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hurrah for the first SPAM to gmail !!

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silly foolS
I put the gmail addy out in this blog just as spam bait
as a BETA tester I'm gonna help


I was fishing for spam
hooked my first one !

oh dear
11 items already in spam trap

along with 4 post popper list mails mis-filtered

12 conversations have been deleted.

Hooray, no spam here!

getting email to gmail

The conversation has been labeled "gmail new "
the thingy uses labels instead of folders

then the filters of incoming mail attach labels

Gmail Invites
Can you please help me to set a gmail account

I was wondering if you had been given any gmail invites to share with people.
I have been searching for days now with no luck and no invite. If you would
be kind enough to send one my way I would be happy to compensate in some way,
shape or form. thanks.

my answer SORRY :-
become a blogger

only 1000 beta testers
released seen on the web
so I hope you are in time
a do it yourself blog on laptop fixing might be good for example :-)

your daily troubles

google gmail

also site search for gmail


Hugh W

I am a blogger but I havnt received an invite from them yet..^Å^

oh dear

log on to the site to edit your blog by hand - or change the template
there is a button on the right above the list of blogs (5 in my case)

I have emailed them from the gmail page in google site somewhere first
I use the google tool bar and do many searches which they are allowed to track

or I just got lucky

Hugh W
Google Search: pro leaflets 1858

an accident should be
Google Search: pro leaflets 1598

both have useful links to background info
two critical dates for changes in administrative practiec - and family history records

Society of Genealogists Information Leaflet
SoG: Information Leaflets.

Family records and their layout
Note taking and keeping for genealogists
Genealogy as a career
Note for Americans on tracing their British ancestry
The relevance of surnames in genealogy
Starting genealogy
The right to Arms
Essential addresses
The Data Protection Act and genealogists
Has it been done before?
Employing a professional researcher: a practical guide
SoG Welcomes your Research

I recently read them all

Society of Genealogists Enterprises Ltd Society of Genealogists' Publications & Products

Public Record Office | Leaflets | Family History in England and Wales

a very handy overview

Google Search: " Bishops' transcripts"

Google Search: " Bishops' transcripts"

EmeryPaper (Version 4)

These are copies of the parish registers completed on an annual basis by the clergy and forwarded to the local bishop.

The practice commenced in 1598 but those transcripts that still exist must be checked where possible with the original registers as not all copies are accurate.

- - - -

After 1837, when civil registration started, many clergy ceased to send copies, although some did continue for quite some time.

Bishops' Transcripts (BTs) are useful in that they provide a second record and may have survived when the parish register has not. Details of baptisms, marriages and burials were also sometimes recorded on loose sheets prior to copying into the registers, and it is possible that some BTs may include entries not listed in the parish registers

Bishops' Transcripts

usually at the county record office.
useful for WWII bombed out Bristol churches when the registers burned, but were badly stored and damaged as well.

Google Search: " Bishops' transcripts" 1598

Passengers stranded by airline collapse:

"Air passengers due to return to the UK have been left stranded around Europe after the collapse of a carrier which had operated for just seven months.
Duo, which was based in Birmingham and Edinburgh, cancelled all flights past midnight after it went into administration.
The move left passengers due to return to England and Scotland having to find other means of leaving Nice in France, Munich in Germany, Shannon in the Republic of Ireland, Geneva in Switzerland and Olbia in Sardinia.

Auditors Deloitte said it was 'uncertain' whether any cash would be available to refund tickets. "

And so got lucky

I had just checked their ticket prices but procrastinated
until I had cash rather than credit to get a return BRUM to Copenhagen and back to go and be a cat sitter at their flat for a friend who has the use of a summer house.


as an OAP i can't afford that -- it was Mærsk Air
so some of the managers who bought it out, probably risk losing their homes:-(

Ancestry Message Boards Boards > Localities > United Kingdom and Ireland > England > Leicestershire > General

from my mail:-

Hullo Xxxx

where are you located?

In Canada ?
all is not lost because
there are three likely primary sources you have not touched

all the sources you quote are secondary or worse being created by clerks copying each other at the time and transcribers today each layer introducing more and more errors of well known types.

please read these URL carefully
(saves me typing FAQ)

"A Comedy of Errors" or The Marriage Records of England and Wales 1837-1899. The ISBN is 0-473-05581-3.

The story of the civil registration of births, marriages and deaths in England and Wales in the 1800s,
Michael Whitfield Foster

This Web site aims to help people tracing their family history by explaining the usage of the different entries on birth, marriage, and death certificates throughout the history of birth registration in England and Wales.

