Saturday, April 15, 2006 "GRAMPS is a genealogy program for Linux and other UNIX-like systems. The GRAMPS name stands for Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System.

GRAMPS helps you track your family tree. It allows you to store, edit, and research genealogical data. GRAMPS attempts to provide all of the common capabilities of other genealogical programs, but, more importantly, to provide an additional capability of integration not common to these programs. This is the ability to input any bits and pieces of information directly into GRAMPS and rearrange/manipulate any/all data events in the entire data base (in any order or sequence) to assist the user in doing research, analysis and correlation with the potential of filling relationship gaps.

GRAMPS currently runs on Linux, BSD, and Solaris -
and Apple OS X
operating systems.
. For more information about getting GRAMPS, see the download page."


GenServ: HOMEPAGE, Family History, GEDCOM Databases, Texas, USA, Started in 1991: "GenServ System was the First Genealogy Site on the Internet with Searchable Online GEDCOM Datafiles

GenServ System - Family History
A Collection of Family History GEDCOM Data Files
- Online since 1991 - Send us your GEDCOM file today -

26969796 individuals/notes online in 17163 GEDCOM databases"

Friday, April 14, 2006

Danish census and church books

Images on Statens Arkivers Arkivalieronline

support forum with programmer Per Agerbæk
der er hovdmanden bag udviklingen af det nye visningsprogram.
DisForum - Program- og WebProblemer - AO Support

Vishu - happy new year

Vishu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "It is not uncommon for children to burst fireworks after the Vishukanni."

RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project:

RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: WATKINS LAPHAM 2005

Your database changes will be added to the global search index in less than 48 hours
was the message when I uploaded my new gedcom today

2276 entries 556 marriages
Watkins, Alfred Henry (David) b: 17 AUG 1907 in Usk Monmouthshire d: 24 SEP 1942 in HMS Somali was my father

Children Living Watkins is me !
Father (???) : Joseph S Forman b: 20 DEC
He was a good family friend and father figure, but simplifying relationships from Family Tree Maker when exporting to gedcom causes these errors like multiple marriges for my mother's friendships.

Friends for life are very much a memorable part of family history.

Search WorldConnect
and find some cousins who have uploaded your common ancestors

WorldConnect Home WorldConnect Global Search WorldConnect Help

Missing pieces of the 1861 census

"There are a number of enumeration books missing, or parts of enumeration books (usually missing start or finish), from the 1861 census.

Below is a list of the books affected that we know of, both those missing in their entirety (M) and those which are incomplete (I) in the National Archives." - The place to start tracing your family history: BRILLIANT

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Danish census site updated

Danish parish registers and census online help

and a work in progress towards a major site update

Irish books on line

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

On An Overgrown Path blog

On An Overgrown Path: BBC comes full circle with Wagner downloads ...: "He who brandishes the hardest fist will be remembered the longest. Beethoven, Michelangelo, Bach, Berlioz, Rembrandt, Shakespeare, Goethe, Ibsen and the like have all given their time a black eye ~ Carl Nielsen"

On An Overgrown Path the blog

I will be online all day on Monday April 17th

I will be updating
Danish Census and Church Books
BIG TIME and listening to:-

BBC NEWS Entertainment Full broadcast for Wagner's Ring: "Full broadcast for Wagner's Ring

Wagner's Ring is currently being staged in Paris

Richard Wagner's 15-hour Ring Cycle will be broadcast in its entirety on one day over Easter on BBC Radio 3.

The performance, conducted by Daniel Barenboim in Bayreuth, Germany in the early 1990s, will be broadcast on 17 April, a bank holiday in UK.

The day-long event, part of Radio 3's 60th birthday celebrations, will include just four 15-minute breaks.

BBC - Radio 3 - Home: "Don't miss our broadcast of Wagner's complete Ring on Monday April 17th. Find synopses, reviews, competitions and our Leitmotiv guide."

the question is shall I listen analogue free view or digital?
the rest of you click on radio player or listen on the BBC radio web site

Episode and Playlist Information

finishing at midnight
21:30 Götterdämmerung Act 2
19:25 Götterdämmerung Act 1
19:10 Interval
17:45 Siegfried Act 3
16:20 Siegfried Act 2
15:05 Siegfried Act 1
14:50 Interval
13:35 Die Walküre Act 3
11:55 Die Walküre Act 2
10:50 Die Walküre Act 1
10:35 Interval
08:05 Das Rheingold
08:00 Introduction UK Summer time or 7:00 am in Denmark

The station will also be celebrating St George's Day on 23 April with a day devoted to English music. " AKA Shakespeare's Birthday

AND I will keep up with the day's events and news by having TV on sound off and subtitles on in Freeview digital tv

time to resubscribe to the Denmark list

Statens Arkivers Arkivalieronline a vital site for all danish genealogists and historians isat last updated.

RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists: Denmark : DENMARK

This is primary interface or helpful web community for english speaking genealogists and family historians doing danish research without much clue about the danish language
(except for the noble volunteers who provide tips, links and translation help )

more danish - Google Search

site: danish - Google Search

Google Groups : soc.genealogy.nordic is one of my old favourites

Google Groups : dk.videnskab.historie.genealogi

problems with

are now solved with WinXP

Statens Arkivers Arkivalieronline help apges in english now out of date because the new third generation image viewer uses java instead of Macromedia Flash technology

is free of charge, and so are user registration and searches in the archival material.

Parish registersAll Danish parish registers older than 1892 are included in the digitisation project. The end year may, however, differ for South Jutland (North Schleswig) because the local parish registers were kept according to different rules in the period 1864-1920, when South Jutland was under German administration.
Population censusesThe following population censuses will become accessible via the Internet.

Available on the Internet
Available on the Internet
Available on the Internet

Available on the Internet

1845 not yet

1850 Available on the Internet
1855 Available on the Internet
1860 Available on the Internet

1880 not yet
1890 not yet
1916 not yet

Statens Arkivers Arkivalieronline a vital site for all danish genealogists and historians

Wills in Copenhagen

Skiftevæsen i København

Skifteprotokoller i København
København har der været en lang række forskellige skiftejurisdiktioner og det kan godt være en lidt vanskelig opgave at finde frem til et skifte. Tiden før 1771 kan virke meget uoverskuelig og skiftematerialet er meget “hullet”. Frem til 1863 skal du i princippet kende den afdødes erhverv, for at finde ud af, hvor du skal søge efter skiftet og opgaven er ikke helt let. Men der findes heldigvis forskellige navneregistre på Landsarkivet, som gør eftersøgningen lidt nemmere.

needs an english version


I came across these people when I took on the administration of the RootsWeb Message Boards [ Melungeon ] for a period in 2004 and 2005

melungeon rootsweb - Google Search

"If you ask, ' Who are the Melungeons?' you are like most people. If you have been researching your family in the Cumberland Plateau of Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Tennessee, during the early migration years, you may be able to find them through a connection to this group of people who are only now being researched with unbiased eyes. The Melungeons are a people of apparent Mediterranean descent who may have settled in the Appalachian wilderness as early or possibly earlier than 1567."

Melungeon Health

melungeons - Google Search

Some descendants have had six fingers or toes.
There is a family of people in Turkey whose surname translated into English is "Six Fingered Ones." The term for that in Turkiq is "AltI parmak." (pronounced "altah-par-mock) "AltI" ends with the undotted Turkish "i" which is pronounced as "uh."

There is a region near Efes (Ephesus) called "AltI Parmak" - many of the people there have historically had six fingers.

Some families have even taken the last name of "AltIparmak."

from Ted Pack's Web Site

Genealogy pages
The genealogy pages fall into two sections, public and personal.

The Public pages have questions to help you interview a relative or write an autobiography, links and tips for beginning Internet genealogists, a list of scams and three pages about GEDCOM files.

The Personal section has my ancestors. I have almost 5,000 individuals, all in GENDEX format with indexes. If you came here from Roots Web World Connect to see my individuals without pop-ups, the Personal section is the place to go.

What are Standards?:

"Do you abbreviate the state or spell it out? If you spell it out it takes longer to type, but it is clearer. WA, for instance, means Washington State in the US of A but Western Australia down in kangaroo land. USA can be the U of SA or the US of A, depending on whether you mean the Union of South Africa or the United States of America. "

Back to Beginning Genealogy
and Site Map

Searching the 1880 Census:
"What the Mormons Won't Tell You
Or Search Strategies for the LDS 1880 Census Transcriptions"

Searching the 1880 Census on CD ROMs

all this applies equally to the England and Wales (Scotland on cd) 1881 census

Warning Genealogy Scams

Beginning Genealogy - Scams: "Not everyone who sells things on the Internet is honest.
There are several legitimate subscription-based web sites for genealogy.
This is a list of illegitimate ones. Sooner or later you'll get an e-mail offer from one of these people or someone running the same scam. If you do, put one hand on your wallet and back away slowly.

