Saturday, December 16, 2006

meeting offline

Merrickville - Canada Bunfight: "Bristol_and_Somerset Rootsweb Family History Researchers
21st OCTOBER 2006

Welcoming Liz Newbery to Canada

A fantastic day was had by all thanks to Edna and Lorraine who had kindly organised the event."

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Digitising archives and libraries

Anguline Research Archives: "Shrink the cost of your library by using digital books, no longer do libraries have to be expensive Anguline Research Archives are dedicated to keep the cost of information down to affordable levels in order that everyone may enjoy the benefits of a wide range of sources.

A further benefit soon becomes obvious to anyone doing research and requiring extracts to be made from books, this may be done instantly without resorting to cramming the book on a photocopier and in the process damaging the spine, copies of extracts may be made quickly and conveniently with no damage ensuing.

Digital Conservation, archivists have long acknowledged the best way to conserve an object is to do the least amount of repairs to the object and certainly nothing that cannot be reversed at a later date.

Digital technology now affords the archivist and librarian the perfect way to avoid damage, and wear & tear to the library or archive stock. Scanning books does no damage and allows the original to be kept in archive conditions suffering no further damage yet the information contained within is readily available."

1911 Census UK

Your Family Tree magazine:

"The 1911 Census is going to become available early, at least in part, and Your Family Tree and one of our readers have played a key role. The National Archives has just announced two services in advance of the official 2012 full release date.

Starting in January 2007, TNA will offer a limited research service where the address of an individual in the 1911 Census is already known. There will be a non-refundable seach charge of £45 (see

Meanwhile, TNA said it hopes to offer a searchable online service in early 2009, with key sensitive information withheld until 2012. A contract for digitising the Census is expected to be awarded in spring this year. Chief executive Natalie Ceeney said TNA will digitise the 1911 Census as quickly as they can.

The announcements came remarkably swiftly after we contacted TNA over the news that reader Guy Etchells had received a decision from the Information Commissioner Richard Thomas granting him access to one particular 1911 record (for Bottesford in Leicestershire) via the Freedom of Information legislation. Guy (pictured below) is believed to be the first person to achieve a successful ruling of this kind, despite TNA’s attempts to block the release on the grounds of confidentiality. The Information Commissioner ruled that confidentiality could only be applied to details of people’s health or"

from The National Archives, Kew | 1911 census

Will I now be able to make FOI requests to see information held on the 1921 census?

  • The 1921 census is not held by The National Archives and remains, like all post 1921 census' in the custody of the Office for National Statistics (ONS). To make enquiries about the 1921 census please contact ONSEmail link
  • Government policy that the 1921 and subsequent censuses should remain closed for 100 years. Unlike the 1911 census the 1921 census was conducted under the 1920 Census Act, which is still in force and which contains a statutory prohibition on disclosure. This means that if any FOI requests are received by ONS for the 1921 census, the exemption found in S44 of the FOI Act will be invoked to maintain census confidentiality
time to revise my own census UK help and FAQ

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

RootsWeb disaster NO LONGER because the new LIST Archives Search Engine is a major success

Test Concept -- Archives search engine -- Test Concept: "Search Ancestry "

bad typography Keyword and Advanced should not be underlined if they are not active links

NB Keyword(s) is house style

Searching for: +(+lapham +kristoffersen)
Viewing 1-25 of 26 matches from 30,276,734 documents

NOT works too

Search Tips

  • Search for a phrase by putting quotes around a group of words, like "john jones"
  • Perform a single character wildcard search using "?". For example, j?nes will find jones and janes
  • Perform a multiple wildcard search using "*". This will look for zero or more characters, so jon* will find jon, jones, and jonson
  • Use "AND" to require the search to find all words or phrases. "john AND jones" will only return results with both words
  • Use "NOT" to exclude words or phrases. For example "john NOT jones" will return all results with the word john but not jones - disaster continues - BOYSEN - $$Error: 500: " – $$The No. 1 Source for Family History Online

$$Please excuse the inconvenience

$$There was a problem servicing your request — the details have been automatically logged to our servers.
$$Please click here to visit our online Knowledge Base and find up-to-date information about any possible website errors we may be experiencing.