You can obtain your certificates from one of two sources

From the General Register Office <<- secondary source
From the local Register Office <<<- your primary source
use genuki

parish registers will record his christening if his parents were christian

3 groups

church of england
- location in church office or county record office
non conformist
(note baptists do not christen children ) - and on the map there is a Netherleach baptist chapel too.
Roman Catholic - was a mission church and records may be in the manse, a record office or arch dioecesan archives

May be lost or destroyed and some are neither filmed nor deposited but still under the control of the vicar and parish council
see the parish chest but the best stuff is not online or even filmed :-(

I do not know if bishops transcripts were made at this time
- a secondary source anyway

TNA also has some registers

in a message dated 30/04/2004 15:08:48 GMT Standard Time, writes:
I am seeking the date and location of my grandfather's marriage in order to obtain a copy of his marriage certificate.

I have found him at the age of three in the 1881 UK census,

tertiary source
but it is irritating that you, a stranger, do not quote the entry as a whole
- more work for me to repeat your search <.sigh.>

have you looked at the images?
these are NOT a primary source because that has been destroyed
(the census takers note books)


Dwelling: Woodside
Census Place: Seals, Leicester, England
Source: FHL Film 1341748 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 3139 Folio 6 Page 3
Marr Age Sex Birthplace
William C. SHAKESPEARE M 35 M Netherseal, Leicester, England
Rel: Head
Occ: Farmer 250 Acres < < < < < < < < < < < < owner or tenant ?
Hannah SHAKESPEARE M 30 F Norbury, Derby, England
Rel: Wife
Occ: Farmers Wife

William W.C. SHAKESPEARE U 3 M Netherseal, Leicester, England
Rel: Son
Occ: Farmers Son < < < < < <strong> this is an occupation . . a job !!! ??? AGE transcription error ??? LOL
Charles J.W. SHAKESPEARE U 1 M Netherseal, Leicester, England
Rel: Son
Occ: Infant

John SHAKESPEARE W 68 M Stockport, Cheshire, England
Rel: Father
Occ: Retired Shoe Maker < employee or employer search trade directories from 1830 on

Emma MITCHELL U 19 F Witherley, Warwick, England
Rel: Servant
Occ: Domestic Servant (*COULD* BE distant FAMILY)

Samuel MEADOWS U 18 M Melbourne, Derby, England
Rel: Servant
Occ: Farm Servant Indoor (*COULD* BE distant FAMILY)

from FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service



for locations

County: LEICESTERSHIRE Date :1887 Grid Ref: 428500,313500

that was easy
note the church is called St Peter's Netherseal and pictures

Grangewood Lodge is situated close to the villages of Overseal, Netherseal and Lullington. Burton upon Trent is approximately 7 miles to the north whilst Ashby-de-la-Zouch is approximately 7 miles to the east of the home. Close proximity of the A444 ensures easy access for visitors.
Find us by taking the Lullington Road out of Overseal. Follow the Lullington Road to Grangewood Lodge. <<

Private Residential and Day Care for the Elderley ´[sic]

Grangewood Lodge
Lullington Road
Nr. Netherseal
DE12 8BH
Telephone: (01827) 373577
or (01889) 565284

the farm is here
County: LEICESTERSHIRE Date :1887 Grid Ref: 427935,313099

- I clicked to recenter

note 427935,313099 very carefully and enter it in
OS grid (x,y)
and you see it is off Clifton Road on the northern side.
zoom out

River Mease
I bet you ancestors went fisihing and swimming as children

AAH ! otters and archealogy :-)

post code (zip code)
DE12 8BH good in maps ang google and especially

Address: DE128BH
X:426500m Y:314000m lat: 52:43:24N (52.7234) lon: 1:36:33W (-1.6093) (Postcode) Grid Ref:SK264140(accurate to 100 metres)

one in 25 000 shows farm names today
X:429000m Y:314000m lat: 52:43:22N (52.7229) lon: 1:34:19W (-1.5721) (Map Centre) Grid Ref:SK290140(accurate to 100 metres)

shows some of the names on oldmaps
100 000 shows the relationship to Ashby


you wrote "however I can not find him in the 1891 census. I have searched some of the microfiche at the local LDS Family History Centre with no luck."

which fiche? always list sources
what finding aids did you use?

did he migrate ?
where and when?

Thus, I have hit a bit of a wall when searching for his marriage information. To this date, I have obtained the following information: Grandfather's Name: William Walker Carey Shakespeare (also spelled as Shakespear)

spelling variation is irrelevant and to be expected
in the UK you may change your name infomallly to this day
read and print out

DOB: 1878
- registered in the first quarter of 1878. Parents were sometimes lmor than 6 weeks late in contacting the and lied about the date of birth to avoid the fine for late reporting.

migration direct or indirect
what records ?
last sighting in England and first in Canada ?

gaps may mean a period in a third country or in prison for example, or military service.
(just as in checking a CV today if you are an employer)

Died: 1962 - Canada Australian dreath certificates have considerable detail - as told by the informant.

