Saturday, September 05, 2009

learning New FamilySearch

How To Use New FamilySearch Correctly:

"Any New FamilySearch patron is welcome to print this manual.

It can be used as a self-study guide. Or, it can be used as a teacher's and student's manual in a New FamilySearch class.

It will be updated whenever there is a significant revision in New FamilySearch; the next update will probably be in early November. (At the bottom of this page, I will identify the pages that have changed, so you won't have to reprint the entire manual.) If you want to be emailed when a major update is released, send an email to with the title Add Me To The Update Distribution List.

The manual is 68 pages in length, in PDF format.

To view it, just click the manual.pdf link below.

Or, you can save it to your hard disk (or to a floppy or flashdrive), so you can take it to a copy service to print."



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