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County administration 1660-1970 in Denmark

Amternes administration 1660-1970:

* Len bliver til amter 1662
* Amtmænd og stiftsamtmænd under enevældens kontrol 1660-1849
* Amtsreformen af 1793 holdt i 200 år
* Statens lokale kontrolinstans 1849-1919
* Tabet af Sønderjylland og Genforeningen 1920
* Amtsrådet og dets stadig flere opgaver efter 1920
* Amtmænd og stiftamtmænd specialiseres inden for det sociale og familieretlige område
* Amterne efter kommunalreformen i 1970"

AncestorStuff Newsletter #578

AncestorStuff Newsletter #578 - prices expire September 9 - :
"Genealogies in the Library of Congress:
A Bibliography
With Supplements and the Complement to Genealogies in the Library of Congress
5 Volume Set
by Marion J. Kaminkow"
5 volumes
4,130 pages

Retail Price $395. and SALE PRICE $237.00

REFERENCE: Genealogies in the Library of Congress: A Bibliography. With Supplements and the Complement to Genealogies in the Library of Congress. 5 vol. Set (Kaminkow) - "Researchers and libraries now have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase a reprint of the greatest reference work in all of American genealogy, Marion Kaminkow's Genealogies in the Library of Congress (2 vols.), with its two Supplements and the renowned Complement to Genealogies in the Library of Congress."

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Salvation Army Heritage

International Heritage Centre: Welcome: "The Salvation Army International Heritage Centre, based in London (UK), holds a significant collection of material relating to the work of The Salvation Army worldwide. It is invaluable for family, historical and picture research."

How to Use GPS and Google Maps for Genealogy Research |

How to Use GPS and Google Maps for Genealogy Research | "If your GPS can be connected to your computer, you can look up the location on Google Maps and then choose the send button at the top right of the screen to load the location directly into your navigator. This feature is available for most popular GPS units and for BMW and Mercedes in-car navigators.

Another Google Map feature genealogists should make use of is the ability to add places to the map. If you know the location of an obscure cemetery or historical location, feel free to add it so others can benefit. Just use the Add Place command to make it available to everyone.

Beyond helping you find your way, the other major use of GPS for genealogists is marking the exact location of points of interest. Say you have searched that remote cemetery and found the grave of your great-great grandmother. With some GPS units, you can set it on the top of the stone and read the latitude and longitude of that exact spot."

Family Tree Maker 2010 released Blog - » Family Tree Maker: The New Version 2010: "Michelle Pfister is a senior product manager for Family Tree Maker. She wishes she could help each individual person with their questions, but she's glad there are many resources available that can help even better (see the blog post 'Getting Help'). She wants to hear your thoughts and suggestions on the latest version of Family Tree Maker."

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A vision of Britain is back on its original url

A vision of Britain through time | Including maps, statistical trends and historical descriptions.: "Topographical, land use and administrative maps from the 19th and 20th Centuries:" and much much more


from my usenet mail:-

You are on the hairy edge of finding records. Civil Registration in Ireland began in 1864. In the early years many were not registered because of ignorance of the law. Family History Library has the civil indexes for BMD in Ireland from 1864 to 1922 for all Ireland and to 1958 for the Republic of Ireland. (I'm not sure of Northern Ireland after 1922). At the page shown above select search records pulldown list and click on record search pilot. Otherwise contact Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

The National Library in Dublin has microfilmed copies of all available records in Ireland up to 1880.
The Family History Library in Salt Lake City also has most of those and they can be viewed at most local Mormon Church Centers by requesting the local center to obtain the film from Salt Lake City. You generally have two weeks to view the film when it arrives. There is a nominal charge for postage.

This service is also available if you are a member of NEHGS in Boston.

There is also the IFHF and related County Heritage Centers in Ireland. Not all counties are available.
You can search the indexes on line for free. Some county records are accurate some not so I am told.
In some instances you can visit the local parish priest in Ireland and view the originals. This has been discouraged because unscrupulous persons have damaged the originals.

My own personal experience has discovered misspelling of names mainly because my ancestors could not read or write and whoever recorded events spelled names the way they felt was correct.

