Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Christmas

a Danish christmas dinner is on christmas eve

the duck is nearly ready in the oven

the tree has both fairy lights and candles and home made paper decorations

the cones and hearts contain sweets

my job is to carve the danish duck

brown sauce is done and the potatoes will be ready when they are brown all over

Gry and Stine

our hostess wishes to be anonymous

the candles were lit and the presents were opened

Karl Dane updated tree

RootsWeb's WorldConnect: "Gottlieb, Rasmus Karl Therkelsen b: 12 OCT 1886 in Turesensgade 23, Copenhagen, Denmark d: 15 APR 1934 in Los Angeles, California, USA
Gottlieb, Rasmus Marius b: ABT 1860 in Horsens, Denmark "


from my email:-Greeting: "To marketers, praise is like food.
And your blog has been kind, never rude.
The team here at Answers,
Like Nutcracker dancers,
Bow kindly in deep gratitude."

En glaedelig jul og et godt nytaar!

The Corners? This site is under construction

The Corners? This site is under construction

Education Department
Chapman Historical Museum
348 Glen Street
Glens Falls, New York 12801
Last modified: December 04, 2004

I laughed at that

all web sites are permanently under construction
just as no family tree is ever finished

a great photograph

Photo courtesy of the Chapman Historical Museum
by Seneca Ray Stoddard, ca. 1880. The Corners - at the center of Glens Falls, NY.

Press Release: Factbites launch - Factbites

Press Release: Factbites launch - Factbites: "What do you get if you cross a search engine with an encyclopedia? The answer arrived on the net today - Factbites (, a new approach to search. Under the slogan 'where results make sense', Factbites provides searchers with full sentences about their search topic, rather than the sentence fragments most search engines offer.
Rather than focusing on link-based technology like Google, Factbites delves into the tone and subject matter of the given topic. The engine 'reads' the content of each page and determines how meaningful the text is. It seeks out authoritative and informative content, preferring encyclopedia-style fact-based descriptions to the chatty, spammy and inconsequential. "

Friday, December 23, 2005

Karl Dane on line

picture is used by permission of on Wikipedia

As of November 2005, Laura Balogh has been writing a biography of the Danish actor Karl Dane. Those with any information about him are requested to contact her at

I have started writing up my research in Denmark RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: Rasmus Karl Therkelsen Gottlieb

and I have created another blog for the purpose of posting my discoveries about Karl Dane in Denmark

danish art blog

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Karl Dane sources

my last day at the "office" LAK Copenhagen

Det Danske Udvandrerarkiv


The suit, filed in Arapahoe County
District Court against Maxwell MacMaster and his company, Morphcorp LLC,
seeks to cease the operation and penalize him up to $2,000 per book
sold, which could amount to $300 million," according to the Denver Post.

The suit claims 150,000 people nationwide were swindled out of $49.95
each when they bought a book with fake family histories from Morphcorp
of Denver. People who bought these genealogical "yearbooks" got the same
family coat of arms, the same family recipes and even the same family
jokes, according to a lawsuit, which was filed in late November.

Consumers with complaints regarding Morphcorp or the "Family Yearbook"
may call the Colorado Consumer Line toll-free 1-800-222-4444 (in
Colorado) or 1-800-332-2071 (out of state) or may download a complaint
form from:

For more information see the press release at the Colorado Attorney
General's website:

and read the newspaper article at:

RootsWeb Review: RootsWeb's Weekly E-zine
21 December 2005, Vol. 8, No. 51
(c) 1998-2005, Inc.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Yahoo! Privacy or what?

Yahoo! Privacy: "When conducting research Yahoo!'s practice is to require our partners to disclose the presence of these web beacons on their pages in their privacy policies and state what choices are available to users regarding the collection and use of this information. You may choose to opt-out of Yahoo! using this information for this research. Please click here to opt-out.
Note: This opt-out applies to a specific browser rather than a specific user. Therefore you will have to opt-out separately from each computer or browser that you use.
Yahoo!'s practice is to include web beacons in HTML-formatted email messages (messages that include graphics) that Yahoo!, or its agents, sends in order to determine which email messages were opened and to note whether a message was acted upon.
In general, any file served as part of a web page, including an ad banner, can act as a web beacon. Yahoo! may also include web beacons from other companies within pages served by Yahoo! so that Yahoo!'s advertisers may receive auditing, research and reporting. "

Sunday, December 18, 2005

hand writng help needed

danish census indexing project

Kildeindtastninger: "In cooperation with DDA (Dansk Data Arkiv) and the organization DIS Danmark (Databehandling i Sl�gtsforskning) we bring countymaps showing which census records are being transcribed at the moment and which have already been made available in the source transcription project. To get to the maps, click on the square for the desired year and county in the table below."

The Henry Moore Foundation

The Henry Moore Foundation

The 11ft work, Reclining Figure, made in 1969 out of 2 tons of solid bronze, was winched by crane on to a Mercedes flatbed lorry by three enterprising sculptor fanciers

'Henry's will stipulates that no more bronzes can be cast from his original moulds. If this one is destroyed, that means it is likely to be lost for ever.'
Google NEWS Search: reclining figure
Henry Moore Foundation

bronze edition of 6 + 1
cast: Hermann Noack, Berlin
length 343cm
signature: stamped Moore, 0/6
The Henry Moore Foundation: acquired 1987 reclining figure - Google Search
and my virtual picture books jpg reclining - Google Image Search jpg - Google Image Search