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from my email:-
Hi all!

It's been eleven months since I've posted about Linkpendium, and during that time we've been locating and adding an average of about 90,000 sources of genealogical information every month.

Linkpendium now has links to 7,003,640 sources of genealogical information. It is numerically by far the largest directory of genealogical resources on the Internet. In fact, Linkpendium is one of the largest human-edited directories of *any* kind on the Web.

We're kinda jazzed about breaking 7,000,000 links, though obviously there are a lot more resources for us to find and categorize.

The links are categorized either by:
o Surnames WORLD-WIDE (6,165,025 links).
o American localities, generally county-level (838,615 links).
We do not yet provide world-wide locality coverage, though we plan
to phase in world-wide locality coverage as resources allow.

The URL is:

Webmasters are welcome to link to either our homepage or deeply into the pages that might be relevant to visitors to your sites. Web-masters of locality sites, like USGW and ALHN county coordinators, and Webmasters of one-name-study sites are welcome to "steal our links" for use on their own sites. All we ask is that you include a
link to us somewhere on your site. See our "Acceptable Use Policy" for details.

We are actively searching the Internet for genealogy sites which should be added to the directory. If you are a Webmaster, List Administrator, or Board Administrator for a genealogical resource, or if you are a researcher who knows a particularly useful Internet data source, *PLEASE* check the appropriate Linkpendium category and
use the Add-A-Link tool if we haven't included your resource yet.

We don't want to miss your resource!

And everyone, if you like what we're doing, please tell other folks about us on the lists and message boards.

Thanks all, and enjoy! -B

Dr. Brian Leverich Co-moderator, soc.genealogy.methods/GENMTD-L
P.O. Box 6831, Frazier Park, CA 93222-6831


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