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WorldVitalRecords Blog: "By Sherry Lindsay,

Most genealogists and family history enthusiasts are unaware of the immense value of the government and police gazettes available in Australia and New Zealand. Most family historians, even in Australia and New Zealand, don’t even know what the gazettes are, let alone how they can be used in genealogy research.

As part of its the World Collection launch, World Vital Records partnered with Archive CD Books Australia to provide a vast array of excellent content from Australia as well as other nearby countries. Included in that content are 276 databases, 174 of which are government and police gazettes, a highly valuable but underused resource for researching genealogy in that area of the world"
Browse Australia Databases

CIGO - Council of Irish Genealogical Organisations

CIGO - Council of Irish Genealogical Organisations: "CIGO was established in Ireland in 1992. It is an umbrella-based lobby group for the various national and international organisations sharing an interest in Irish genealogical research."

News: "National Library of Ireland has re-opened Roman Catholic parish registers for Cashel & Emly, Cloyne and Kerry.

After 16 years of no access, the National Library has finally re-opened public access to the parish registers of the 'closed' dioceses of Cloyne, Kerry & Cashel & Emly. The issue of access to the microfilms of the registers from these dioceses has been a hot issue for many years now and is one that CIGO has raised previously with the Library. However, much of the success in finally getting the films once again open to the public must be attributed to the Association of Professional Genealogists in Ireland (APGI) and in particular its members Paul Gorry and Maire Mac Conghail and the influence they have both used in recent times. In doing so they highlighted the fact that as far back as 1994 the Library had received legal opinion that the Bishop of Cashel & Emly's claim to own copyright of the registers (and thus the Library's microfilm copies of them) was without legal foundation. An excellent press release about this story can be read on APGI's website."

Personal Heritage

Writing on Walls - some days, I know why I go to work: "It's the first in the country we think (first lending library specialising in personal heritage which is in the same building as a local studies reference library and an archive, and the rest, of course).

We had an excellent opening talk from Nick Barratt, who introduced me to the term 'Personal Heritage'. Which is not just a new name for Family History, but includes (as far as I can see, in his useage) social history (where it is of personal significance), local history (ditto), and landscape archaeology (ditto). I'm going to use it for _anything_ to do with the past (ditto)."

"Personal Heritage" - Google Search

One stop history spot: "discover your family history with the opening of the new lending library at Surrey History Centre on May 30.

The new facility provides a loan collection of over 300 books guiding users on how to do local, family and house history, self-service library loans, returns and renewals facility, access to the People's Network internet service, online reference resources and access to community information via the Surrey Libraries Catalogue.

Providing a seamless facility for family history and local history enthusiasts of all ages from beginners through to specialist researchers"

Surrey History Centre: "Support our work by joining Surrey History Trust

Surrey History Centre
130 Goldsworth Road, Woking, Surrey GU21 6ND
Tel: 01483 518737 Fax: 01483 518738 Email:"

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soc.genealogy.britain new FAQ

All Folks

All Folks: "Allfolks people search allow you to find old friends, family, loved ones, college roommates, military buddies, and more in just a few clicks! Need to make sure your data, neighbor, or business partner is who they say they are? Get a background check that can include information such as address history, property report, bankruptcies, civil judgements, and more..." in USA


U.S. Public Records

Search U.S. Public Records Index - "The US Public Records Index is a compilation of various public records spanning all 50 states in the United States from 1984 to the present. These records are all accessible to the general public by contacting the appropriate agency. has simply made the process of finding certain public records easier by making them available in an online searchable database."

