Monday, August 31, 2009

UrsaMaj blogger

The Big Bear: Summer: "The past 4 weeks, I have, once again, been teaching the Family History class in our ward. This is the first set of classes I have taught since we had access to the New Family Search program, so I have spent some time going thought the training and trying to use the new system. I guess I am spoiled being a Macintosh user, also being a past manager of information technology.

To be kind, let me say that the New Family Search is a “work in Process.” When I was in business, I would never expose my company to a Beta version of a system, yet that is what the New Family Search program is.

That makes us all “Guinea Pigs”, who get to debug the system. Everyone who asks me, I tell them to continue to use whatever system they are currently using. If they have not been using an existing system, then go with the New Family Search, but expect a lot of changes as the system evolves. I’ll get down off my soapbox now."


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