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Grundtvigian High Schools

Grundtvig-Byen in Denamrk

Probate records of the Archdeaconry of Salisbury

Wiltshire County Council - Wiltshire and Swindon Archive Catalogue - Wills Search

The first stage of our on-line catalogue project provides access to a detailed catalogue of wills, 1540-1858, held in the Wiltshire and Swindon Archives
(also known as Wiltshire and Swindon Record Office).
The catalogue also contains (for about 25% of the wills) digital images of probate records.

Wiltshire County Council - Wiltshire Archive Catalogue

laurence stephenson

laurence stephenson - England to Australia
Picasa Web Albums - Grumpus Horibilus - Stephenson historical photos...A small collection of photo's taken over the years. If you would like to add to these please let me know. Laurence E Stephenson

Why can't I switch to the new version of Blogger?

Blogger Help: "While the new version of Blogger is no longer in beta, some users with certain types of blogs will not immediately be able to switch to it. We'll be adding support for these blogs as soon as possible, so everyone can join in the fun. But for now, if you have a very large blog (more than a couple thousand posts + comments), you'll need to hold off for a bit.

Note that, even if your blog is eligible to switch, you may not have the link to do so on your dashboard. We are starting out by just switching over a limited number of accounts, but we'll add more and more as time goes on. However, if you still want to try out the new version of Blogger, what you can do is to visit and create a new account. Later on, you'll be able to merge this account with your original Blogger account.

Thanks for your patience, and we promise it will be worth the wait!"

Family Tree Maker - paa dansk

Family Tree Maker - FTM DK: "Under 'Programmets Muligheder' kan du læse mere om det mest anvendte slægtsforskningsprogram i Verden. DEMO af FTM 2005 (UK) kan hentes i menuen her til venstre.

FTM er solgt i over 6 millioner eksemplarer, og har en markedsandel i USA (juli 2006) på over 96%.

FTM er pt. det mest sælgende slægtsforskningsprogram i Danmark!

Der er nu over 2.000 brugere af programmet på dansk.

Nu også dansk stavekontrol af bl.a. dine Noter.

Hvis du skal have hjælp til at få dine data ud fra et eksisterende program og ind i Family Tree Maker (FTM) via GEDCOM kan du kontakte og du vil enten blive guidet igennem eller du vil få leveret en FTM fil, hvis du sender din nuværende datafil eller en GEDCOM fil."

Canada Passenger Lists, 1865-1922 images

Search - Passenger Lists, 1865-1922 - Library and Archives Canada: "important
Note: This database is not searchable by name of passengers. No name of passengers are included.
Many individuals, groups and/or genealogical societies have started to index the names appearing on passenger lists. Consult Passenger Lists, 1865-1935 to find out more about those indexes by names."

Passenger Lists, 1865-1935 - Canadian Genealogy Centre - Library and Archives Canada

Passenger lists (RG 76) were the official record of immigration during this period; there are no immigrant applications or files.

The lists contain information such as name, age, country of origin, occupation and intended destination. They are arranged by port and date of arrival, with the exception of some years between 1919 and 1924, when an individual Form 30A was used.

The Government of Canada did not keep records of people leaving the country; there are no passenger lists for departures from Canadian ports.

Research Tips

  • The lists recorded the names of all passengers regardless of their country of origin or nationality. This included visitors, students, returning Canadians and passengers in transit to the United States.
  • Lists for the port of Quebec include passengers who disembarked at Montreal between 1865 and 1921. Those ports were closed during the winter months when the St. Lawrence River was frozen.
  • Passengers from mainland Europe usually sailed to Great Britain, where they boarded trans-Atlantic ships at ports such as Liverpool, London and Glasgow.
  • Some immigrants to Canada arrived at American ports. For example, many ships sailed directly from Italy to New York.
  • Immigrants from Europe destined for western Canada landed at ports on the East Coast, then continued their journey by train. The names of train passengers were not recorded.
  • Ships arriving on the West Coast carried passengers from Asia, Australia and Honolulu.
visit the web site to see what exists

SKS be a volunteer

Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness - Genealogy Research Tool: "Successful genealogical research is based upon people helping people. The volunteers of Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness (RAOGK) have agreed at least once per month to do a research task in their local area as an act of kindness. The cost to you would be reimbursing the volunteer for his/her expenses in fulfilling your request (video tape, copy fees, etc.). This is not a FREE service."

Low cost Genealogy

ShoeString Genealogy

provides Family Historians with information about how to research their ancestors both in the Internet and in libraries and other repositories. Besides how, it indicates where — locations for information and the relative value of each.

ShoeString Genealogy focuses on lowering the costs of research and raising the quality of information. Although not all resources are free, many are. There are several excellent resources that are quite inexpensive, too.


