Friday, May 11, 2007

Genealogical Society of Ireland

Cumann Geinealais na hÉireann

The May 2007 issue of the monthly newsletter of the Genealogical
Society of Ireland - "Ireland's Genealogical Gazette" has been
uploaded to the Society's website

Featured in this issue:-

+ Television Creates a New and Much Older History for "Britain"
+ New Minister Needs to be Proactive, Innovative and Imaginative
+ A Manx View of JGSI Article on the Isle of Man
+ Sunday May 27th & THe Great Famine
+ National Memorial for Irish Army
+ Pioneer Bus Company
+ James Scannell Reports
+++ Admiral Brown
+++ Irish Battlefields
+++ Donegal Corridor
+ Précis of the April Lecture
+ Society Speaker Programme
+ Membership of the Genealogical Society
+ Diary Dates
+ Queries Received
+ Publication of Your Family History is an Important Gift to Future
+ Seanad Éireann

BTW Britain is short for Britannia the island where the romans fought the britons
not a nation at all but a geographical term

LacusCurtius • Ptolemy's Geography — Book II, Chapter 2

ROMAN-BRITAIN.ORG MAIN MENU: "To the Romans, Britannia was a mysterious island lying beyond Oceanus, the great river described by Homer as encircling the entire inhabited world. Britain was therefore seen as a land beyond the limits of civilisation.

Britannia was first brought to the attention of the Roman people by the campaigns of Julius Caesar in 55 and 54 BC, but was not proven to be an island until the early eighties A.D., when the governor Gnaeus Julius Agricola sent an exploratory naval expedition around the north coast of Scotland.

This section describes Britannia as the Romans knew it, utilizing the British sections from the main classical geographies, also the works of Caesar, Livy, Pliny, and many more of the most learned men of the Roman era."

soldiers service records

The Cannon's Mouth / Par la Bouche de nos Canons: British First World War military personnel records online: "As an historian with a particular interest - both at work and in my own projects - on Canada's participation in the First World War, I'm still elated at the fact that Library and Archives Canada has digitized many (unfortunately, not all) of the attestation or enlistment papers (one to two pages each) of the members of the Canadian Expeditionary Force.

Can you imagine if LAC was able to digitize and post the entire personnel files for all the members of the CEF? I'm drooling at the sheer thought of it. But, for the moment, if you're lucky enough to be in Ottawa you can only sit down with the paper files to get the rest of the personnel information or, if you're not in Ottawa, you can only order photocopies."

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Looks Too Good To Be True

Looks Too Good To Be True: "Every day, American consumers receive offers that just sound too good to be true. In the past, these offers came through the mail or by telephone. Now the con artists and swindlers have found a new avenue to pitch their frauds -- the Internet. The on-line scams know no national borders or boundaries; they respect no investigative jurisdictions. But, as with all scammers, they have one objective – to separate you from your money!"

Reporting Economic Crime On-Line--Canada
Sponsored by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, this site provides a
centralized place for Canadians to report any fraud, traditional or
Internet-based. Complaints are directed to the appropriate agencies.
Links and articles on fraud education are also included.

Advice Guide--UK
This PDF, authored by the Citizens Advice Bureau, identifies common
Internet scams and provides useful links for keeping up-to-date on the
latest scams, reporting abuses, and more.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

starting on genealogy in spanish

Un genealogista es una persona entendida en genealogías y linajes, y que escribe sobre ellos.

Genealogía - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre: "Genealogía (del latín genealogia, genea > del griego genos, raza, nacimiento, descendencia, + -logia > del griego logos, ciencia, estudio) es el estudio y seguimiento de la ascendencia y descendencia de una persona o familia. También se llama así al documento que registra dicho estudio, generalmente expresado como árbol genealógico.