$$There are many other great features for you to try on while you wait — start here.
$$Check out our other great websites while you wait: - $$connecting and strengthening families through the World Wide Web."

and I just wanted to reply to a message

ou ned to look at some old maps

follow the links from
Virtual Reference Library
Stednavn Sogn Herred Gammelt amt Bemærkning
Københoved Skrave Frøs Haderslev Bebyggelse. Ejerlav eller dele heraf.

then you need folketællinger to see who lived there

and go to the Skrave sogn church books for more

Sogn Herred Amt Tekst Fra Til F K V D J T A
Skrave Frøs Haderslev Skrave 1748 1797 X X X X
Skrave Frøs Haderslev Skrave 1797 1814 X X X X
Skrave Frøs Haderslev Skrave 1797 1829 X X X X X X X
Skrave Frøs Haderslev Skrave 1830 1860 X X X X X X X

an older dialect spellling from 1801 census
Stednavn: Kjøbenhoud og dens udflyttere

Haderslev Frøs Skrave FT-1769 C9500
Haderslev Frøs Skrave FT-1801 B9232
the others are images only

ask on

and explore thtat site and look at Trap Danmark
hanbooks history gazetteer not yet digitised


Hugh W
- Show quoted text -

On 12/12/06, <> wrote:
> This is a Message Board Post that is gatewayed to this mailing list.
> Surnames: Boysen
> Classification: queries
> Message Board URL:
> Message Board Post:
> Hi
> I don't know anything about Hans Boysen, but my sister and her boyfriend just bought Boygaard in Københoved.
> As a surprise I'm working on a homepage for them, and therefore I'm trying to write the story about the farm. Can you help me out? Why did Hans only own the farm for such a short periode of time? Did he move, died or give it to his children?
> I would very happy for any information you can give. Within a few weeks you can see pictures of the farm on
> Regards Christina

WorldConnect Project: What It Is And Its History

Worldconnect History:
"The WorldConnect Project is a set of tools, which allow users to upload, modify, link, and display their family trees as a means to share their genealogy with other researchers. The program used to day has a genealogy of its own.

In the early days of 1994 and 1995, there were very few genealogical databases online and only a few genealogy related websites. A group of people joined together to discuss the possibilities and the GenWeb group was formed. Under the direction of Gary Hoffman a mailing list was begun and provided the forum by which these early programmers discussed their ideas. The archives of these messages can be found at"

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

SOG Surnames Collection

Society of Genealogists - Surnames Collection Introduction: "The Surname Document Collection is arranged A-Z by surname and consists of:

1. Original documents such as birth, marriage and death certificates, deeds, wills, marriage licences and settlements, apprenticeship indentures, letters etc

2. Manuscript and typescript transcripts of wills, parish register entries etc, family trees and other research notes

This index lists all of the surnames that are included in the Surname Document Collection. Cross references to alternative spellings may have been included but these are not necessarily complete."

and it is best to go to London personally for access to these documents.

EOS.Web OPAC: "SOGCAT, our on-line library catalogue, listing the holdings at our premises in London. The catalogue contains details of everything in the library except the Document Collections."

Society of Genealogists Family History Show LONDON 2007

Society of Genealogists - Latest News: "he Society of Genealogists Family History Show will take place on 5-7 May 2007 at as part of the Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE History Show at Olympia.

The hugely popular BBC TV series, renowned for taking celebrities on a journey to discover their ancestral roots, is branching out into the event field to create Who Do YouThink You Are? LIVE. The Society is delighted with this opportunity to bring the Society of Genealogists' Family History Show to a bigger audience. An expanded show will enable the genealogical community, local societies, record holders and exhibitors to reach the wider family history interest. The Society of Genealogists, along with its show sponsor, looks forward to working with our exhibitors to make this 15th Family History Show the best ever.

