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Irish famine of 1846-1850

Views of the Famine

the survivors migrated afterwards

Images of Wales

John's Homepage

John's Homepage: "As well as being the birthplace of Richard Burton, Pontrhydyfen is famous for its fine ten-arch brick-built viaduct which once carried the South Wales Mineral Railway Junction line of the Port Talbot Railway & Dock Company. The viaduct was constructed during 1897 and 1898, and closed in 1964."

This feature is updated regularly with photographs of Welsh scenes. The pictures are selected from my growing collection of previously unpublished images. I occasionally feature pictures kindly supplied by guest photographers, but most photos are my own, either scanned from colour slides or prints, or shot with a digital camera. From Oct 1997 to Nov 1999 I used an Agfa ePhoto307 digital camera; from Nov 1999 to Jul 2002 a Sony Mavica MVC-FD91 and Olympus C-920Z; and from Aug 2002 onwards I have been using a Fuji FinePix S602 Zoom.

Welsh Family History Archive

Friday, October 07, 2005 - 1851 census

Le foutoir du Pr. Tehenne

Le foutoir du Pr. Tehenne: Une étude comparative sur la transmission des données généalogiques à l'aide des fichiers au format gedcom.

Par ailleurs, il vous propose l'ébauche d'un format alternatif au format gedcom et son logiciel de généalogie ohmiGene, un des plus respectueux du format gedcom ;o)


If I worked on PC and if I spoke English, I would use without hesitating
Family Historian.

I tested about fifty program on the import-export of gedcom files and,
besides the fact that it is excellent, it seemed to me very pleasant.

Results of the test:
(site in French but most of the softwares of the market were tested).


-- Téhenne Saint-Denis de la Réunion Comparatif Import-Export Gedcom : Logiciel de généalogie ohmiGene :

Que reste-t-il de mes ancêtres ? but I don't understand the results

GENUKI search page

GENUKI search page
The search database includes pages from the web sites of the National Archives, the Society of Genealogists and Federation of Family History Societies. It also includes all the majority of Family History Society and County Surname Interest List sites.

Codeswitching Examples

Codeswitching - Back to SLA topics By Second Language Users

and scroll down to the examples w hich made me laugh !

also see Views/Features

Traditionally called macaronic verse or language

my family tree database

Ancestry World Tree, build your family tree using our pedigree files: "Search Instructions
Do not use commas between person or place names, and do not place periods after abbreviations. You can search on pieces of information, such as 'Nov' or '1848' or 'Cooper.'

To search the Ancestry World Tree, fill in one or more of the fields above and click 'Search.' Always fill in either the last name or the first name. The more fields you fill in the more accurate your results will be. If you do not get any results, delete the information from one field at a time until you do. Remember, other submitters may have slightly different dates or spellings of names for the same individual.

Note: Ancestry World Tree GEDCOM files are voluntarily submitted by Ancestry users like yourself. We take all files 'as is' and cannot guarantee the completeness, accuracy, or timeliness of the information contained in this database. We regret we cannot assist you in your personal research or prevent duplication of data. Our goal is to provide these user-contributed files to aid you in finding and/or correcting your family information. "

You will find all my data there, because if my computer fails, it makes a convenient back up and if I am at an archive I can refer to my own stuff very easily

Then I have GMAIL too which means I can write draft notes and save them for future access from any convenient computer.

Don't hesitate to ask me for a gmail invitation to have an account if you want one

Gmail is an experiment in a new kind of webmail, built on the idea that you should never have to delete mail

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LIDL again

I have just been practicing my PhotoShop Elements skills correcting the nasty map of the location of the LIDL supermarket at Stationsalléen 5 - 7, 2730 Herlev (click to enlarge)

whilst I am really enjoying my first cups of the new (to me) Bremer Kaffee

images and data are copyright their owners

Exploring Rootsweb: BLOG Indexed GEDCOM Method for Genweb Authoring

blogging my own blog is very bad taste
but this is an important area of web site design for genealogical sites,
and a valuable resource of free space for hundreds of thousands of sites and about five hundred million web pages.

afterwards click Home to see the whole of that blog

England & Wales 1851 Census Coming Soon

from my Gmail - Ancestry Monthly Update:
" is excited to bring you the 1851 Census covering England, Wales, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. You'll soon be able to access more than 17 million names indexed for easy online searching. This makes Ancestry the only place on the Web where you can search all census records from England and Wales spanning 1851 to 1901.