La genealogía es una de las Ciencias Auxiliares de la Historia."

and the article has a lot of useful links

genealogía - Google Search

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

New Zealand soldiers? What Regiments?

from my email:-

1) Stephen Mansefield WILLIS, born 1881 NZ, Rifle Brigade R.F.M. 34188, WW1

2) Albert Ernest WILLIS, born 1889 NZ, 23/1877 L/Cpl, Served in Trentham,
Suez, Abbassia, Zeitoon, Moascan, Alexandria, Etaples and France.

3) John Arthur (Jack) WILLIS, born 9 Oct 1890, NZ,
Name from: Lone Pine Memorial to the Missing:
WILLIS, Private, JOHN ARTHUR, 8/502. Otago Regiment, N.Z.E.F.. Killed in
action 2nd May 1915. Age 24. Son of Emily Willis, of 335, Heretaunga St.,
Hastings, Hawke's Bay, and the late William Willis. Native of Napier. 75.
UNIT Otago Infantry Regiment
EMBARKED Left New Zealand 16th October 1914
ADDRESS 114 Leet Street, Invercargill, Southland, New Zealand
NEXT OF KIN Mrs Emily Willis (mother), 305 Karamu Road, Hastings, Hawke's
Bay, New Zealand
DIED 02nd May 1915 Gallipoli, Turkey
SERVICE MEDALS & CLASPS 1914-1915 Star: British War Medal: Victory Medal;
Gallipoli Medallion.

4) William Samuel WILLIS, born 13 Sep 1880, NZ, was in WW1 not sure of

also another soldier I have:

5) Alfred Hartley GANNAWAY, 28 Sep 1873, Wotton Under Edge, Gloucester,
World War I - Rolls of Honour, From: The Auckland Weekly News
GANNAWAY, A H, Private, Sick, Samoa, 22nd Jul 1915
GANNAWAY, Pte A H, tonsillitis

please write to

from "More Photos"



a strange request

4 MAY 1956

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who remembers, was involved in, or affected by, the events described - anonymously if preferred.

from news:soc.genealogy britain

Looking for anyone who knows anything about

(born 8th November 1905, 74 Gilmore Place, Edinburgh).

Co-beneficiary - along with brother, WILLIAM MALCOLM CAMPBELL - of
father's LAUNDRY business, premises, house in 1932:-
EDINBURGH NU-PIN CLEANERS, 66 Gilmore Place, Edinburgh.

Married ELSIE GRANT HUTCHEON (10th February 1937),
and moved to 3 Montpelier Terrace, Edinburgh.

Bought (with brother's help) and moved to 30 Midmar Gardens,
Edinburgh, in 1945/46.

Estates sequestrated on 4th May 1956."

Monday, May 07, 2007

National Archives

The National Archives of the United Kingdom
are at Kew near London but tomorrow i am going to the Danish State Archives:
"The main purpose of the State Archives is to collect and store historical sources and make them available to the public.

Our reading rooms are open to all who wish to use the records, parish registers, census lists, financial accounts and other types of unique documents, registers and files. Each year, nearly 100,000 people use this opportunity. Many are looking for their ancestors and others are interested in the history of their region or their home town. Still others are academic researchers or students who may be working on a historical research project or their theses.

The raw material – the records – originates from the Danish public authorities. The State Archives ensure that authorities arrange and transfer their records in a condition that renders them useful to future users of the archives – and not least to the authorities themselves."

The State Archives is the collective name for the Danish National Business Archives, the Danish Data Archives, the Danish National Archives and the four regional archives at Viborg, Aabenraa, Odense and Copenhagen. The National Archivist is the head of the National Archives and the senior manager of the State Archives.

The regional archives hold records transfered from regional authorities, e.g. the courts of law, the county authorities, the police and many local authorities. The archive holding body to the central authorities such as ministries, agencies and national organisations is the Danish National Archives. The Danish National Business Archives keep registers, documents, etc. from companies and organisations from the business sector. The Danish Data Archives, the newest of the seven archive holding bodies, keep historical and social science studies such as registers, databases and other electronically stored information.