The Event will take place at the National Hall, Olympia, London from 5-7 May 2007 and will incorporate the Society of Genealogists' Family History Show. And with an expected audience of around 15,000 visitors it will be the biggest event of its kind by far."

developer tools

from my email extracts and links from the vbug newsletter:-

a real Geek-out edition as we are talking hardware and software in this edition.

Welcome to VBUG - VBUG.NET: The UKs leading group for Microsoft Developers: "the UK's number one developer group for Microsoft Products. VBUG is dedicated to supplying IT professionals with the skills and knowledge they need to keep up with constant change in development technology."

SQL Server tools, .NET developer tools - Red Gate Software

Vista's EULA product activation worries | The Register

a profile for the next three years computer

". . . final build is a real beast. Athlon X2 FX processor, with 8GB RAM (yep pointless from XP but Vista really rocks.) Western Digital Hard drives all using SATA interfaces.

3 WD 500GB drives and moved over 4 drives from my older system.

"if you exclude graphics cards, any hardware that is good for games, is great for development. I say exclude graphics hardware simply because you don't need 32 pipelines and multi-terapixel shaders for running VS2005. So, I was going to have a nice graphics card, but nothing that was out of the ordinary. I settled for a 7900 GT

"This machine really cooks through a compile that took over 10 minutes on my old machine in less than 1 minute, so dual core is where it's at."
and which mother board?

but one of their redgate portal links was broken

BT Business blog: "It may seem like just a typical, cold wet Monday in the UK. Actually though, it's the last two weeks before Christmas - one of the peak, if not the peak, shopping period of the year."

RootsWeb BLOG

RootsWeb Newsroom
RootsWeb Newsroom » Using RSS: "What is RSS?
RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and it is a way to access information on the internet. Instead of browsing many websites for information of interest, you can have constantly updated content from multiple sites delivered to you via an RSS “feed” or summary of new web content such as a blog entries or comments. You can receive the RSS data via an RSS feed reader which is a special web page or tool that is specifically tailored to receive the RSS feed."

RootsWeb Newsroom is proudly powered by Wordpress

Monday, December 11, 2006

Useful URLS for instant gratification of one-namers

The URLs listed on are some that they have used in their search for Gumbletons and may be of use to others. "

Most one-namers, when faced with any list of names, will have a quick look, just to see if their favourite name is represented: these sites are online sources for such random searching for one's name of interest. In order to feature on this page, the sites should meet the following criteria:
  • Access to the site is free. I don't pay unless there is a good chance of finding particular individuals.
  • It provides enough online information to be useful (so I have excluded sites which are merely indexes to offline or commercial sites).
  • There is a substantial body of information. Random sightings of the 'Gumbleton' surname (my one-name study) are unlikely in lists shorter than, say, 100,000 names.
  • They are not accessed by general search engines. Searching for occurrences of a particlar name on plain HTML pages is best accomplished by using a search engine such as Google, which regularly crawls the web, indexing pages. However, if data is stored in some kind of database, it is inaccessible to ordinary search engines.
  • Some reasonable chance of finding people of British origin...because that's where the Gumbletons come from.
For the one-namer with a few minutes to spare, the following sites are worth a few mouse clicks to search for your favourite name."

Back to Gumbleton Home

Sunday, December 10, 2006

beta testing on RootsWeb

started June 2006 and my guessed dates were wrong

RootsWeb: Listowners-L Re: [LO] Registration: "these are test area for boards, got an email with link to tryout the new
registration area."

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 7.1

RootsWeb good intentions

RootsWeb Newsroom

About the Authors

Carrie Who?

Carrie is the Product Manager devoted to all things RootsWeb and will initially be working on updating the UserDB process. She loves helping implement new features that add tremendous value to the RootsWeb community.

Eric Who?

Eric is currently working on UserDBs, processing all of those fabulous databases that our community has uploaded and also working on improving the current system.

Jamie Who?