They promise millions of names (sometimes billions), take your money then give you links to RootsWeb, FamilySearch and the other free sites. They change names a lot. Here's a list. The dates are the first time I received a spam from the site. These are not links, and I've put some spaces in for legibility."

About November of 2002 these folks started mining the Gen Forum and Ancestry genealogy query boards. You will get a spam saying they may have data you asked for on the SMITH board just last month, and all you have to do is sign up for a trial subscription. Be warned - they lie. That one word, may is all that keeps them from getting convicted of wire fraud. I may have a pig that can fly. He may be in the back yard right now, grazing in the high branches of the apple tree like a hummingbird at a hibiscus blossom. If you give me $10 I will let you go out back and look. Don't expect me or your $10 to be here when you finish looking, though.

Read the names listed here - Scams

Site Map

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noah webster and his dictionary

noah webster - Google Search

Noah Webster (October 16, 1758May 28, 1843) was an American lexicographer, textbook author, Bible translator, spelling reformer, writer, and editor.
he has been called the "Father of American Scholarship and Education."

His Blue-backed Speller books taught five generations of children in the United States how to spell and read, and in the U.S. his name became synonymous with "dictionary,"

especially the modern Merriam-Webster dictionary which was first published in 1828 as An American Dictionary of the English Language.

Noah Webster - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the 1780's Noah Webster was also an outspoken Antifederalist, ... In 1806 Noah Webster published A Compendious Dictionary of the English Language

Merriam-Webster Online

Searchable Webster's 1828 dictionary is brilliant

New pricing Oxford English Dictionary

Individuals outside North and South America - Subscribe to OED Online - Oxford English Dictionary

The Second Edition of the OED is currently available as a 20-volume print edition, on CD-ROM, and now also online. Updated quarterly with at least 1000 new and revised entries, OED Online offers unparalleled access to the ‘greatest continuing work of scholarship that this century has produced’ (Newsweek). To find out more about the OED Online, why not follow our free tour?

more welsh

Research Overview: "Computer Science at Cardiff University is one of the premier university schools for this subject in the UK. We advanced to a Grade 5A in the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), which put us in the top 12 out of 80 in the Computer Science RAE league table.

Our research is currently organised under 5 main groups. Each of these groups contains a number of research sub-groups working in specific areas, such as Biodiversity, Geographic (Spatial) Information Systems, Communications Network Design, Reverse Engineering of Solid Shape, and a wide range of Grid Computing topics including Distributed Processing, Knowledge Management and Immersive Visualisation.

We have a successful research school of approximately 50 PhD students associated with our research groups." . . .

and they host the on line welsh course dictionary - Google Search

A Welsh Course
Information about Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru, the authoritative dictionary of the Welsh language analagous the the Oxford English Dictionary,
Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru: University of Wales Dictionary of the ...
The University of Wales Dictionary of the Welsh Language is the first standard historical dictionary of Welsh. Free online concise

Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru - Google Search

About Welsh

from my email:-

Thanks for showing me the other Cefn Cottages, not in Abergavenny. I wish I knew what it stood for. It may be something ordinary.


A Welsh Course

cefn welsh english dictionary
cefn welsh english dictionary - Google Search

Lexicon <<< and use find on page

The Welsh course began when people on the WELSH-L mailing list started clamoring for a way to be introduced to learning Welsh

Monday, April 10, 2006

Family History Show 2006

DO try and get to a couple of lectures
Family History Show 2006
Royal Horticultural Society,
New Hall & Conference Centre,
London SW1P 2PE
29th April 2006
also A Taste of Family History
28th April 2006

book on line

Free Broadband announced on BBC TV news today

TalkTalk calls and broadband service - Google News

cache of
as retrieved on 4 Apr 2006 03:49:37 GMT.

Cheap phone calls - Landline phone service from TalkTalk: "TalkTalk landline customers are eligible for...
Superfast 2Mbps Broadband for just £17.99 a month with...

Unlimited internet access

Phone and surf at the same time! " new web page due on 11th April 2006

Is Carphone Warehouse about to do something big?
ADSL guide, UK - Mar 27, 2006... that sees broadband access as a free added extra, or free calls with a ... If TalkTalk do launch something that looks like a free broadband service, it is ...