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land register Denmark - Din genvej til ejendomsdata: "Den Offentlige Informationsserver,
OIS, er en statslig database der
samler en række oplysninger ved-
rørende ejendomme i Danmark.

Oplysningerne stammer fra en
række landsregistre der ejes og
vedligeholdes af kommunerne, reg-
ionerne og staten."

BathBMD is Complete

Bath Births Marriages & Deaths: "The Register Office in the district of Bath and North East Somerset, England, holds records of local births, marriages and deaths back to the start of civil registration in 1837.

Independent volunteers, have collaborated with the local Registration Service to make the indexes to these records freely searchable via the Internet.

The database covers Bath and North East Somerset births, marriages and deaths for the years 1837 to 2007. That's it! All further registrations of Births and Deaths are now done on line. (Marriages will continue to be added as registers are completed.)"

too clever by far?

RootsWeb Newsroom » Blog Archive » Linking to More Resources on the Message Boards: "We have introduced a new feature on the Message Boards. We now automatically recognize last names included in message board posts and offer special links to additional surname resources. (We have done our best to identify surnames but you will still see words that will be linked that are not surnames in the context of the message.) . . ."

TGN programmers add more bells and whistles - of course this hypertext or semantic web feature works very well if mindlessly - but do we really need it?

Intelligent Web Technology in 2004: "intelligent Web-based information systems through the mining of diverse Web data resources is being studied in the emerging research area of Web knowledge discovery.

To develop effective and intelligent Web applications and services, it is critical to discover useful knowledge through analyzing large amounts of contents, hidden content structures, or usage patterns of Web data resources.

To achieve such goal, a variety of techniques in diverse research areas are needed to integrate properly, including natural language processing, information extraction, information retrieval, information filtering, knowledge representation, knowledge management, machine learning, databases, data mining, Web mining, text mining, agent, human-computer interaction, and semantic Web. These integrated techniques must address the important challenges from the scale, the heterogeneous and dynamic nature of Web contents and usage patterns."

Laundromat Cafe 2100 Ø

The Laundromat Cafe | Alt om København kbh - AOK: "The Laundromat Cafe er som navnet antyder både cafe og vaskeri. Ligesom cafeen af samme navn i Elmegade er baren en bogreol fyldt med paperbacks, men også med lego til de mindste gæster."
The Laundromat Cafe
Århusgade 38
2100 København Ø and I'm gonna check it out

My latest new blog

My Script Frenzy
I plan to devote APRIL 2008 to writing a film script

Script Frenzy | Your ticket to creative adventure: "Script Frenzy only takes place one month per year, but our site has some great resources available year-round for anyone who would like to try their hand at writing a screenplay or stage play in the off-season."

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On Jan. 10, was launched. Its goal is to digitize original documents and upload unique content showing relationships. As valuable to historians as to genealogists, most of its content comes from the United States National Archives. Revolutionary and Civil War pensions are included.

FBI records for 1908-1922 are on the site. If you have Italian, Mexican, German or Jewish ancestry, you may find your people in FBI records. Other documents on this site include the Southern Claims Commission, Utah Territorial Case Files, some naturalization papers, military records, newspapers and some emigration/naturalization records which are later than those in the "Immigrant Servants" Web site described above.

Site developers invite users to add their documents to rather than keep them hidden away in shoeboxes. These same developers think they have created the greatest site since, and as you can see by my giving them the Great Gratitude Award, I may agree with them.

Another new Web site,, which was launched in October 2006, just three months before, also receives a Great Gratitude Award. This site carries small-town newspapers, the Everton Collection, international parish registers and much more for a great monthly or yearly price. WorldVitalRecords partners with the Godfrey Memorial Library and other organizations. It also provides members with FamilyLink and We'reRelated on Facebook, services that connect families and friends. and New England Historic Genealogical Society at have joined forces to provide a combined membership fee of only $155.40, an amazing price. Go to to discover more. This price gets a Great Gratitude Award.

GENEALOGE: waifs and strays

GENEALOGE: waifs and strays: "I'm glad to see your notice about Hidden Lives Revealed, for which I provide technical support. Could you fix one broken link? The page about the homes is now
rather than homes_home.html.