WorldConnect Project -- Connecting the World One GEDCOM at Time: "Submit Your Family Tree To WorldConnect"
More than 460 million names on file

RootsWeb: Registry of RootsWeb Sites: "RootsWeb houses tens of thousands of websites for the genealogy community."

the community - Message Boards
The world's largest online genealogy community with over 18 Million posts on more than 161,000 boards. - Genealogy mailing lists: "RootsWeb's mailing lists can help you find information about your ancestors and connect you with people who have research interests similar to yours"

ancestrylibrary edition
with approximately 4000 databases at major libraries, archives and all LDS Family History Centers World Wide

and if you can not afford windows gramps on linux - Google Search - Family History and Genealogy Records
Personal Ancestral File (PAF) is a free genealogy and family history program. PAF allows you to quickly and easily collect, organize and share your family history and genealogy information.

Download PAF

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MAINTENANCE DAY, 1/13/2007, 10:00 am

from my email:-
Reminder from: Frome Yahoo! Group


Date: Saturday January 13, 2007
Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Repeats: This event repeats every month on the second Saturday.


Frome : Family and social history in Frome, Somerset, and the villages in its Hundred

one of the best groups on and off the web

Jaunay one-name study

Welcome to The Jaunay Journal: " presented by Graham Jaunay

I hope that this site will assist:

• to re-establish lost links between members of the family,
• to encourage pride in our name and its history, and,
• to research our family tree and share this knowledge with one another.

The name Jaunay originates from France.
REIMS in the Champagne district is seen and as a place name component -
REIMS - Google Image Search

François Marie Jaunay fled the Revolution and established Jaunay's Hotel in Leicester Square London on the site of the Odeon Theatre just around the corner from St Martins In the Field.

The Jaunays had long been associated with the nobility.

François father, Jean Baptiste Jaunay was a member of the Prince de Condé household and an earlier ancestor had been the king's secretary in 1700.

François had three children.

Emma married Paul Krug the founder of Krug Champagne, the world's best champagne.
Louisa married Adolphe Jacquesson also a champagne maker. Louis Brunet Jaunay was also a champagne maker and his son, my great grandfather, Frank, came to Australia in 1894 to help the local industry make sparkling wines.

This is Graham's own Jaunay line:
• Jean Baptiste Jaunay (my 4x great grandfather) married a Viard.
• François Marie Jaunay (my 3x great grandfather) married a Howell.
• Louise Brunet Jaunay (my great great grandfather) married a Gilmour.
• Frank Cunningham Jaunay (my great grandfather) married a Cawley.
• Robert John Cunningham Jaunay (my grandfather) married a Beasley
• Frank James Cunningham Jaunay (my father) married a Johnson.
• Graham Robert Jaunay (me) married a Knox.

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US census at the source

JewishGen FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

"There is a 72-year privacy rule for federal census records. The 1940 Census will be released to the public on April 1, 2012. Records of 1940 and later are currently restricted to the persons in the record or their heirs. Write to:

Bureau of the Census
Personal Census Service Branch
P.O. Box 1545
Jeffersonville, IN 47130
(812) 288-3300

Requires a death certificate, or a signature if living. Fee is $65 per person per year searched."

US Census page about Genealogy

U.S. Census Bureau Subjects A to Z

Census Bureau Home Page

1911 census

December 2006 - Decision Notices: "Case Ref: FS50101391
Date: 11/12/2006
Public Authority: National Archives
Summary: The complainant requested information from the National Archives relating to the 1911 census schedule.

The National Archives withheld the requested information, relying on the exemption under section 41 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (the ‘Act’).
In this case, the Commissioner’s decision is that the National Archives wrongly claimed section 41 in relation to the requested information and he therefore upholds the complaint. The Commissioner requires the National Archives to disclose the requested information to the complainant.

The Commissioner stresses that that this Decision must be confined to the circumstances relating to the information requested in this case.

This is not - and cannot be - a decision that the entirety of the 1911 census must now be disclosed. Nor does it create any precedent in the sense that all other requests for specific information within the 1911 or other census schedules must succeed. This Decision concludes with more general guidance about situations where section 41 of the Act may apply in this context. Each request for 1911 census information will need to be treated separately on its merits.

Section of Act/EIR & Finding: FOI 41 - Complaint Upheld
transcript of decision notice FS50118463

Juhan blogger

Juhan suku-uutiset

John writes mostly in finnish.

Bristol Gloucestershire and Somerset

RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists: England : Bristol_and_Somerset:

genealogy and local history in the city of Bristol and the county of Somerset, England."