Make sure you're one of the first to see the new 1851 England & Wales Census.
and subscribe to the the "Ancestry Monthly Update".

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visit to LIDL in Herlev

When I got to Herlev Station I meseed up I turned left instead of right.
after wandering and asking - LIDL sounds like the danish word for "little" I arrived. nasty little map S tog station is not marked and the LIDL sign should be further south between the road and the railway on what was a goods yard

Looks good with a lot of cars at about 6:00pm

my old eyes love these signs above the goods (I don't need reading glasses and I stocked up on four kinds of fish and some chicken portions

this guy is the manager

oops I thought he was the managher

these bus signs are a disaster in lettering style and readable at about half the distance of the old roller blinds

I sat down and enjoyed the warmth on my bad knee and dozed for at least 20 minutes of the way this bus takes one hour door to door Herlev to Brumleby, Øster Alle, København which meant my 20 kg trolley including frozen fish and chicken, rye bread, 12 litres UHT milk, basmati rice, virgin olive oil and dijon mustard was very very eay to get home

I got my old favourite I get from LIDL in England CIEN kitchen rolls with briliant wet strengh,
and new to me BREMER Kaffee

I can also recommend the dark chocolate bar (70% cocoa solids) and the fine vinegar.

LIDL Denmark

Det får nu den tyske discountkæde Lidl til at gå ind i Danmark
Til årsskiftet kan der meget vel være helt op til 25 Lidl-forretninger i Danmark,

LIDL Butikss�gning: "Stationsalleen
2730 Herlev Afstand: 10 km Kort
4400 Kalundborg Afstand: 93 km Kort
4930 Maribo Afstand: 122 km Kort
8500 Grenaa Afstand: 133 km Kort
5750 Ringe Afstand: 141 km Kort

lidl site:dk - Google Search: "Til årsskiftet kan der meget vel være helt op til 25 Lidl-forretninger i Danmark,"

National Novel Writing Month

Official NaNoWriMo 2005 Participant

which is going to keep me busy for November 2005

National Novel Writing Month - FAQs: "The way to win NaNoWriMo is by writing 50,000 words by midnight on November 30. Every year, there are many, many winners.

There are no 'Best Novel' or 'Quickest-Written Novel' awards given out.

All winners will get an official 'Winner' web icon and certificate."

last year I messed up by relocating from England to Denmark
in the middle of it all.

BRISANT seen on German TV now ARD

Die Todesfalle aus dem Wald

Die Diagnose klang für Peter Heckel wie ein Todesurteil: Fuchsbandwurm. Wann und wo sich der passionierte Reiter mit dem Parasiten infiziert hat, ist nicht mehr nachzuvollziehen.

and so wash the blackberries before you eat them or make them into jam.

fagot Heckel, - Google Image Search

Art/Museums: Arcadia and Metropolis, Masterworks of German Expressionism from the Nationalgallerie Berlin at the Neue Gallerie Museum of German and Austrian Art: "Erich Heckel, "

Erich Heckel, - Google Image Search

Wilhelm Heckel 1831 - Google Search: "The company Wilhelm Heckel GmbH, founded in 1831 in Wiesbaden, is without doubt
one of the oldest workshops for the construction of woodwind-instruments."
why the surname HECKEL interests me

Fuchsbandwurm - Wikipedia: " (Echinococcus multilocularis) " domestic cats and dogs

CDC - Echinococcus multilocularis: An Emerging Pathogen in Hungary and Central Eastern Europe?: "Echinococcus multilocularis is the causative agent of alveolar echinococcosis in humans. The life cycle of this tapeworm is indirect and sylvatic; eggs shed by the definitive host, mainly the Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) in Europe, develop to the metacestode stage in arvicolid rodents, which serve as intermediate hosts. In accidental cases, humans as aberrant intermediate hosts may also acquire E. multilocularis infection by egg ingestion. Although a rare disease in humans, alveolar echinococcosis is of considerable public health importance because it can be lethal in up to 100% of untreated patients (1). Treatment is still difficult, and therapy may cost $300,000 per patient (1)."