Location of birth: Ashby de la Zouch (location was found in the LDS Family History Centre records - << again precise sources ? - many name brothers. . and even guesswok in older records

however the 1981 UK census records him as born in Netherseal, Leicester.
well that is where the family farm was so no surprise

his wedding may well be in his brides parents parish or

or even living together if one of them was married and not divorced

My mother's memory places him in Ashby as well. '
did she meet him ?
how old was she then ?

Parents: William C. & Hannah Shakespeare of Netherseal, Leicester.
Siblings: Samuel......I am only aware of this g.uncle through family recollections, this individual however, does not appear in the 1881 census (perhaps born later).
Another sibling named Charles J.W. Shakespeare does appear in the 1881 census, but he is unknown to my family.

look for an infant death Despite the presence of an unknown sibling, I am confident that I have identified the correct information regarding my grandfather.

**My grandfather married Elizabeth Marie (sometimes spelled Maria) Hunt. DOB is 1879 or 1880. Elizabeth died in 1969 in Canada. My mother tells me that she was also referred to as Eliza, so I can not be certain of her registered birth name. All searches to locate my grandmother in the records up until now, have not been successful.

Other miscellaneous information includes the following: My uncle Harry was born in Ashby de la Zouch in approx. 1907 or 1908.

get his birth certificate
My grandparents emigrated to Canada
why ?
exact DATE ?
when Harry was an infant - their next child was born in Canada in 1910. From this I have deduced that they must have left England in 1908-1910.

I have very little else to go on at this time.

the best matierial is NOT repeat NOT on line
but you have hardly touched the tip of the iceberg

follow the money trail
farmers paid tithes and taxes

You better read some books on english genealogy
the help leaflets at TNA
family search help pages
My elderly mother and aunt are the only remaining relatives and, while thankfully long lived, their memories are sketchy at best.
read up on how to interview older peopel
how to stimulate them with photographs
colours , smells for example
I am also dealing with some time constraints at the moment.

concentrate on family and recorsing living memories before they die

written records are not going anywhere and can wait
even for your children to take up the hobby as family historian

as you see this email provides an entrance to the English records

once you have located all your direct g or gg parents in 1881
the rest is routine detective work

Above all organise the family photographs
write in back in pencil date place occaision names in soft pencil
ink fades and harms

google to any page on safe storage
acid free
no light
low tempersature
no albums no plastic

use copies for display
and digitally distribute on CD

googleup to 10 words to find more info

Any help you could offer to locate this information would be most gratefully appreciated.
as a professional it would be very expensive
involving travel and hotel and other expenses
with fees and no guarantee of results
I would normally ask a $500 advance


I advise you do take your time and do it yourself
records are being transcribed and indexed all the time

Use the message boards
the Leicestershire FHS

(click on Links & Announcements )
Board : Boards > Localities > United Kingdom and Ireland > England > Leicestershire > General

no time for more
got to go to LIDL Boots Safeway NOW !!!

blog to be edited for hot links later -- DONE


Hugh W


Danish genealogy - dansk genealogi

now were was I ? 1891

Shakespear, William 9 months, Thringstone, Leicestershire Son Thringstone Leicestershire
Shakespeare, William 43 Colerton, Leicestershire Head Tibshelf Derbyshire
Shakespeare, William 53 Ashley-de-ca zouch, Leicestershire Head Aston Warwickshire

1891 England Census
Viewing records 21-40 of 216 matches for:
William in civil parish
Over and Nether Seal Leicestershire

nothing likely
lost in typoland or in Canada already ?

1901 Census of England and Wales Online

here civil parish
Netherseal Entire

William Sharpe 10 Derbyshire Nether Seal Derby Netherseal Entire
William Sharpe 42 Leicester Blackfordby Derby Netherseal Entire Coal Miner Hewer

now that's a new idea searched sha*

I think they are long gone !

Friday, April 30, 2004

Public Record Office | About the PRO | Opening Hours and Closure Dates

amazing google

Google Search: tna pro uk

anf I used the "I'm feeling lucky " button
- the green shamrock on the google tool bar
and went straight to the page I wanted -opening hours

tate open uk

Gallery Hours

Sunday to Thursday, 10.00-18.00
Friday and Saturday, 10.00-22.00

Im closer to Tate Britain but it shuts first

Serpentine Gallery - Current Exhibition

Cy Twombly: Fifty Years of Works on Paper

Cy Twombly (b. 1928) is considered to be one of the greatest living American artists. Throughout his 50-year career his work has received widespread admiration and international critical praise.
open daily from 10am to 6pm

NG London/Exhibitions: 'El Greco'

Exhibition open daily 10am-6pm, Wednesdays and Saturdays until 9pm.