Know Your Genetics

AccessDNA - Know Your Genetics: "Learn About Hundreds of Genetic Tests & Conditions!

From Ancestry to Alzheimer's, visit our Education Center to access the most comprehensive and reliable information."

new beta version of site for consumer genetics Reports New Round of Funding: "AccessDNA, Inc., an online genetics portal that provides genetic risk assessment and information on hundreds of genetic tests, conditions, and Direct-to-Consumer genetic testing providers, today reported it has raised an additional $670,000 in financing from an angel investor. The company also reported it has re-launched the beta version of its website ( with several new features and tools.
We are also extremely encouraged to see robust demand among the Direct-to-Consumer genetic testing providers who want to be listed in our website and get access to our users, as well as from genetic professionals who want to be listed in our directory of genetic counselors.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWeb) August 19, 2009 --
AccessDNA, Inc., an online genetics portal that provides genetic risk assessment and information on hundreds of genetic tests, genetic conditions, and Direct-to-Consumer genetic testing providers, today reported it has raised an additional $670,000 in financing from an angel investor. The company previously raised $485,000 in funding, for a total of $1,155,000 raised. The proceeds will be used to accelerate growth and for investment in new hires, PR, and marketing.

The company also reported it has re-launched the beta version of its website with several new features and tools, including an improved free genetic risk assessment tool that helps users identify where they may have genetic risks based on their family history, with links to currently available Direct-to-Consumer genetic testing providers.

The re-launched website has newly created content and information on almost 1,000 genetic tests, genetic conditions, and Direct-to-Consumer genetic testing providers that makes it even easier for consumers to get important and useful information in this rapidly emerging field.

'We are very pleased to have been able to raise funds in this difficult financing environment and we are equally excited by the consumer and professional response to our website', said Lee Essner, Founder and CEO of the company. 'We are also extremely encouraged to see robust demand among the Direct-to-Consumer genetic testing providers who want to be listed in our website and get access to our users, as well as from genetic professionals who want to be listed in our directory of genetic counselors.'"

Family Search and the Amateur Genealogist | Tee shirt Review

Family Search and the Amateur Genealogist | Tee shirt Review: "A year or two, as I tried to go back another generation in 1841, or the point where the census records online stopped, I found that I had to turn to parish records. For my line I of Scotland was able to easily use the old parish records (OPR) in Scotlandspeople. gov. UK site, but my English online digitized records the challenge of learning how to enter this field of research of family history is a fascinating test for me. FamilySearch website, I found it a useful way to find ancestors, but it has its shortcomings. Using the research of specialists provided by Hugh Wallis you, like me, you may be able to access data about their ancestors who otherwise would not be able to find. Once you've found in the IGI, however, efforts must be made to go to the original source material, file or registry office and not assume that everything you read on a Web site, including the LDS site is one hundred percent correct!"

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Internet Archive

Internet Archive: Free Downloads: American Libraries

Welcome to the Open-Access Text Archive. This collection is open to the community for the contribution of any type of text, many licensed using Creative Commons licenses. Check our FAQ for more information.

Recent Internet Archive blog posts focused on Texts: Please feel free to contribute your texts! (Uploaders, please try to set a Creative Commons license as part of the upload process, so people know what they can do with your texts - thanks!)

Internet Archive: Free Downloads: Text Archive

Photo Collection of Cemeteries

Flickr: Piemouth: "About Piemouth / Lizzie Fox Pro User
I'm crow on the Well and 19_crows on LiveJournal.

I like old stuff - old typewriters, fountain pens, vintage clothes, antique jewelry, old photos (especially posed groups of people), ephemera of every kind. I like to take pictures of gravestones and cemeteries. I'm trying to get better at taking artistic pictures instead of just reporting."