Jamie is the Dev Lead on RootsWeb. She started with in November 2004 and finally saw the light and came over to RootsWeb in March 2006 after working on

Melissa Philips

Melissa is a Product Manager with a passion for message boards, mailing lists, blogs and other online community products. She began working with RootsWeb in Aug. 2005 and is currently acting as ListMaster for the RootsWeb mailing lists.

Randy Winch

Randy is the Lord of all RootsWeb Development! He started working on RootsWeb way back in 1998 and has contributed innumerable features and tools to the RootsWeb community."

I have been writng my name in full Hugh Watkins on the net since February 1996 and, with good spam filters. an open email address gives far more advantages than disadvantages

RootsWeb Newsroom - Coming Soon

RootsWeb Newsroom » Coming Soon: "We wanted to give you a heads-up on a change we plan to make to WorldConnect next week. Currently, in order to upload, or delete a tree on WorldConnect, you have to complete a short WorldConnect registration and then use that username and password for your tree administration. Starting next week, you will be required to use your RootsWeb member name and password to do this."

obviously there may be bugs so it is a good idea to update your gedcoms now and then relax until the dust dies down

RootsWeb paradox

RootsWeb Newsroom » Blog Archive » Message Boards Have Been Updated:
"Hugh Watkins Says:
December 10th, 2006 at 3:50 pm

The paradox is that this blog archive display is very close to how we want to read the message boards please,

either thread by thread,
or as a whole,

and you have links (just as good as buttons)

« Mailing List: List Transfer Methods- or - Changes to the Message Board/Mailing List Gateway »

which should also be duplicated at the bottom of the blog archive to take you to the top of the previous / next blog

please think about your GUI and see also :- Jakob Nielsen on Usability and Web Design
Jakob Nielsen’s alertbox, reports and books on usable information technologies.

finally is where many of the best AOL genealogy volunteers migrated to when AOL messed up that community paradoxically hosted by - - - RootsWeb

Hugh W"

RootsWeb boards

RootsWeb Newsroom » Blog Archive » Message Boards Have Been Updated: "Judy Florian Says:
December 8th, 2006 at 8:00 am

Sigh. The new Boards are POORLY DESIGNED. I apologize to the programmers, who I’m sure would like to hear positive comments. But, instead, I can only recommend that Ancestry FIRE THEM ALL!

Volunteer Admins are Ancestry’s BEST SOURCE of FREE LABOR. We do the jobs that programmers don’t know HOW to do. So, WHY doesn’t Ancesty listen to the huge source of free labor they have?

1. Boards I admin is not in alphabetical order. Hunting for the Board wastes time. I have better ways to use my time.

2. The threads are not user-friendly. Nor Admin friendly.

3. People rely on “link I visited” turning a different color. This is a web standard. Do Ancestry programmers ever visit ? Users need simple, standard links and ways to navigate.

If I have to keep a spreadsheet of dates of my last visits to a board so I can quickly find new posts to Admin — well, forget it. I won’t continue.

4. So far, if I edit a post, it opens it and shows DIFFERENT SURNAMES than shown before I open the post. HOW frustrating! A TOTAL waste of MY time.

I could go on and on, but… in summary…. when I think of using these boards as a user, I shudder.
When I think of Adminning them, I want to scream.

RootsWeb disaster? day 4

RootsWeb Newsroom » Blog Archive » Message Boards Have Been Updated has had 71 Responses

and from my email:-

Hello Hugh Watkins,
I am in California. I have been so frustrated by the sweeping changes
to this year. I don't think that there is any recourse,
but I was happy to see a complaint location provided by
your blog site.

I long for the old ancestry. It was so fun, so fast, so productive.
***** *****
Sunnyvale, California

but the ? in the blog subject means a small improvement to the boards has already been made
two lines for each message header,

but we still need navigation buttons previous and next - Effective Postings on Message Boards: "In my own research, I use the message boards of the Genealogy Forum on America Online" wrote George G. Morgan on 28 January 2000

and today
Welcome To GenealogyForum.Com which is where the leading AOL genealogy volunteers migrated to when AOL took over and reorganised thier community
and now hosted by RootsWeb