alos easier to get to and from

Domenikos Theotokopoulos (1541 - 1614), better known as El Greco (the Greek), was one of the most original painters of his time. His unique visionary style, characterised by elongated forms and bright colours, combines aspects of Byzantine and Western art. Startlingly modern in appearance, his work inspired twentieth-century painters including Cézanne, Picasso and Jackson Pollock.

difficult to choose

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Google Search: gmail

Results 1 - 100 of about 5,060 from for gmail.
smart marketing getting us all talkin'

Gmail Gems

as I live the questions: Importing Hotmail to Gmail: An Easy Solution Using GetMail: "Importing Hotmail to Gmail: An Easy Solution Using GetMail"

I like the KISS solution
use both accounts

Hotmail + MDS OE is better for FOTW mail with many graphics in the discussion of flags

Swamp Gas Forums -> Google Mail

went to the wrong BLOG again 1805 is atop the list

Google Search: gmail

all the filters work well

Google Search: gmail What are the keyboard shortcuts?

The Unofficial Gmail FAQ

Gmail is Google's free web email service (currently in Beta, and not public to sign up) with 1 Gigabyte of storage.

Is Gmail a joke?

No, it's not. It's for real. The lunar research center was Google's April's Fool 2004.

se Google Job Opportunities: Google Copernicus Center is hiring

Google Job Opportunities: Google India is hiring

Google Job Opportunities: Google Europe is hiring

Google Search: "lunar research center" google

Google Search: "roy stockdill" watford

this guy is often rude to me on usenet
so laughed a lot at what the others say about him

Google Search: "roy stockdill" observer

Census Tools Electronic Spreadsheets

After years of frustration over disorganized census records on paper, I decided to create a simple and easy to use electronic spreadsheet to record, archive, permanently organize and preserve my hard earned data. No more lost paper! No more digging through files to find the record I need!


I now have 35 spreadsheets available covering the U.S., Canada, England, Ireland and Scotland! Among my U.S. collection are spreadsheets for all federal records as well as the states of Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York and Wisconsin.

The U.S. Federal Census spreadsheet has separate pages for each census year from 1790-1930, including the 1880-1920 Soundex. Each page is formatted to faithfully match the actual census for each year. It's a great way to finally organize your census records of an entire family for up to 140 years!

Wednesday, April 28, 2004 Homenow should I try this out?

06:00 Depart Birmingham, Snow Hill, Queensway, 09:00 Arrive London, Greenline Coach Stn, 1 seat @ £ 3.00
or 930

21:00 Depart London, Greenline Coach Stn, 00:00 Arrive Birmingham, Snow Hill, Queensway, 1 seat @ £ 3.00

a long day
The Chiltern Railways Website

Track Improvement Works: April 30th
Birmingham - Leamington Spa - Banbury - London
Aylesbury - High Wycombe - London

· Amended Monday to Friday service with fewer trains between Leamington Spa and Banbury:

· The 2210 from London Marylebone will be replaced by a bus between Banbury and Birmingham Snow Hill.

· The 2310 from London Marylebone will be replaced by a bus between Banbury and Leamington Spa.

sort of fun if you are not in a hurry

SENIOR railcard is available to anyone aged 60 or over and offers a 34% discount on most Standard and First Class national rail tickets.
£10 after 10 £10.00

Our bargain £10 return ticket for those aged 55 and over. Travel out on any train, any day of the week,after 1000. Return same day or next day on any train after 1000. Not valid on any train leaving London Marylebone between 1630 and 1830 on Mondays to Fridays. Please have proof of age.


Entries: 6238 Updated: Sat Mar 6 16:09:03 2004 Contact: Donna Autrey"

another way of displaying a gedcom



Family___Home/Genealogy seems to be the classifiaction popular for Family History hobbies

web rings predate blogs and are one way for amateur webmasters to increase traffic to their sites

- taunting tone and intonation

that childish game I loved to play at a certain age
standing on anything -a pile of sand

