Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nordstrand Island in Friesia

"During the night of October 11-12, 1634, a raging storm destroyed the coastline of North Friesland. In a few hours, the flood accompanying this storm, swept away complete villages, hamlets and even islands from the face of the earth.
About 15,000 people lost their lives that disastrous night ,a pivotal event in human history within this region and beyond.
Nordstrand Island - where more than 6,000 people drowned- suffered the most devastation.

The tremendous power of the water destroyed about 50 miles of the coast between Nordstrand Island and the Danish border. At Eiderstedt, the area south of Nordstrand Island, 2,106 people drowned, despite being protected by dikes 18-20 feet high.

Inside Klixbüll's church, people marked the water level on the wall: 14 feet above ground level.
This was the second great flood in the history of the North Frisian region. In 1362, a similar flood, known as the “Grote Manndränke”, ravaged the same area, but little is known about that disaster."


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