Wednesday, April 12, 2006

from Ted Pack's Web Site

Genealogy pages
The genealogy pages fall into two sections, public and personal.

The Public pages have questions to help you interview a relative or write an autobiography, links and tips for beginning Internet genealogists, a list of scams and three pages about GEDCOM files.

The Personal section has my ancestors. I have almost 5,000 individuals, all in GENDEX format with indexes. If you came here from Roots Web World Connect to see my individuals without pop-ups, the Personal section is the place to go.

What are Standards?:

"Do you abbreviate the state or spell it out? If you spell it out it takes longer to type, but it is clearer. WA, for instance, means Washington State in the US of A but Western Australia down in kangaroo land. USA can be the U of SA or the US of A, depending on whether you mean the Union of South Africa or the United States of America. "

Back to Beginning Genealogy
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Searching the 1880 Census:
"What the Mormons Won't Tell You
Or Search Strategies for the LDS 1880 Census Transcriptions"

Searching the 1880 Census on CD ROMs

all this applies equally to the England and Wales (Scotland on cd) 1881 census


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