then other children would run and push to be king instead


BallAut6A - Surname List

BallAut6A - Name Index - Generated by Ancestral Quest NEILSEN

NIELSEN, Anders -
NIELSEN, Ane b.1764 - Karrenbaek, Soro, Denmark
NIELSEN, Ane Katrina b.1792 - Tommeruf, Odense, Denmark
NIELSEN, Ane Kirstine b.1801 - , Odense, Denmark
NIELSEN, Ane Marie m.1847 - Denmark
NIELSEN, Ann Marie b.1822 - Quislemark, Soro, Denmark
NIELSEN, Anna b.1831 - Vester Bojberg, Soro, Denmark
NIELSEN, Anne Margrethe b.1860 - Nyrup, Frndhlsoro, Denmark
NIELSEN, Delbert Lodvie b.1887 - Spanish Fork, Utah, Utah
NIELSEN, Edward b.1878 - Spanish Fork, Utah, Utah
NIELSEN, Hans b.1760 - Flakkebjerg, S.Denmark
NIELSEN, Hans m.1847 - Denmark
NIELSEN, Hans b.1747 - Hyadstrup, Odense, Denmark
NIELSEN, Helena Wilhelmina Jacobena m.1896 -
NIELSEN, Jens b.1778 - Karrebaek, Soro, Denmark
NIELSEN, Jens b.1823 - Vester Flakkberg, Soro, Denmark
NIELSEN, Jorgen -
NIELSEN, Karen b.1818 - Vester Bjeberg, Soro, Denmark
NIELSEN, Karen b.1846 - Alleso, Odense, Denmaark
NIELSEN, Lonzo b.1893 - Spanish Fork, Utah Co., Utah, USA
NIELSEN, Maren m.1787 - Of Tygelse, Sorterup, Soro, Denmark
NIELSEN, Maren b.1837 - Boeslunde, , Soro, Denmark
NIELSEN, Maren -
NIELSEN, Maren b.1851 - Alleso, Odense, Denmark
NIELSEN, Maud b.1896 - Spanish Fork, Utah, Utah
NIELSEN, May b.1889 - Spanish Fork, Utah, Utah
NIELSEN, Mitchell Rasmussen b.1884 - Spanish Fork, Utah, Utah
NIELSEN, Niels b.1891 - Spanish Fork, Utah, Utah
NIELSEN, Pearl b.1880 - Spanish Fork, Utah, Utah
NIELSEN, Rasmus m.1811 - Of Sorterup, Tygelse, Soro, Denmark
NIELSEN, Rasmus b.1848 - Allese, Odense, Denmark
NIELSEN, Sarah Ann b.1885 - Spanish Fork, Utah, Utah
NIELSEN, Zina Louise b.1880 - Spanish Fork, , Utah

ANDERSEN, Birtha Katrine m.1898 - Vissenbjerg, Odense, Denmark
ANDERSEN, Ellen b.1784 - Sorterup, Tygelse, Soro, Denmark
ANDERSEN, Hans b.1786 - Ubberud, Odense, Denmark
ANDERSEN, Helen - Living
ANDERSEN, Jens m.1859 -
ANDERSEN, Jens Hald b.1769 - Dragstrup, Thist., Denmark
ANDERSEN, Jesper b.1795 - Sorterup, Tygelse, Soro, Denmark
ANDERSEN, Johanne Marie b.1760 - Vester Assels, Thist, Denmark
ANDERSEN, Karen b.1788 - Island of Enol, , Denmark
ANDERSEN, Kersten b.1800 - Sorterup, Soro, Denmark
ANDERSEN, Lars b.1806 - Sorterup, Soro, Denmark
ANDERSEN, Lars b.1799 - Vent, Bojoring, Soro, Denmark
ANDERSEN, Maren b.1724 - Ubberud, Odense, Denmark
ANDERSEN, Maren b.1752 - Of Allese, Odense, Denmark
ANDERSEN, Metta Marie b.1789 - Sorterup, Tygelse, Soro, Denmark
ANDERSEN, Mette b.1804 - Tygelse, Soro, Denmark
ANDERSEN, Niels b.1832 - Marvede Parish, Soro Denmark
ANDERSEN, Niels b.1793 - Sorterup, Soro, Denmark
ANDERSEN, Peder b.1842 - , , , Denmark
ANDERSEN, Sidse b.1786 - Sorterup, Tygelse, Soro, Denmark
ANDERSEN, Sidse b.1723 - Tygelse, Sorterup, Soro, Denmark

