Saturday, October 09, 2004 | The Bath Chap British Pork: "Wash the pigs' heads and then cook by boiling in salted water leaving the tongue in place. "

the URL came from a discussion on Somerset food and what we will eat at the [B&S] Bunfight

Friday, October 08, 2004

Clutton GIG where I was and where I will be on the 23rd October 2004
well at a new venue - - Hunters Rest Inn Home Page
our bunfight - annual lunch of RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists: England : Bristol_and_Somerset unplugged.

South Stoneham Hampshire - Tithe Map - 1845 - West End a model web page Tithe Map 1845 - Part of South Stoneham Parish

what you get out of tithe apportionments
but the valuations are omitted Plot Details for this Map Area 19 Indexed in Plot Order
from Familysearch : Page has moved with some useful short cuts:-

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Thursday, October 07, 2004

My Ancestors - Retreats: "Crystal Inn Retreat Package
Nov. 15-20th Research Retreat at the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah"

worth a thought - the greatest collection of genealogy in the world
--- Legislation in Congress Seeks to Restrict Access to Birth
Records; FGS Recommends Writing to Your Congressional Representatives

The U.S. House of Representatives is considering a bill, House
Resolution 10 (H.R. 10), which seeks to restrict access to birth
certificates. This bill, which purpose is to respond to the threat of
terrorism, is on a fast track to passage and has been voted on by
several committees already. Your help is needed now.

David Rencher, Chairman of the Record Access and Preservation
Committee, a joint committee of the National Genealogical Society and
Federation of Genealogical Societies, has sent a letter to the bill's
sponsor, Congressman Dennis Hastert, recommending an amendment to the
bill as follows:

"However, nothing in this Chapter 2 shall be construed to require a
State to change its law with respect to public access to (A) non-
certified copies of birth certificates, or to (B) birth certificates
or birth records once a period of 100 years has elapsed from the
date of creation of the certificate or record."

A copy of the letter is available on the FGS site at:

To view this bill, go to:
Enter HR 10 in the search box for "Bill Number."

Because this bill is moving toward passage so quickly, it is urged
that the genealogical community take action immediately and let their
representatives know that they are in support of David Rencher's
amendment and the FGS position in this important matter. To find your
state representative's contact information, go to:

While you should word the letter in any way that is comfortable for
you, it is recommended that you include the following as a portion of
the letter:

"While I support the intention to increase security to protect the
U.S. from terrorists and those who wish to improperly take U.S.
identities, I am concerned that those researching their family's
history continue to have access to non-certified birth records.

Therefore, in order to support HR-10 I ask that you amend HR-10
Section 3063(d)(2) by adding the following wording to the existing

'However, nothing in this Chapter 2 shall be construed to require a
State to change its law with respect to public access to (A) non-
certified copies of birth certificates or to (B) birth certificates
or birth records once a period of 100 years has elapsed from the date
of creation of the certificate or record.'

I believe that this additional language is imperative so that the
states do not react by restricting all certificates to comply with
the law, rather than dealing with certified as opposed to non-
certified birth certificates. This proposed amendatory language would
remind them that they can and should be treated differently."

from Ancestry Daily News 07 October 2004
The Catholic Church in Denmark

from my email:-

I like this site.

Some nice recipes in 'Kødets lyst'
[the lust for flesh - or meat]

Nice sense of humour.


Wednesday, October 06, 2004

familytree-alanjones: "Welcome. This is a snap shot in time of my Family Tree. It includes a wide variety of surnames (Andrews, Bale, Bales, Cantrell, Close, Dilbeck, Goss, Hash, Jones, Savant and many more) and places including California, Canada, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Germany, Kentucky, Ohio, Oklahoma, Idaho, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Utah, etc."