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local archive Silkeborg Denmark

Lokalhistorisk Arkiv, Silkeborg: "Har du rødder i Silkeborg eller er du interesseret i byens og egnens historie og udvikling. Så besøg Lokalhistorisk Arkiv.
Du er velkommen, hvad enten det drejer sig om et besøg for at kigge, for at søge oplysninger eller for at aflevere lokalhistorisk materiale."

and an excellent links page

Lokalhistorisk Arkiv, Silkeborg - Slægtsforskning - Danmark

AND NOW in DANGLISH by the Google automatic translation engine

This page was automatically translated [click for FAQ] from Danish.Back to search results
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Lokalhistorisk Arkiv, Silkeborg
Lokalhistorisk Archives, Peterborough ---- WHOOPSY

but as long as you use machine translation as a rough guide, and never ever use it for a letter to a native speaker, it is very useful see more GOOGLE Language Tools

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german genealogy

Verbreitung des Namens "Shanahan" in der Schweiz -

telefonbuch telephone book
In der Schweiz gibt es 3 Telefonbucheinträge zum Namen Shanahan und damit ca. 8 Personen mit diesem Namen.

Verteilung des Namens "Shanahan" in Deutschland -

Kostenloser Online-Stammbaum / Ahnenforschung bei "Erstellen Sie den Stammbaum Ihrer Familie und bleiben Sie mit Ihren Verwandten in Verbindung."

Your free online family tree / genealogy on "reate your family tree and stay in contact with your relatives.
Completely free and comfortable creation of family trees.

Familien-Communitys: Opa 2.0 - Netzwelt - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten: " - the german genealogy network: "Welcome to, the german genealogy Internet portal.

The society for Computergenealogy maintains several servers,
on which can find a lot of information related to german genealogy.

From this portal page you can access most services and databases directly"

cleaning up New FamilySearch

Renee's Genealogy Blog: New FamilySearch Tree Sagas - Week 3: "about claiming legacy contributions on New FamilySearch"

NFS Roll-out progress

Renee's Genealogy Blog: Confidence In NFS Roll-out Beginning: "For several months New FamilySearch's roll-out was delayed. Since then we have seen several weeks of steady roll-out of NFS to new temple districts. Now that confidence in the roll-out is being felt FamilySearch has just officially notified seven temple districts of the dates they are going live.

  • Curitiba Brazil - June 2
  • Accra Ghana - June 3
  • São Paulo Brazil - June 3
  • Veracruz México - June 3
  • Nashville, TN - June 10
  • San Jose, Costa Rica - June 10
  • Madrid, Spain - June 10
Two temple districts recently received word they are in the pipeline for roll-out, with an anticipated going live date of early September.
  • Louisville, Kentucky
  • St. Paul, Minnesota
I have updated my New FamilySearch Roll-out spreadsheet with this information. Keep up the good work FamilySearch!"

US Naval Academy

WorldVitalRecords Blog » 30 Years of Naval Academy Records Online at "The United States Naval Academy is a national institution established on October 10, 1845 to provide education for undergraduate students who are training to be naval officers. The Academy is located in Annapolis, Maryland, and is often referred to as “Annapolis,” “The Academy,” “The Boat School,” or “Canoe U.”

The official yearbook of the Naval Academy is called The Lucky Bag Yearbook. The content found in this yearbook can be found online at under the Naval Academy - Lucky Bag Yearbook database. Although some of the collection is currently online, plans to have the entire pre-1960 collection online by July 4, 2008. Each yearbook contains hundreds of pages consisting of thousands of cadet pictures with names.

The major collection of the week has arrived just in time for Memorial Day and includes more than 30 years of Naval Academy content from This content will be free to access at for ten days (until June 4, 2008). Click here to access the Naval Academy database."

Surname Suggestions

Surname Suggestion List Main Page: "I have developed a computer program for the genealogy community. This program, which runs under the Windows operating system, is intended to assist you in searching the web for information on your surnames. I call this program 'Surname Suggestion List'. After you enter in your surname, you click on the Search button, and it will create 3 lists of similar sounding surnames. The lists are based on how good a sound match the other surnames are to the one you entered. The lists are titled Excellent, Close, and Longshot."

The latest version of the program is Version 1.13.