Virginia Knight,ILRT, University of Bristol"

the answer is no I do not fix broken links in old blogs - as a webmaster never change an URL but it is up to you to get it right first time - so you better put in a redirect at least

List of homes

List of homes

Go to: A B C D E F G H I K L M N O P R S T V W


Ernst Meyer 1802 -1873 Denmark

RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: Ørum Pitzner:

"# Name: Jørgen Ernst Meyer
# Sex: M
# Birth: 17 MAY 1802 in Charlottenlund gods, Langeland
# Christening: 7 JUL 1802 Stoense, Langeland
# CONF: 29 SEP 1816 Odense, Vor Frue Kirke
# Death: 11 SEP 1873 in København
# Burial: 19 SEP 1873 Johannes Kirke, Assistens Kkgd.
# Occupation: Malermester, Voxdugsfabrikatør"

Historie: "M. Meyers Eftf. A/S er etableret i 1834 af malermester Jørgen Ernst Meyer, og er dermed Danmarks ældste gulventreprenørvirksomhed. I starten blev der produceret gulvvoksduge med stor efterspørgsel. Succesen var så stor at produktionen ikke kunne følge med, og da pladsen blev for trang, måtte virksomheden flytte til større lokaler. Samtidig blev der også mulighed for at optage en fabrikation af dekorerede blikvarer, bakker og ovnskærme."

Forside | EM. MEYERS EFTF. A/S



Richard Barrington Interview
from my email:-

Did you know that for the developing world to achieve our standard of living, it would require 3 planets worth of raw materials on this planet?

We know that exponential growth cannot go on forever in a finite planet. So we invite you to watch our video where Richard Barrington talks about understanding the environmental challenges of today, the opportunities of tomorrow and the implications of IT from an environmental perspective.

If you have any questions or feedback, please send a message to

Best regards,
Sun Microsystems

sustainable computing - Google Search

The specific aims of global sustainability, as defined by the Kyoto Protocol, can be summarized as follows (taken from Sustainable Computing by Sun Microsystems, 2005):

  • To reduce global resource extraction by half
  • To decouple resource use from economic growth
  • To increase the efficiency of primary resource use
  • To decrease energy requirements by 4-10 fold
Facilities Services Sustainable Computing

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Danish Priests of the Lutheran church

S.V.Wibergs Almindelig dansk præstehistorie:

"S.V.Wibergs Almindelig dansk præstehistorie"

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Online publishing

Online publishing of the 1911 Census for England and Wales - Home Page

Over the past five years The National Archives has embarked on an ambitious and successful programme to digitise over 90 per cent of the most popular documents in its largely paper-based collection. It is aiming to digitise over 100 million pages by 2012. These range from Domesday Book (now available digitally at, through to the censuses, prisoner of war records, ancient petitions, war service and medal records. Working with partners in the private sector, The National Archives has made records such as lists of emigrating passengers and the 1841 -1891 censuses available for research, through similar partnerships. The National Archives has also launched a digitisation-on-demand programme which makes the majority of its collection accessible to researchers from anywhere across the globe.

Online publishing of the 1911 Census for England and Wales - Site Terms

Online publishing of the 1911 Census for England and Wales - Site Terms:

"The latest 1911 census project news

RG78 series complete
Scotland Online is delighted to announce that the scanning of the RG78 series - Enumerators’ Summary Books - is now complete. Some 570,000 images have been produced. Transcription of these images is now well underway and due for completion by the end of Dec 2007."

Online publishing of the 1911 Census for England and Wales - Learn about the Census: "images of the Scanning room at The National Archives in Kew:"

Title/Scope and content Covering dates Last Piece Ref.
close RG Details for this referenceRecords of the General Register Office, Government Social Survey Department, and Office of Populatio ... 1567-2003

close RG 78 Details for this referenceGeneral Register Office: 1911 Census Enumerator's Summary Books 1911 2015

close Subseries within RG 78 Details for this referenceLondon 1911

close Subsubseries within RG 78 Details for this referencePaddington 1911

close RG 78/1 Details for this reference Registration Sub-District: Paddington North Civil Parish, Township or Place: Paddington (part ... 1911

================= TO . . .

openSubsubseries within RG 78 Details for this referenceGuernsey 1911
openRG 78/2009 Details for this reference Registration Sub-District: Civil Parish, Township or Place: St Peter Port Saint Saviour's ... 1911
openRG 78/2010 Details for this reference Registration Sub-District: Civil Parish, Township or Place: St Sampsons The Vale Catel ... 1911
openSubseries within RG 78 Details for this referenceJersey 1911
openSubsubseries within RG 78 Details for this referenceJersey 1911
openRG 78/2011 Details for this reference Registration Sub-District: Civil Parish, Township or Place: Grouville St Brelade St Cleme ... 1911
openRG 78/2012 Details for this reference Registration Sub-District: Civil Parish, Township or Place: St Mary's St Ouen St Peter (p ... 1911
openRG 78/2013A Details for this reference Registration Sub-District: Civil Parish, Township or Place: St Helier RD 637 RS 3 ED 1, 2 ... 1911
openRG 78/2013B Details for this reference Registration Sub-District: Civil Parish, Township or Place: St Helier RD 637 RS 4 ED 26, ... 1911
openSubseries within RG 78 Details for this referenceAlderney 1911
openSubsubseries within RG 78 Details for this referenceAlderney 1911
openRG 78/2014 Details for this reference Registration Sub-District: Civil Parish, Township or Place: St Anne's (part) RD 638 RS 1 E ... 1911
openSubseries within RG 78 Details for this referenceSark 1911
openSubsubseries within RG 78 Details for this referenceSark 1911
openRG 78/2015 Details for this reference Registration Sub-District: Civil Parish, Township or Place: Sark (part) Little Sark (part) ... 1911

