Monday, November 30, 2009

UK Archives for the 21st century

Archives for the 21st century | The National Archives Kew: "New government policy on archives

Archives for the 21st Century (PDF, 3.7 MB)

Archive services are treasure chests holding national, local and family history. Publicly funded archives also hold the evidence of the decision-making and processes that shape our everyday lives. However, archives have a wider role than simply serving as custodians of the national memory. Archives can, as many already do, make a clear contribution to local policy initiatives that affect individuals’ daily lives, particularly in education and learning, empowering and engaging communities, supporting regeneration and facilitating volunteering opportunities.

In recent years the information world has changed beyond recognition and the creation and use of information have been revolutionised. People now expect information to be accessible online at all times and archives need to keep up with this pace of change. Archives for the 21st Century sets out a path for publicly funded services in both England and Wales, to raise awareness of the contribution archives make to everyone’s lives and to kick start action to ensure their continued survival."


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