ANDERSON, Bertha m.1884 - Provo, Ut, Ut
ANDERSON, Butler Preston b.1828 - Franklin Co., Tennessee
ANDERSON, Camilla May M.D. - Living
ANDERSON, Carl Christopher b.1895 -
ANDERSON, Caroline Patton b.1807 - Of Davidson County, Tennessee
ANDERSON, Catherene Adair b.1816 - Of Mercer County, Kentucky
ANDERSON, Charlotte Lottie b.1866 - , Minnesota
ANDERSON, Chris - Living
ANDERSON, Christian b.1900 -
ANDERSON, Christine Isabell - Living
ANDERSON, Dagmar b.1888 -
ANDERSON, Elizabeth Rebecca b.1834 - Of Tennessee, USA
ANDERSON, Jack C - Living
ANDERSON, James Patton b.1822 - Franklin Co., Tennessee
ANDERSON, James Patton b.1781 - Botetourt Co., Virginia
ANDERSON, John Adair b.1820 - Mercer County, Kentucky
ANDERSON, Josephine Laurine b.1892 -
ANDERSON, Karen b.1774 - Vejlby, Odense, Denmark
ANDERSON, Kate Adair - Living
ANDERSON, Lillian - Living
ANDERSON, Lillian Annette b.1890 -
ANDERSON, Marie b.1884 -
ANDERSON, Mary Bell b.1829 - Of Tennessee, USA
ANDERSON, Musador b.1803 - Of Davidson County, Tennessee
ANDERSON, Musador Three b.1803 - Of Tennessee, USA
ANDERSON, Nancy Bell b.1831 - Of Tennessee, USA
ANDERSON, Nancy Belle THIRD b.1815 - Of Mercer County, Kentucky
ANDERSON, Niels Anton Marius b.1885 -
ANDERSON, Nina - Living
ANDERSON, Pamla - Living
ANDERSON, Rachel b.1798 -
ANDERSON, Rufus King 3rd b.1801 - Of Davidson County, Tennessee
ANDERSON, Thomas Scott b.1827 - Of Mercer County, Kentucky
ANDERSON, Trina - Living
ANDERSON, Ulric Smith - Living
ANDERSON, William b.1752 - Augustus Co., Virginia
ANDERSON, William Preston b.1774 - Botetourt Co., Virginia

ANDREASEN, Mathias b.1783 - Hulbye, Taarnberg, Soro, Denmark

BENTSEN, Maren b.1753 - Atteruf, Odense, Denmark

BallAut6A - Name Index - Generated by Ancestral Quest CHRISTENSEN

HANSDATTER, Maren b.1788 - Sonders, Odense, Denmark

HANSEN, Alfred Henry b.1886 - Broko, Herlufmagle, Prst, Denmark
HANSEN, Anders b.1763 - Ubberud, Odense, Denmark
HANSEN, Anne b.1720 - , Odense, Denmark
HANSEN, Annie Margaret b.1882 - Nestved, Praesto, Demark
HANSEN, Dee Ervin Living - Living
HANSEN, Edgar b.1896 - Minkcreek, Oneida, Idaho
HANSEN, Emma Bertha b.1888 - Broko, Herlufmagle, Prst, Denmark
HANSEN, Engeborg Sophia b.1892 - Minkcreek, Franklin, Idaho
HANSEN, Fredrick L b.1833 - Spanish Fork, Ut, Ut
HANSEN, Hans Christian b.1807 - Ubberud, Odense, Denmark
HANSEN, Hans Peter Christian b.1883 - Broko, Herlufmagle, Prst, Denmark
HANSEN, Heming b.1842 -
HANSEN, Jennie A. b.1875 - Of Kansas, USA
HANSEN, Jens b.1757 - , , , Denmark
HANSEN, Jorgen C. b.1847 - Allese, Odense, Denmark
HANSEN, Julia Charlotte b.1889 - Broko, Herlufmagle, Prst, Denmark
HANSEN, Karen b.1760 - Ubberud, Odense, Denmark
HANSEN, Karen - Living
HANSEN, Kirsten b.1806 - Marvede Parish, Soro. Denmark
HANSEN, Kirsten b.1787 - Atterup, Odense, Denmark
HANSEN, Knud b.1786 - Sonders, , Denmark, ]
HANSEN, Mabel Mary b.1894 - Minkcreek, Franklin, Idaho
HANSEN, Marthe Elizabeth b.1885 -
HANSEN, Mathias b.1728 - Allese, Odense, Denmark
HANSEN, Neils -
HANSEN, Niels b.1767 - Flakkebjerg, S.Denmark
HANSEN, Niels Christian b.1852 - Nyrup, Frndhlsoro, Denmark
HANSEN, Nielsine b.1831 - Tommerup, Odense, Denmark
HANSEN, Ole b.1714 -
HANSEN, Son Stillborn Twin b.1880 - Naestved, Prst, Denmark
HANSEN, Teresa Living - Living
HANSEN, Tora Marie b.1878 - Naestved, Prst, Denmark
HANSEN, Torval Emil b.1884 - Broko, Herlufmagle, Prst, Denmark
BallAut6A - Name Index - Generated by Ancestral Quest "HANSDATTER:

Karen Sophie HENDRICKSEN. Karen's baptism was submitted. Her endowment was submitted. She married Lars ANDERSEN on 18 Dec 1829. They were sealed 22 Apr 1965 in the Salt Lake temple.

and lots more patronymic -sen names too

Here you can learn Suetterlin / German hand

The writing is a standard form of the earlier and very different chancery writing which was mainly used by government officials.

