths and science - in USA math

Google Search: monoglot anglophone saxon OR as the welsh say <strong> BLOODY SAXONS !!!

Tomorrow I'm visiting Heartlands hospital for a minor operation - medical details go in the BLOOG along with other gruesomnesses, like other BLOGS and DARWINS.

So it might be another blogfree day

Hugh Watkins

Sunday, November 30, 2003

TELE2 UK: "Call free on 0800 279 51 52
calls may be monitored / recorded

per minuteTELE2 2.5p international anytime

off peak 0.75p

What is "CPS"?
"CPS" or Carrier Pre-Selection is the service that TELE2 offers - please see "What is the Service" in the Terms and Conditions page for an explanation.


per minute
Mon-Fri 8am-6pm

National 3.95p

and night
Mon-Fri 6pm-8am

& public

TELE2 UK: "Can I override my TELE2 service once my telephone has been diverted to TELE2?
Yes you can use your BT line at any time by dialling 1280. BT will charge you for these calls."

C6226 FT-1840 Bedsted Hassing Thisted 78502:

"BEDSTED 1st February 1840 Census
Bested Folketælling Bd. 108 s. 1- 14
Rentekammeret Tabelvæsen og Statistik 3534,108
Thisted amt I
Hassing Herred s. 1 - 198"

Done big big web page

good night

Hugh Watkins