The parasite has an extensive geographic distribution in the Northern Hemisphere, including parts of North America (Alaska, Canada, and some of the lower contiguous states of the United States), Asia (some of the newly independent states of the former Soviet Union, China, and Japan), and some European countries. Until the end of the 1980s, parasite-endemic areas in Europe were known to exist only in France, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria (2). In the 1990s and early 2000s, the infection rate of foxes increased drastically in some areas of France and Germany; several new endemic foci were detected in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria; and the parasite was reported from the surrounding countries, including The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, and Italy (1,3,4). Here we report E. multilocularis infection from Red Foxes in the northern areas of Hungary and give a possible explanation for the spreading of the parasite from the west to the east.

Figure 1

Click to view enlarged image

Figure 1. Echinococcus multilocularis isolated from a fox in Hungary...

Figure 2

Click to view enlarged image

Figure 2. Nested polymerase chain reaction amplification of mitochondrial 12S rRNA gene from five Hungarian Echinococcus multilocularis isolates...
Carcasses of Red Foxes sent to the Central Veterinary Institute, Budapest, from January to July 2002, in connection with the rabies immunization and control program, were included in this study.

Of 100 foxes (18 subadults and 82 adults) examined during the screening of the parasitologic status of the foxes in 15 counties in Hungary, 5 adults shot in April and May 2002 were found to be infected with 2, 3, 5, 6, and 254 mature worms of Echinococcus, respectively

The appearance of E. multilocularis in Hungary might be explained by changes in the size of the Red Fox population in Central and Central Eastern Europe. From the 1970s, a continuous increase in the size of the Red Fox population was observed in Switzerland and Germany, probably as a consequence of the initiation of the antirabies vaccination programs (2). The larger population led to a continuous migration of young foxes from territories with high population density toward those with lower density, i.e., partly eastward

Division of Parasitic Diseases - Alveolar Echinococcosis Fact Sheet: "

Alveolar Echinococcosis
(al-VEE-oh-ler ee-keye-ni-kah-KOH-sis)

What is Alveolar Echinococcosis?
Where has AE been found?

How does infection occur in foxes, coyotes, dogs, and other cats?
Can animals be tested for E. multilocularis tapeworms?
How can I be infected with AE?
How likely am I to be infected with AE?
What are the symptoms of AE?
How can I find out if I have AE?
What is the treatment for AE?
How can I prevent AE?

What is Alveolar Echinococcosis (AE)?
AE disease results from being infected with the larval stage of Echinococcus multilocularis, a microscopic tapeworm (1-4 millimeters) found in foxes, coyotes, dogs, and cats. Although human cases are rare, infection in humans causes parasitic tumors to form in the liver, and, less commonly, the lungs, brain, and other organs. If left untreated, infection with AE can be fatal."

Wild foxes, coyotes, and cats get infected when they eat Echinococcus multilocularis larvae in infected rodents, field mice, or voles. Cats are less susceptible than dogs, but because they catch and eat rodents often, may also become infected. Once the animal becomes infected, the tapeworm matures in its intestine, produces eggs, and the infected animal passes eggs in the stool. These tapeworm eggs, which are directly infectious to other animals, are too tiny to see, and will stick to anything with which they come in contact. Coyotes, foxes, dogs, and cats are not harmed by the tapeworm and do not have symptoms of AE.

Symptoms may mimic those of liver cancer and cirrhosis of the liver.