Die Entwicklung unserer Schrift
Nyheder NEWS from the online archives of Denmark census and church book images

church books for Nørvang herred / district inVejle county now on line

church books for ØsterFlakkebjerg herred / district in Sorø county now on line

speed of Internet connection increased from 512 kb to 2,3 mb.

equal to 4 domestic dsl connections

Source transcription project
Latest update on 23. April 2004


In cooperation with DDA (Dansk Data Arkiv) and the organization DIS Danmark (Databehandling i Slægtsforskning) we bring countymaps showing which census records are being transcribed at the moment and which have already been made available in the source transcription project. To get to the maps, click on the square for the desired year and county in the table below.
Google Search: Re: Download kirkebøger

neat little hack by Jakob Hofmann who wrote:-


Jeg har leget lidt her i aften - jeg har lavet et lille simpelt program, der
kan hjælpe med at downloade alle sider i en kirkebog fra Håber du kan bruge det...

Du kan finde programmet på (fylder ca. 242K)

Du skal gøre følgende (det er endnu lidt sårbart så følg instruktionerne
lidt nøje):

1) Find den aktuelle kirkebog/folketælling du ønsker downloaded - dvs. du
skal finde et sogn og derefter vælge en bog, så du får mulighed for at
downloade siderne (f.eks. 1 af 240). Her på denne side skal du vælge at få
vist kildekoden (Internet Explorer: højre-klikke og vælge "Vis kilde").

2) Du skal kopiere hele kildekoden ind i HTML-source feltet

3) Du må og skal herefter åbne en af siderne og få den vist (tryk på Hent

4) Så skal du indtaste navnet på stien i "URL-adresse" feltet - dette er
f.eks. "
Bruger du f.eks.
det gratis plug-in AlternaTIFF kan du vælge menu-knappen og punktet "Copy
image location". I feltet URL-adresse kan du så vælge at højre-klikke og
sætte ind.

5) Du skal vælge hvor du vil have filerne gemt - husk at afslutte med "\" -
altså f.eks. "C:\kirkebøger\".

6) Nu trykker du på knappen "Hent.." og læner dig tilbage et stykke tid mens
den arbejder...

7) Hvis du vil downloade flere bøger skal du gentage ovenstående punkter. Du
kan altid trykke "Annullér" for at stoppe, men husk så at sidste TIF-fil
ikke vil være fuldstændig...

8) Når alle sider er downloaded, kan du f.eks. åbne Internet Explorer og
vælge "Fil", "Åbn" for at se siderne. Held og lykke..

Det med småt: Jeg fratager mig ethvert ansvar for hvordan du bruger dette
program. Selvom dette kan give umiddelbart mere pres på f.eks.'s server, så mener jeg at presset vil være betydeligt
mindre over sigt. Flere gange kigger jeg på samme side og det tager lang tid
at gøre "online" - mens jeg her anden gang ikke vil lægge pres på deres
server... - så skulle der helst ikke være nogen, der bliver sure... :-)

Mvh Jakob

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Frederiksborg Castle and the Baroque Garden

stunning web page with animated 360 degrees panorama

Barokhaven på Frederiksborg Slot
needs QuickTime


Hugh Watkins
Danish Emigration Archives at Aalborg - FEEFHS Resource Guide Listing: "Danish Emigration Archives
at Aalborg, Denmark
FEEFHS Resource Guide Listing
� copyright 1996, 1997 by FEEFHS; all rights reserved

Latest Update: 29 March 1997Links updated

Postal Address
Arkivstraede 1
P. O. Box 1731
DK-9100 Aalborg
Telephone: +45 98 12 57 93
FAX: +45 98 10 22 48
eMail address:

FEEFHS Representative: Henning Bender, Director
Please use the above address
eMail address:

Background and Holdings: Established in 1932, the Danish Emigration Archives at Aalborg holds the emigration records from Denmark covering the period from 1869 to 1940. The records from 1869 to 1904 have been computerized. They are now working to extend this to include the years up to 1940. These include Danes, Germans and others who departed from Copenhagen for North America, South America or elsewhere during this period."

Emigration lists compiled by the Copenhagen Police from 1869 to 1940. These lists give the name, last residence, age, year of emigration and first destination of the emigrant from Denmark. The records are made available for the years 1869 to 1908 (394.000 emigrants)The Danish Emigration Data Base compiled by the Danish Emigration Archives and The City Archives of Aalborg


The Danish Emigration Archives

Bedsted sogn Hassing herred Thisted amt small

still tidying up
making the paragraphs displau ncely in MS IE 6
slightly different in Netscape 7.1 - sigh -

Monday, April 26, 2004

Gale ~ Free For All ~ History, Biography and Literature

this weeks FREEBIE

Times Digital Archive
The Times (London) is perhaps the world's most respected and often-quoted newspaper — with this archive, you can access every headline, article and image from 1785 to 1985 to put a true global perspective on your research.
The Spelling and Pronunciation of Shakespeare's Name:

my favourite example of why genealogists don't worry about spelling variations
ante spam email address system


Google has invited bloogers to join the fun as Beta testers
Gwasanaeth Archifau Gorllewin Morgannwg - Gwasanaeth Archifau Gorllewin Morgannwg

Prif Ystorfa
Mae’r brif ystafell ymchwil yn Neuadd y Sir Abertawe, lle ceir hefyd Ganolfan Hanes Teuluoedd ar gyfer olrheinwyr achau. I ddysgu mwy am Ystafell Ymchwilio'r Archifau a'r Ganolfan Hanes Teuluoedd,

cliciwch ‘Prif ystorfa' ar y chwith.