Version 1.13 - 05/08/08 - Enhanced Surname Matching, Added additional
German and Polish Surnames
Version 1.12 - 04/23/08 - Enhanced Surname Matching, Added additional
Lithuanian, Irish, and User Suggested Surnames
Version 1.11 - 03/09/08 - Added Image, Book, and Blog Search capability,
Added additional Polish and Armenian Surnames
Version 1.10 - 01/27/08 - Enhanced Surname Matching - Spelling Variations,
Added additional Irish Surnames

Version 1.6 - 01/05/08 - Enhanced Surname Matching, Added additional
French and Swiss Surnames
Version 1.5 - 12/22/07 - Enhanced Surname Matching, Added additional
Danish Surnames
Version 1.4 - 12/01/07 - Enhanced Surname Matching, Added additional
Scottish and Czech Surnames
Version 1.3 - 11/14/07 - Added additional US and UK Surnames
Version 1.2 - 10/27/07 - Enhanced Surname Matching, Added German Surnames,
Added User Suggested Surnames

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Bjarne Vincents Johansen

Bjarne Vincents Johansen: "Klik på de links du vil udforske mere i menuen øverst til venstre. Med de nye browsere skal man nok klikke en gang for at aktivere menuen."
don't work in Firefox on Mac OS

slægt: "denne side er tilegnet en af mine store passioner: slægtsforskning. Interessen startede for 5-6 år siden, da jeg en dag var på besøg hos mine forældre. Samtalen gik i den tid oftere og oftere rundt om både min fars og min mors familie. De vidste jo en masse og så alligevel var der ting de ikke havde kendskab til. Jeg fandt lynhurtigt nogle slægts programmer og så begyndte det så småt. Det var jo rimeligt nemt at indtaste alle de nærmeste. Der gik også en del tid med at komme ind i de forskellige programmers muligheder. Jo flere personer der kom ind jo mere uoverskueligt blev det. Det værste var at se hvad man manglede på de enkelte personer. Her hjalp programmerne utroligt meget. Jeg tror ikke det havde fanget på samme måde hvis jeg skulle have skrevet alt i hånden."

efterlysninger - html - Google Search

Links: "Links til Slægtsforskning i Danmark"

Cemetery Upkeep

WorldVitalRecords Blog » Cemetery Upkeep - The True Meaning of Memorial Day:
" Amanda Forson,

Started as a day for remembering fallen Civil War soldiers, Memorial Day evolved into a national holiday in 1971. On this day, local relatives help to clean up grave sites, especially in places where there aren’t maintenance fees for graves. Cemetery maintenance can be as simple as paying for the maintenance by the grounds crew at a cemetery to as complex as planting flowers where allowed."

Monday, May 26, 2008

bye bye freereg

I am no longer helping with Monmouthshire

FreeREG - Monmouthshire


County Co-ordinator


The data for search is very limited at present, we need more transcribers to increase these numbers, would you like to help

We currently have 1002 records on-line; 72 Baptisms; 476 Marriages; 454 Burials

If you want to help increase these numbers either by transcribing registers or contributing data, please contact Sandra Jones.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

genealogy and tourism

This Week's Tips For Travellers - News & Advice, Travel - The Independent: "Ever wished your family could get the 'Who Do You Think You Are?' treatment? Sue Hills, a director of the TV series, has launched Ancestral Footsteps (ancestral to offer luxury tours with a genealogical twist. From £25,000, it's not cheap – but it is the trip of a lifetime."

Online tools

Online tools to flesh out your family tree - Liverpool "by Martin Rigby, Liverpool Echo

THERE will come a stage in your research when you want to get beyond the census returns, birth certificates and other official documents, to discover the conditions in which your ancestors lived and what was going on around them.

There is no better source for this than newspapers. . . . . "

Look Alike Meter

Talkin It Over: Look Alike Meter at My Heritage: "Have you ever seen this website called My Heritage at ? It is a fun place to play around with pictures. You can also do your family tree there, but I haven't used it for that since I have Family Tree Maker on my computer. . . . . . read the rest of this enjoyable blog . . . . . Talkin It Over:
"Come on over, sit a spell. Relax and enjoy the ramblings of a small town grandma and I will share with you the wit and wisdom gained over years of attendance in the school of life. Maybe we will even have some fun!""