What is the treatment for AE?
Surgery is the most common form of treatment for AE, although removal of the entire parasite mass is not always possible. After surgery, medication may be necessary to keep the cyst from growing back.

Do not collect or eat wild fruits or vegetables picked directly from the ground. All wild-picked foods should be washed carefully or cooked before eating.

Normal but good pet hygiene - wash hands no kissing !

Request a Search for your Ancestors at the Family History Library

Our research consultants at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City will search this vast collection of genealogical records for your ancestors from the US/Canada, Ireland, Germany, Holland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Latin America. Let us have the details and we will have one of them give you a FREE email consultation

If you commission us to do the work (there's no obligation to do that!) our prices start from $50 US. For a FREE email consultation visit

My price starts at US$100 payable in advance for searches in Denmark, England and Wales where I have acccess to material which has not been filmed - the first hour of work is gratis and a FREE trial. My aim is to help you help yourself by sharing what is common local knowledge.

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Index to the 1901 Census of Canada

Automated Genealogy

a simply brilliant effort

Arts and Humanities Data Service

AHDS History is one of the five Centres of the Arts and Humanities Data Service and collects, preserves, and promotes the use of digital resources, which result from or support historical research, learning and teaching.

The Arts and Humanities Data Service | tel: 0207 848 1988 | email: "

Enabling Digital Resources for the Arts and Humanities
The Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS) is a UK national service aiding the discovery, creation and preservation of digital resources in and for research, teaching and learning in the arts and humanities. Presently, we cover five subject areas:

Visual Arts

Literature, Languages & Linguistics
Performing Arts

Organised via an Executive at King's College London and five AHDS Centres, hosted by various Higher Education Institutions, the AHDS is funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee and the Arts and Humanities Research Council.
The Arts and Humanities Data Service is funded by


Murphy's Law of genealogy

The clerk that holds your great grandfather's records has just been insulted by another genealogist." If we all remember to smile and be kind and patient with the keepers of the records we use, maybe we'll be able to scratch that law from the books.

You can view this issue of the "Ancestry Daily News" online
"THOUGHTS FROM THE BMV," by Juliana Smith

"Ancestry Daily News" sign-up box

Your Daily Dose of Genealogy for 03 October 2005

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Under Construction

Your Site Title Here
This site is under construction and will be available soon. Thank you for visiting!

Google Groups : soc.genealogy.britain

from my email:-Hugh -

I believe I received a message from you recently from an AOL
address, but I'm not able to locate it. Hope this gets to you.

Sorry for the technical issues - certainly my fault but
unintentional. I've sent the following message to the group, but in
the event you don't see it there, I'm appending it.


John Beach

Anyone who thought genealogists were a passive lot certainly never
dipped a toe into soc.genealogy.britain - some of you are getting
way too worked up about this. A little background information
should cool the flames.

The main library in Salt Lake City has collected over the years
about 8,000 links which are used as our primary entry to the
One of these links is to Cyndi's List which itself
presently has over 240,000 links, however Cyndi's List is not
frequently reviewed and so it has many dead links. Moreover, one
not already familiar with Cyndi's List can have a problem sorting
through so many choices - disagree if you will, but we have seen
this situation occur over and over.
The Salt Lake links are in
folders which go down six or seven levels, unfortunately not a
suitable format for the general public, and so three of us have
undertaken an independent project to search the Internet for the
most valuable links and make them available in a user-friendly
format. We will shortly evaluate our collection of links against
the Salt Lake links to see which from their collection might be
added - we did not start by using the SL links.

Ji's Site is on the computers in our Menlo Park, California center,
a branch of the Salt Lake library, and has proved highly popular.
We have also recently distributed more than a hundred CD's to
patrons who have seen the program in operation and wanted to install
it on their home computers.