Main Searchroom
The main searchroom is at County Hall, Swansea, where there is also a Family History Centre for genealogists. To learn more about the Archive Searchroom and the Family History Centre,
click on ‘Main repository’ on the left.

West Glamorgan Archive Service - West Glamorgan Archive Service:

Google Search: Ganolfan
a stage further in the experiments


WWWSociety of Genealogists

Google Site Map

you can't beat a good site map !
Google Search: More, more, more part of the new inteface
Search Engine Showdown: The Users' Guide to Web Searching

Search Engine News

Venerable AltaVista Dies
The AltaVista Web database has been replaced with a version of the Yahoo! Search database
InfoTame - News and Events: "BBC World is now showing InfoTame"

Electronic Data Discovery technology
Russian being grown in London

Welcome to Gmail: "Gmail is an experiment in a new kind of webmail, built on the idea that you should never have to delete mail and you should always be able to find the message you want. The key features are: "- - - - -

About Gmail: "As part of Google's mission to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful, we're testing an email service called Gmail.

Gmail is a free, search-based webmail service that includes 1,000 megabytes (1 gigabyte) of storage. The backbone of Gmail is a powerful Google search engine that quickly recalls any message an account owner has ever sent or received. That means there's no need to file messages in order to find them again. "

Google Labs

online community that connects people through a network of trusted friends

backed by google

Why Google needs Orkut (Jeremy Zawodny's blog)

Google Releases Orkut Social Networking Service

long tie since I dropped in
Search Engine Watch: Tips About Internet Search Engines & Search Engine Submission

Google Guide: Using Search Operators (Advanced Operators)

this all came up on BBC NEWS 24 digital TV

Click Online -I listened and googled what they talked about
Mon 26 Apr, 12:30 am - 1:00 am 30mins

Whether it's e-commerce, new developments and products, or gadgets and games that you're interested in, Click Online looks at the tools that will revolutionise business and personal life.

Website: Click Online

BBC World Home Page Click Online

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Norwegian Naming Convention: "You should realize, therefore, that a surname in addition to the Christian name and the patronymic is not always the same as a modern family name. Family names in Norway are, in fact, a product of only the last few generations, except among the traditional upper classes (the clergy, military, civil servants, and the wealthy bourgeoisie). In Norway, the use of fixed family names was not made compulsory by law until 1925.

Speaking of names, your search might benefit from a unique Norwegian custom. In Norway, especially in the rural districts, there have long been very strict rules about naming descendants. Some of these rules persist even today. It was customary, for example, for the eldest son to be named after his paternal grandfather and the second son after his maternal grandfather. In a similar fashion, the eldest and second daughters were named after the respective grandmothers.

After the grandparents' names had been used, the great-grandparents' names were the next to be given, although without strict rules as to the order. Special circumstances might interfere with these rules. For example, the name of a deceased spouse was to be used first; and the name of the father or mother was given if the child was baptized after a parent's death.

According to a Norwegian proverb: "The name and the farm must go together." This meant that a child who was intended to be the owner of the farm upon reaching maturity should be given the name of a previous owner, whether a relative or not

also seen in Scotland and Denmark

Those Norwegian names, a little history and tips for online researchers

most scholarly

" will start this section with a little background history. The "first name" was from ancient times and up till about 100 years ago the name of the person. You did not have a surname in the way we have nowadays. The old vikings believed that the child would achieve qualities and protection from what they were named after, like animals and weapons. The old norse names originally consisted of two components, a prefix and a suffix. "
Denmark Genealogy Forum

one Steve - Stephen Heath
told me about this board

looks good and helpful
with very few unanswered postings

Hugh Watkins
[Research Guidance: Denmark - Research Outline] Research Guidance Version Of Data : 6/8/2001: "In Denmark, a person did not become a citizen by virtue of birth. Citizenship was a valuable privilege that included:-

Rights to engage in business in a city.
Protections under the law.
Permission to reside in a city without being expelled.

Citizenship was extended by individual cities to some of their inhabitants, primarily those who wanted to engage in business, and did not pertain to the country as a whole.

Those who received the rights to citizenship were recorded in citizenship books
[Borgerskabpprotokoller ???]. "
Google Search: Borgerskab protocol