Soundex history

Soundex - the True Story: "On 2 Apr 1918, Robert C. Russell of Pittsburgh, Philadelphia obtained a patent on a method for indexing which was based on the way a name was pronounced rather than how it was spelled. He did this by coding 8 phonetic sound types with a few additional rules. Together with Margaret K. Odell he obtained a second patent in 1922 with some variations. This they sold to various commercial and governmental organisations. It was taken up in a modified form in the 1930's by the Social Security Administration under a work creation scheme to extract certain data from the US Census and to index its records. It has also been used for immigration records and, more recently, for indexing, search engines and for spell checkers. In fact, as will be seen later, a number of variants of the original design have been used over the years."

Obsolete algorithm tangles terrorist/criminal watch lists: "Soundex technology is inexpensive, but federal officials and vendors agree that it is prone to mistakes, especially with foreign names. Soundex systems do not capture the punctuation of names in non-Roman alphabets and sometimes cannot track alternate spellings of a name.

“I consider Soundex yesterday’s technology,” said one federal official, speaking on condition of anonymity. “There is no excuse anymore for not having advanced systems when you can pull them right off the shelf.”"

name spelling algorithm -music -"spelling checker" - Google Search

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Danish Archives web pages updated

Statens Arkivers forside

really bad advice

Kirkebøger - en vejledning: "Kirkebøger – her skal du søge

* Kirkebøger før 1891
Alle kirkebøger før 1891 er indskannet på mikrokort. De findes på Rigsarkivet og landsarkiverne.

* Kirkebøger 1891-2003
Kirkebøgerne findes på det landsarkiv, der dækker det sogn, du er interesseret i. Kontraministerialbogen er afleveret frem til 2002/2003.

* Kirkebøger efter 2003
Elektronisk kirkebogsføring på kirkekontorerne."

you should start with Arkivalieronline in your own home or at a library near you

I efteråret 2002 kunne Statens Arkivers Filmningscenter takket være en særbevilling fra Kulturministeriet påbegynde digitaliseringen af kirkebøger og folketællinger med henblik på at gøre dem tilgængelige på Internettet. Der er ikke en fast tidsplan for, hvornår de enkelte sogne bliver klargjort, men det vil ske løbende.

Alle kirkebøger ældre end 1892 bliver tilgængelige. De indscannes fra mikrokort.

Mange af de originale kirkebøger er præget af dårlige opbevaringsforhold, dårlig blækkvalitet o.lign. Det er ikke muligt at rette op på disse forhold, som derfor også viser sig i de digitaliserede kirkebøger.

Bladningsprogrammet er lavet i Java, og for at kunne se de indscannede sider skal du først installere Java VM runtime fra Sun (se vejledning). Vi anbefaler, at Windows XP opdateres til Service Pack 2 fra Microsoft.
For brug af bladningsprogrammet, se under menupunkt Vejledning eller under Hjælp inde i bladningsprogrammet.

Husk at læse FAQ! Statens Arkivers Arkivalieronline FAQ

from 22/11-2007

Kirkebøgerne for sognene på Fyn og omliggende øer er nu tilgængelige. Kirkebøgerne er tilgængelige til ca. 1925 i det omfang, bøgerne er udskrevet omkring dette år.

If you have addresses in 1916 start with census to find birthplaces back to 1845 Statens Arkivers Arkivalieronline FT


Er på nettet

1855 Er på nettet
1801 Er på nettet 1860

Er på nettet


Er på nettet


Er på nettet


Er på nettet


Er på nettet


Er på nettet


Er på nettet


Er på nettet


Er på nettet

Øvrige folketællinger er ikke med i projektet.

Botetourt watkins

from my email:-

When I goggled Botetourt your site came up and in spite of my review of your impressive site, I cannot find the place Botetourt.

In my case it is a County in Virginia where I have lost kin.

Billy Ray Watkins

just follow the links

use control F find on page

explore boards and lists

google Botetourt watkins

WATKINS is an english version of a welsh patronymic and 99.99% of us are unrelated

the Commonwealth War Graves Commission

:: CWGC ::: "Next of Kin Sought by Commission

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission would like to make contact with the next of kin of the following casualties:

Birmingham (Witton) Cemetery

Gunner William Florey, 1678560, Royal Artillery, Died 13 September 1946
Private C J Pratt, 21689, Coldstream Guards, Died 9 September 1917

Birmingham (Brandwood End) Cemetery

Signalman John Charles Baker, 40254, Died 14 February 1940
Private Frederick Arthur Woodcock, 286, Died 3 February 1918

If you are related to any of these men, or can put us in touch with someone who is please contact the Commission's United Kingdom Office on 01926 330137.