Listers find our ancestors may have known each other or been neighbours by posting old addresses

Bristol Address database:

"About the searches: The searchbutton will look for all entries which contain the string in the search box. If you search for 'Hotwells', you will not find 'Hotwell'.
But if you search for 'Hot', you will find both, as well as 'Hotel', if such an entry exists. Note that each search only works on one column of the table.
If there is no street name for a particular address, searching by street name will not find it!"

democracy UK style - Email or fax your Councillor, MP, MEP, MSP or Welsh, NI, London Assembly Member for free:

"Contact your Councillors, MP, MEPs, MSPs, or
Northern Ireland, Welsh and London AMs for free"

Open petitions by number of signatures

old Denmark

Ingers hjemmeside: Nogle fakta om vore højtider og traditioner"
Bagsvaerd: "før og nu"

found by
Bagsværd sø - Google Image Search

Click for details

7 July 1942

and Bagsværdsø - Google Image Search

brought me to
Bagsværd Observationshjem - Historie: "Huset er opført i år 1920 som sommerbolig for Kongelig Hoftandlæge Vorslund-Kjær.

Huset hed oprindeligt 'Lisbethlund'."

Peerless (gl)

Familien Vorslund-kjær, ses her ankomme til sommerresidensen, i deres "Peerless".

new Ancestry site out of beta Adds Six Million Names From German Census and Port Records, Launches German-Language Site Financial News - Yahoo! Finance:

"PROVO, Utah, Jan. 9 /PRNewswire/ --, the world's largest online family history resource, today announced the addition of more than six million names from German port and census records to its historical records collection, making the central online source for German family history. The German records launched simultaneously on,'s first foreign-language, international sister-site.

With more than 42 million Americans claiming German heritage, the launch of German historical records and creates an unprecedented networking opportunity for Germans and German-Americans to collaborate, upload and share family trees, photos, stories and other historical content from their personal accounts on both and

'The addition of new German content to along with the launch of is a major leap forward for families, but only the beginning of our long-term strategy to acquire international content and facilitate family collaboration worldwide,' said Tim Sullivan, President and CEO of The Generations Network, parent company of 'We are excited to offer this collection to German-Americans everywhere to allow them to trace their roots across continents at the simple click of a mouse. I've already found my German great-grandmother in our Hamburg Passenger List collection."

The German historical records collection features records such as passenger lists, census and vital records, sailors' registry, ships crew lists, and family and local histories. The Hamburg passenger lists, which are the highlight of the new collection, includes records of more than five million people who sailed from the German port of Hamburg between 1850 and 1934. These records tell the story of each passenger's voyage through such details as names, birth dates and places, date of departure, port of arrival, ship type and name, even accommodations on board the ship.

According to, the roots of five favorite American brewing companies -- Anheuser-Busch, Miller, Coors, Best and Yuengling -- can be traced back to seven German immigrants. Thirteen-year-old Adolph Coors Jr., son of the Coors Brewing founder, and Frederick Pabst of Pabst Brewery, whose occupation is recorded as "Bierbrauer," German for beer brewer, are listed in the Hamburg passenger list collection, both returning to America from trips to Germany.

Celebrities such as Donald Trump, David Letterman, George Lucas and Babe Ruth can also trace their ancestry to Germany. is The Generations Network's fourth international site. Other international sites include in the United Kingdom, which features the only complete online collection of England and Wales census records, in Canada and in Australia.


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Brian Pears' Home Page

Brian Pears' Home Page: " including the Northumberland section of GENUKI, the United Kingdom and Ireland Genealogical Information Service."
Me aged 8


To save you looking at me aged 8, the articles can be found at:
The previous article dealt primarily with what might be called "the paradox of the missing ancestors"

more thoughts

BBC London

BBC - History - Family History

"The BBC is not responsible for the content of external websites" and nor am I
BBC - History - Next Steps

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Your petition to the Prime Minister has been approved

from my email:-
10 Downing Street
to me

1:00 pm (38 minutes ago)
Your petition has been approved by the Number 10 web team, and
is now available on the Number 10 website at the following

Your petition reads:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to enable better
Freedom of Information access to census and other archives

Give access after 20 years Normal Closure or 70 years
Exceptional Closure.

The Danish model is 20 years closure and 75 year closure for
matters of state security and confidential personal data

You may apply for special permission for early access on pain
of a fine or 6 months in prison for unlawful publication.

Their Census of 1930 1940 and 1950 are often accessed

and in UK census 29 September 1939 - WW2 National Registration,
8 April 1951, 23 April 1961, 25 April 1971, and 5 April 1981,

should be available conditionally too.

Thanks for submitting your petition.

-- the ePetitions team

and please sign if a UK voter and pass it on

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cartoon about Denmark