There is every indication that the paper archives will give way to electronic archives. Electronic filing systems have been widely used by the authorities for many years. Many authorities, companies and organisations have now made a complete conversion to electronic archives.

This means that the State Archives have been charged with the task of ensuring that electronic documents will be accessible with emerging technologies as well. Consequently, the IT department of the State Archives has set up a number of requirements which must be met by electronic records. This has been done in close cooperation with the authorities, the IT industry and foreign archival bodies.

Sunday, May 06, 2007 beta - create your site

Home Page Revise

The home page has a new design that makes it easier to get to the latest albums, stories, photos, news posts, and comments on your site. We’re excited about the improvements (but recognize you want to decide what goes where, so we’re working on some cool stuff for you in an upcoming release).

  • Not contained to the homepage, we have a new Member navigation tab giving you quick access to your profile and your member list.
  • The What’s New area highlights new content that has been added to the site so you can see what’s new since your last visit
  • Members list is now up higher on the page rather than being buried under other stuff (for those of you who have really big membership on your site, we realized the long list is unwieldy and are working on that).
  • Click on a member name to see his/her profile information
  • One-click view of pending member invitations
  • The activity area are quick links for adding content, inviting new members, or creating new sites more quickly - Terms & Conditions: " 2.0 presently offers free, private family sites today, and in the future we will provide users with the choice between a free, ad-supported family site or upgrading to a Premium family site which removes advertising within the private family site. There will be no obligation to upgrade to a Premium family site at any time.

If you are a Member who also subscribes to any of the paid portions of the Services (a 'Subscriber'), you understand that membership in the Service is on a continuous service basis. This means that once you have become a Subscriber, your subscription will be automatically renewed and your credit card will be charged based on the subscription program (e.g., annual, monthly, etc.) you have chosen. Credit card charges will be processed within 24 hours after you complete your subscription.

Any products included with your subscription will be shipped promptly thereafter. Except in the case of any monthly subscription (in which case, no such notices will be given), you will be notified by email 15 days before your subscription automatically renews, and asked to correct any information which has changed.

This notification will also be an opportunity to 'opt out' of your renewal. Cancellation requests must be received two days before the renewal date for the cancellation to be effective."


Freemasonry in Family History
Date: Saturday 12 May 2007

Venue: Freemason's Hall, Great Queen Street, London WC2
Free study day provides an introduction to the resources available at the
Library & Museum of Freemasonry.

The United Grand Lodge of England - Library

The Library and Museum of Freemasonry houses one of the finest collections of Masonic material in the world. It is open to the public,

Freemason's Hall, Great Queen Street, London WC2 - Google Search

Freemasons,Freemasonry,Masonic Regalia,Books,Jewellery,Masonic Clothing,Cases,Furnishings: "the masonic library at is the first of its kind that provides 24 hour access to the world's largest online collection of indexed and searchable masonic articles. The search facility is based on leading search technology, making research fast, accurate and easy.

The service is accessible to subscribers which allows you access to hundreds of masonic articles, many written by the leading masonic writers and scholars.

To complement the masonic library, we offer a range of tools such as the following:
- Print friendly articles
- Email articles to yourself or friends
- Save to favourites
- Rate articles
- View what other subscribers have written about a particular article
- Average subscriber rating for each article
- Full search facility
- Search results have title, date, author and a brief summary of the article
- Most popular article updated each hour
- New articles are added on a regular basis."

Freemasons,Freemasonry,Masonic Regalia,Books,Jewellery,Masonic Clothing,Cases,Furnishings

Lost Cousins feebie to Monday

Lost Cousins Putting Relatives In Touch: "


2nd May 2007

More members joined LostCousins yesterday, the site's 3rd birthday, than on any other day in its history!

This is great news for all members, because the more people who take part, the more 'lost cousins' will be found.

Our birthday celebrations continue with TOTALLY FREE* access to the site for ALL members until midnight on Monday 7th May - what an incredible week it's going to be!
* remember that basic membership of LostCousins is always free"