The program was thoroughly validated
using Internet Explorer and Netscape but clearly it was a mistake
not to check it against Firefox and Opera before putting it out for
Beta review - more about technical issues in a moment. Also,
Internet visitors can be put off-balance by the appearance of the
site, which is unconventional for a web page but acceptable for an
installed program. (Presumably one does not install the program
unless one finds the appearance acceptable, hence no complaints from
that quarter.) For the Internet we will use an intro page which
will also provide space for some basic information - e.g., that a
colored background indicates a link to a folder whereas a white
background indicates an external link - so those who proceed to the
main site will have an idea of what to expect. Another mistake - we
should have prepared the intro page before putting Ji's Site out for

This is all 20-20 hindsight, or Monday morning
quarterbacking, to use an American expression.

We have received messages from Internet visitors who are highly
pleased with the approach and content of Ji's Site. These
individuals have not experienced any technical difficulties -
apparently they are the lucky few. As was pointed out in this
newsgroup, a visitor who encounters technical difficulties will go
no further and so for that visitor the data, no matter how valuable,
is entirely useless.

However, Rob Burns was apparently able to enter the site because in
his message to me, the second in this thread, he stated "Looks OK if
you don't have vision problems. If you have a pop up blocker your
going to have to use the ctrl key or whichever is required to
override the blocker." Later in this thread, he writes, "How many
of us are actually emailing the site founder like he asked? I did
and told him it sucked. There is really no useful information on
that site as yet and Cyndi's list still beats it hands down.... You
would have thought someone with Mormon connections would have a
idea of what the hell they are doing."

Now the way I understand the English language (or the American
version of it), "Looks OK" does not equal "it sucked." So if Rob's
view now is that "it sucks," he's entitled to change his opinion,
but he shouldn't become confused and think that he had originally
communicated that sentiment to me because his exact message is
second in this thread for all the world to see. Furthermore, one of
the contributors to Ji's Site is one of the foremost UK researchers
in the library system, and so from Rob's statement that "there is
really no useful information on that site as yet and Cyndi's list
still beats it hands down" one may infer that he either considers
himself better than our best or he hasn't really looked at the
information on Ji's Site and is just blowing smoke. Based on his
obviously shallow understanding of Cyndi's list, I would subscribe
to the latter view. (Incidently, we know Cyndi - a fine lady.) As
for Rob's gratuitous comment that he would have thought someone with
Mormon connections would have a better idea of what the hell they're
doing, we absolutely DO know what we're doing, and unfortunately Rob
is allowing himself to make unwarranted assumptions based upon very
little information.

However, I'm not interested in getting into a flame war because that
would be entirely counterproductive and I do value Rob's opinion and
all the others we have received. Ji's Site is not going to succeed
unless it can be easily accessed (no gliches, no hassles) and unless
the information provided is of the highest calibre. The Beta
version now resides on another domain's space and one problem has
been redirection so I am in the process of setting the site up with
its own account. Brad Rogers provided some particularly helpful
technical comments which I am presently evaluating. (I have
downloaded Firefox and replicated all the problems he observed save
the one re: multiple windows - on my computer running Windows XP
that doesn't happen. I will also download Opera.)

Bottom line is that we are going to make Ji's Site work and we have
the resources to do so. I would like to challenge Rob, Brad, and
the others in this group to work with us to achieve this goal. It
is, after all, in the nature of genealogical research to help one
another, and I for one will commit to do my part.

By the way, I may be a Yank by birth but my roots, except for a
French grandmother and a very remote German, are all Brit - Colonial
America and Scotland.


John Beach

Premium Accounts for Legal Professionals

It is not wise to launch a site as a whole but fasr better to build it litttle by little.l

Good Bye Lenin!

from 2003: "East Germany, the year 1989: A young man protests against the regime. His mother watches the police arresting him and suffers a heart attack and falls into a coma. Some months later, the GDR does not exist anymore and the mother awakes. Since she has to avoid every excitement, the son tries to set up the GDR again for her in their flat. But the world has changed a lot..."

now I am in Copenhagen and my daughter Manja has spotted this film and says it is this evening's must see Danish DR2 TV