Saturday, December 31, 2005

Godfrey Library to Drop HeritageQuest Online

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter: "the Godfrey Memorial Library in Middletown, Connecticut, is in the process of dropping HeritageQuest Online from its portfolio of offerings. The information floating around online is confusing, and some comments that I read contradicted other online comments. I was bewildered. Today I talked with Godfrey Library Director Richard E. Black and received the 'inside story.
For several years, the Godfrey Memorial Library has offered in-home access to HeritageQuest Online's collection of the original images of U.S. census records, Revolutionary War Pension Applications, old family and local history books, and more. These services are normally available only to libraries, not to individual subscribers. Only a few years ago, to access any of HeritageQuest Online's databases you had to visit a library that had purchased a subscription to those databases. "


It seems ProQuest has decided that this "aggressive advertising" was a violation of the terms and conditions of the contract with the Godfrey Memorial Library. After some discussions between the two organizations, a decision was made to not renew the contract.


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