Collection: Cemeteries

Alta Mesa Cemetery, Mountain View CA
7 photos
Calvary Cemetery, San Jose
19 photos
Chapel of the Chimes, Garden of Memory 6-21-09
65 photos
Cypress Lawn, Colma
278 photos
Divide Cemetery, Tuolumne County
76 photos
Evergreen Cemetery, Santa Cruz CA
83 photos
Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Cupertino CA
29 photos
Grand View Memorial Park, Glendale CA
22 photos
Hollywood Forever Cemetery
11 photos
Holy Cross cemetery, Menlo Park CA
18 photos
Home of Eternity, Oakland California
92 photos
Los Gatos Memorial Park
127 photos
Madronia cemetery, Saratoga CA
71 photos
Mission City Memorial Park, Santa Clara CA
184 photos
Mountain View, Oakland
99 photos
Oakwood Cemetery, Santa Cruz
56 photos
Rural Cemetery, Stockton CA
62 photos
San Lorenzo Pioneer Memorial Park
21 photos
Saint Joseph Cemetery, Fremont
12 photos
Saint Marys Cemetery, Oakland CA
80 photos
San Gabriel Mission Cemetery
23 photos
Santa Clara Mission Cemeteryery
179 photos
Santa Cruz Memorial Park
248 photos
Graveyard details
115 photos
Photo ceramic grave markers
149 photos

Achievements of Canterbury UK

Genealogy, Heraldry & Family History: About Achievements of Canterbury

150 years of combined experience in Genealogy and Family History Research

Founded in 1961 in support of the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies, through which all our researchers are fully trained and qualified, Achievements, is the longest established centre for Family History research, and has been tracing Family Trees for over forty-five years.

Our extensive library are housed in these ancient premises in Canterbury's Northgate Street, with Family Tree records ranging from the most up-to-date finding aids, to original collections of Tudor and Medieval manuscripts. These provide Achievement's researchers with a unique advantage. Tracing ancestry has never been more fascinating than it is today, due to the discovery of so many new and exciting records. In many ways we were instrumental in the founding of the Family Tree movement. Before this time, genealogy as it was usually known, could be as dry as dust and involved tracing only the upper classes, and links to titles and Coats of Arms. At Achievements, we trace all levels of family tree, from farm labourers to surgeons, and Indian Army Colonels to criminals. Ancestry tracing has never been so dynamic and so colourful.


With a wide and varied experience of studying British ancestry in the UK, throughout Europe and overseas over more than 60 years, Cecil Humphery-Smith is our Heraldry Expert and a leading expert in the field of genealogy, being rewarded with an OBE in 2004 for his services to the subject. He founded The Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies, taking it to Northgate, Canterbury in 1961.

the other staff are mostly history graduates with additional qualifications in genealogy and heraldry.

Search Crisp's London Marriage Licences Index - Genealogy, Family Tree & Family History: Achievements of Canterbury: "Search Crisp's London Marriage Licences Index
An index to some original marriage licences from over a dozen major London parishes. All are abstracted and in many cases the original licences are held. There are almost 10,000 entries for a relatively short period between the mid 1700s and the commencement of General Registration in 1837. Valuable information regarding places of origin and family members can be obtained. This can be vital information given the difficulties inherent in researching London families in the years before Census and General Registration. Searchable by either bride or groom and divided into before or after 1800.

To look up names in Crisps London Marriage License database, type a last name (or part of a name) into the box and press one of the selection buttons. EXACT performs an exact match on the name, PREFIX finds all the names that start with the letters you have typed, and SOUNDEX finds all the names that 'sound like' the string you have typed."

Search Gretna Green Index - Genealogy, Family Tree & Family History: Achievements of Canterbury: "Family histories abound with stories of elopements. Often the destination of couples who wished to marry without parental consent was Gretna Green, just over the border with Scotland in 'debatable land'. After 1753, when English law forbad irregular marriages, a number of people who objected to marrying in a church wed in border centres where the couple's own consent to marriage before witnesses was legal under Scottish Law. Gretna is the most famous of these. Marriages were conducted by self appointed ministers at the border Toll booths along the few roads into Scotland. The 'priests', as they called themselves, often had other jobs giving rise to the stories of being married over an anvil by the village Blacksmith. Held at The Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies ( the index covers entries between 1795 and 1895, with a few earlier references. In all over 4500 entries are recorded for those lost marriages. Ask yourself: 'Did my great-great-great grandmother elope to Gretna?'"