The Commission does not usually put requests for contact on our website. This is an exceptional case regarding the commemoration of the above men."

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ROOTS-L: The Internet's First Genealogy Mailing List

ROOTS-L: The Internet's First Genealogy Mailing List:

"What is ROOTS-L?
ROOTS-L is a mailing list for people who are interested in any or all aspects of genealogy, anywhere in the world. We're the original Internet genealogical mailing list (our first messages were posted in 1987), and the largest. But that doesn't mean we're not interested in new faces, new queries, new knowledge. Please join us!"

RootsWeb: ROOTS-L Archives: "October 2007 800 messages
November 2007 690 messages
December 2007 650 messages
January 2008 931 messages
February 2008 382 messages" which numbers of emails are why I prefer quieter more specialised lists like:-
Bristol_and_SomersetBristol and Somerset Counties


RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists: England : BRISTOL_AND_DISTRICT: "Topic: A mailing list for anyone with family history and genealogical interests in the county and city of Bristol and surrounding areas of South Gloucestershire and North Somerset within approximately a 20 mile radius. Topics include family, social, cultural and local history, past and present, including dialect, slang and sayings, traditions, occupations, recipes and folklore in order to place the lives of our ancestors in perspective, as well as methods and problems of recording both family and associated historical information." - SEARCH in the archives and for Genealogy mailing lists:
"About Mailing Lists

RootsWeb's mailing lists can help you find information about your ancestors and connect you with people who have research interests similar to yours

Use the top search box at the left to search for information that has already been posted to the mailing lists. Enter names or keywords and click 'Search' and we'll search our archives for information that matches. Click the 'Advanced search' or 'Search tips' links for more search options or suggestions on effective searching.

If you are looking for a specific mailing list to join, enter a surname, location, or keyword(s) into the lower box and click 'Search.' Click the 'Browse mailing lists' link to browse for a mailing list by surname, location, or topic.

Do you have a suggestion for a list we don't already have? You can request a new list too"

RootsWeb: Bristol_and_Somerset-L [B&S] Obtaining a Birth Certificate UPDATE!:

"Hi Everyone
Seems we have all been on a wild goose chase, it is her baptismal not her birth certificate she is after!
Thanks for your help anyway.

oh dear - and the lady wants to get married in church then

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The complete medal records of British soldiers, and also those for many Colonial soldiers who fought in World War One go online for the first time today as launches the WW1 Medal Rolls Index Cards, 1914-1922.

A testament to the bravery of 5.5 million soldiers and including many famous names such Academy Award winning actor Noel Coward, father of the last Viceroy of India Lord Mountbatten, and Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackelton, as well as that of the last surviving ‘Tommy’, Harry Patch, these records form the most comprehensive WW1 British and Colonial military collection still intact. In all, the collection contains the records for more than 14 million commendations.

During WW1 all medal entitlements were compiled by the Army Medal Office in lists called Medal Rolls. From them index cards were produced for every soldier containing details of medals awarded, the reason for decoration, and also corps, unit and regiment.

More than 50,000 cards also listed details of covert operations undertaken or letters from next of kin on their reverse.

these were not included on the other site
The National Archives | DocumentsOnline | World War One medal cards
The Medal Rolls Index, known as the Medal Index Cards (MIC), was created by the Army Medal Office (AMO) towards the end of the First World War. The index was created to enable the AMO to place on one card, all of the details about an individual's medal entitlement, their rank or ranks, the unit or units they served in, the first operational theatre they served in and most importantly, the original AMO medal roll references. These medal rolls (held in the series Link to glossary - opens in a new window WO 329) show the entitlement to the medals and also provide all of the accounting references for the issuing of the medal or medals.

The original index cards are now held by the Western Front Association (WFA), an organisation dedicated to furthering interest in the period 1914-1918. Through a partnership with the WFA, has for the first time colour-digitised both sides of the cards"

Search Military Records -

The original index cards are now held by the Western Front Association (WFA), - Google Search

WW1 medals records go online - Personal Computer World: "The collection will be put online in phases.
Today 2.1 million records are available, with the remaining 3.4 million to be launched shortly.
High resolution images of all medals are available upon request courtesy of Medal Yearbook, Token Publishing."


British WW1 heroes

Website lists British war heroes - Web User News: "Medal records of soldiers that fought in World War One have been digitised and made available to browse online for the first time. has added WW1 Medal Rolls Index Cards, 1914-1922, to its website, which catalogues a total of 14 million medals awarded to 5.5 million British and colonial soldiers."

Search Military Records - "bout This Category:
Military and civil service records provide unique facts and insights into the lives of men and women who have served their country at home and abroad."