Thursday, September 03, 2009

Computing Service: What is Usenet? A second opinion.

Computing Service: What is Usenet? A second opinion.:

"NEWSGROUP CREATION;------------------

You were better off starting up a mailing list. If you *had to* start a newsgroup, you were best off starting a mailing list anyway - even an informal one - to plan the newsgroup. Get a half dozen people to all agree on the basic goals, topics of conversation, etc. Figure that you have about two months to agree that there's something worth talking about, get a hundred other people to see your way, and run the vote.

There were time-honored rituals for newsgroup creation, designed mostly to minimize the amount of work that news administrators (the people who have managed to corral a bunch of disk space to store news) had to do; in particular, this involved minimizing the number of mail messages they had to read every day.

The process involved handing off responsibility to a group of people well-steeped in ritual (the Usenet Volunteer Votetakers) who ran through the process for you."


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