This web site produced 22 Aug 2004 by Personal Ancestral File, a product of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

interesting and free for downloading
Gmail: Help Center:
What's new on Gmail?
"Some features we know you've wanted (and one we should have had all along"
MORGAN and DHUBHTHAIGH - GREAT CELTIC NAMES: These publications may reveal your origins

more from my email:-
The history of the name indicates that Morgans were Princes of Glamorgan, and we have produced several great CD-ROM's giving the early lines of these Princes, plus the succession through Glamorgan, Monmouth and Brecon of several other Morgan groups.
To see the whole picture it is necessary to look at them all,

The most recent work is now being done on the Descendants of Einon ap Collwyn, a compatriot of Jestyn ap Gwrgan, and it is amazing just how many Morgans there are included in this line.
Enquiries are therefore invited about this new publication, available on CD-ROM, part of the astonishing collection which includes among many other publications:
G001 - Lewis of Van
G002 - Descendants of the Princes of Glamorgan
G003 - The Matthew Family of Llandaff
G004 - The Family of Herberts
G018 - Descendants of Maenarch, Lord of Brecon

G033 - The Morgans of Tredegar House
all available from our web-page with payment available by Credit Card.  It is a virtual history of Glamorgan genealogy.  Libraries and Educational Establishments are particularly welcome to enquire about the true Morgan story.
If you are really serious about finding the truth about Morgans, you cannot be without any of these publications.

WELL I CAN do without it !
Morgans are a son of some Morgan the other, and with all patronymics your research needs to be done with great care - tiny step by tiny step backwards from the present.

We all must acccept the ancestral trail comes to an end when the records run out, and many question can never be answered.

Taliesin Arlein - ONS Names List been looking everywhere for that URL
the new system has not got all my old favourites in it yet

i fianlly found it in my own old usenet postings
"THIS DATABASE is an extract of an Office of National Statistics database, and contains a list of surnames in use in England, Wales and the Isle of Mann in September 2002"


Surname --- Count --- Ranking
MORGAN -- 111337 -- 38

experience suggests that multiplying the result for your surname by 0.93 will give a good idea of the living population for your surname, and multiplying by 3.5 will give the population since the start of parish registers in the 16th century.

so a MORGAN one-name study will have about half a million records, which is why the London professional genealogists regards the MORGAN idea as eccentric to say the least.

Surname --- Count --- Ranking
MORGAN -- 111337 -- 38

I made a start on
Surname --- Count ---Ranking
LAPHAM -- 548 -- = 10573

but there are 13 000 more LAPHAM in USA so I have quietly slowed down on that project.
it would give us all great joy to locate weaver JOHN LAPHAM born 1635 in Devonshire

who came to America prior to 1673 Google Search: JOHN LAPHAM born 1635 in Devonshire

but if I go to Society of Genealogists Homepage
County Sources: Devon
you may see how many parish registers there are to search - not to mention the gaps in the early records.
from my email:-

Support for Family Tree Maker 9 and all previous versions will be ending November 3, 2004.

If you would like to remain eligible for support, we recommend upgrading to version 2005.

At, we work hard to offer you useful new features while keeping up with advances in hardware and operating systems.
As we change technologies, it becomes necessary on occasion to discontinue live support for outdated products.

Take The Online Tour
Broadband Dial-Up
Support by email has in fact been good the few times I needed it with an answer within 24 hours,
and I have ordered my update of FTM 11 from S&N Genealogy Supplies
who are awaitng a shipment from USA - so they sent me a catalogue with the acknowledgement of my telephoned order. They ship with lightening speed normally overnight.
Do not purchase the boxed sets - which are irrelevant for most people
- but the single CD in a flat pack, which is the best value for money.
Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Norway - Catholic Church Local History and Ancestors Genealogy Research:

"Local Catholic Church History and Genealogy for Finland + Sweden + Denmark + Norway "

what volunters can do --- an excellent site
DNA 101: "

An individual's test results have little meaning on their own. You cannot take these numbers, plug them into some formula and find out who your ancestors are.

The value of the test results depends on how your results compare to other test results. And even when you match someone else, it will only indicate that you and the person you match share a common ancestor. Depending on the number of markers tested and the number of matches it will indicate with a certain degree of probability how long ago this common ancestor existed. It will not show exactly who this ancestor is."

