Monday, August 31, 2009

Institut généalogique Drouin FAQ

Institut généalogique Drouin: "Jean-Pierre-Yves Pepin is the current owner of the Drouin Genealogical Institute, of the commercial rights of the various collections (except when the rights were resold), and of the trade marks like Institut généalogique Drouin. Mr. Pepin is a publisher and a genealogist. He takes care of buying and selling the books and of other products.

Sébastien Robert is at the head of all the digitized documents and publicity of the Drouin Institute. He is the webmaster. He is a communication bachelor at Université de Montréal. Like Mr. Pepin, he takes care of buying and selling the books and of other products.. Despite his young age, he is a genealogy lover. .

Denis Beauregard is the English representant of the Drouin Institute. His role, is to be the in-between for the English-speakers and customers out of Quebec. Mr. Beauregard is also a well-known genealogist."


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frome face book:-

Hope everyone with French Canadian ancestry reads this. Ancestry is indeed getting too big for its britches. The Calif. Genealogical Society library has Drouin on a CD.

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