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Google Search: Nordmændene i Amerika flom

Margit's site is not easy to navigate
but there is some handy stuff about Norwegians in USA

Margit has neither made an index page nor a site map nor a footer to be seen

you get to peak directly in her users folder Index of /~maggiebakke
and the Parent Directory takes you to Rootsweb
Google Search: Nordmændene i Amerika flom Margit's site is not easy to navigate
but there is somehandy stuff about Norwegians in USA

Bristol_and_Somerset-L BUNFIGHT 2004

Saturday 23 October 2004the Warwick Arms Clutton
me the beard
From: "Maggie Perkins"

a couple have dropped out so there may be a last minute place

so do ask Maggie

Google Search: clutton bunfight
British Library Integrated Catalogue - Welcome:

" Welcome to our new online catalogue,
which replaces the British Library Public Catalogue. Please update your bookmarks.

For the attention of St Pancras Reading Room Pass holders: you can search the catalogue on the web in the same way as in the reading rooms. In early 2005, you will be able to log in and reserve books in advance of reading room visits."
You MUST go to this if you have not been there before

Wednesday 13 October, 2pm – 3.15pm. Location

Society of Genealogists
14 Charterhouse Buildings
Goswell Road

Using the Library CatalogueA lecture
by the Society’s Librarian, Sue Gibbons (£5/£4)
This tutorial is intended to enable you to find what you want in theSociety's Library and its collections.
Some ways of carrying out 'refined'searches are also offered.

This lecture will include a demonstration of the new web OPAC, to be released in 2005.


Being close to the City, the Society's Library is conveniently situated for use in conjunction with many record repositories in London.

It is within walking distance of the Family Records Centre, the London Metropolitan Archive, and the Guildhall Library.

Charterhouse Buildings is a cul-de-sac at the junction of Goswell Road and Clerkenwell Road, about 500 metres north of Barbican station and a little further from Farringdon and Old Street stations. The Society occupies the last building in the cul-de-sac.

and a good test of The Knowledge of any taxi driver - say Goswell Road if in doubt!

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Bath Births Marriages & Deaths

indexing primary sources and Nort East Somerset
Genealogy Charts - Misbach Enterprises

GED Browser Software
The ultimate tool for publishing your genealogy on the Internet. No other software uses such a unique and appealing design that displays both descendants and ancestors in one chart, giving virtually all the information found on a family group sheet

free software, GED Browser - Publish Genealogy was used to make this site
a ten minute job Hymer,Roots,Shaffer,Grunden Ancestry
Daisy search the catalogue of Danish Archives: "Daisy is the online catalogue of the Danish National and Provincial Archives."
and this is a quick translation of the search form
and the help page help for daisy but the results will be in danish !
DAISY (Dansk Arkivalieinformationssystem) is the long awaited catalogue of all the Danish national and provincial archives

Stille materiale til rådighed på, der er en miniudgave af DAISY

DAISY-udvikling og aktørtilretning. Første udgave af skal på nettet fra 1. januar 2005. but that url SEEMS TO BE TAKEN this is it - XNET04


news from Odeense archives

Det, man i første omgang vil kunne se, er hvilke aktører og arkivskabere, der er knyttet til det enkelte arkiv.

Deltage i afprøvning af f.eks. mm.

Få en introduktion til DAISY som er en kobling mellem søgemidler, arkivalier og emneord, så formidlingen af en større del af samlingerne kan fremmes. (DAISY vil blive præsenteret for brugerrådet et af de kommende møder.

Google Search: daisy

fars nyt lejertøj LOL

RootsWeb: GENMTD-L Cousinhood: When Did the Rules Change?: "Yes, I know that questions about cousin relationships are frequently
asked hereabouts, which is why I'm not going to ask them. Indeed, I
think I understand the system. However, 30 years ago -- God, I feel
old! -- I was taught a very different system, in which one's parents'
cousins were one's second cousins and one's collateral
greatgrandpaternal descendants were one's third cousins. (Under the
system currently used these would be your first cousins once removed
and your second cousins, I gather, which makes sense. Correct me if
I'm wrong.)"
read the thread