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Your free online family tree / genealogy on dynastree

International Distribution is one of the few German internet start-ups that is represented internationally. Our international sites in the respective national language:

• (Austria)
• (Canada and USA)
• (Brazil)
• (France)
• (Germany)
• (Great Britain)
• (Italy)
• (The Netherlands)
• (Poland)
• (Portugal)
• (Russia)
• (South America and Spain)
• (Switzerland)
• (Turkey, launching in July 2009)

OSN Online Social Networking GmbH
Managing Directors: Dipl.-Kfm. Daniel Grözinger, Dipl.-Kfm. Sven Schmidt
Heimhuder Straße 72, 20148 Hamburg, Germany
Tel.: +49 (0) 40 793 064 76 Fax: +49 (0) 40 415 457 14
District Court of Hamburg, HRB 101865

UK | England | Bristol | Museums

BBC NEWS | UK | England | Bristol | Museums appeal for work stories: "Two North Somerset museums are looking for help tracing the industrial history of the area with a view to setting up a heritage exhibition.

North Somerset Museum and the Helicopter Museum in Weston-super-Mare hope to track down people who worked in factories to record their memories.

Two open days will be held to explain how anyone interested can get involved.

The first is at the Helicopter Museum on 27 August, and the second at the North Somerset Museum on 12 September."

The Helicopter Museum.: "Welcome to the World's Largest Dedicated Helicopter Museum

Located in Weston-super-Mare on the South West coast of England

The Helicopter Museum is Weston-super-Mare's largest undercover all weather attraction
and a fun place for all the family, with a coffee shop, children's play area and gift shop."

Museum: "North Somerset Museum in Weston-super-Mare tells the story of the district through the objects in our care.

We offer a range of heritage services including:

* collecting objects which tell the story of North Somerset
* making those objects and their stories available to you via our exhibitions and events
* caring for the objects to help preserve them for the present and future generations
* recording information about each object to help build the public awareness of the district and its past
* inviting you to send us information to build our knowledge of North Somerset and answer any questions through our new Notes and Queries service"

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Anthony J. Camp - ROYAL MISTRESSES AND BASTARDS: "This major new reference work takes some twenty-nine members of the Royal Family, both male and female, from George I to Edward VIII and deals critically and in great detail with their alleged affairs and offspring. Over four hundred relationships are considered (and listed on this website).

It investigates all the claims that have come to the author's attention in over fifty years of research, backed up with very wide reading in biographies, memoirs, newspapers, satirical prints, diaries, probate records and a vast range of other contemporary records in the British Isles and overseas. The research has also taken advantage of the many computerised indexes to records that have become available in recent years but have been little used by other biographers. The resulting work adds very considerably to the existing knowledge of a great number of people on the fringes of history, corrects many accounts and provides, for the first time, a firm source-based reference work by an authority in the genealogical field against which future claims may be considered."

Anthony J. Camp, Royal Mistresses and Bastards, Fact and Fiction, 1714-1936: the website of the book
DESCRIPTION: lists members of British Royal Family 1714-1936 with their mistresses and illegitimate children and corrections and additions to the printed book (2007

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GOONS Seminars and Conferences

Seminars and Conferences:
21st November 2009
"Finding Further One-Name Sources
TNA, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 4DU.

This seminar introduces a variety of less familiar sources at the National Archives, Kew, aiming to shine a light on less used records of interest to One-Name Studies. Topics include Hearth Tax, Sequestration Papers, Chancery databases, and finding aids. We have also arranged a behind-the-scenes tour."

from my email:-
Family History Listers,

The Guild of One-Name Studies is the worldwide centre of excellence in one-name studies, and promotes the interests of both individuals and groups who are engaged in them. Through its programme of activities it provides the means to share, exchange and publish information about one-name studies. It also encourages and assists those interested in one-name studies by means of conferences, seminars, and many other activities and projects.

This is to remind you, we are a holding our last seminar for the year at The National Archives, on Saturday, 21st November 2009.

The seminar "One-Name Sources at TNA", which we are sure we will be of interest, will cover: The Hearth Tax - Dave Annal; Civil War Sequestration Papers - Adrian Ailes; Chancery Records - Amanda Bevan; and Certificates of Residence - Michelle Hockley.

There is also available, a behind the scenes tour with very limited capacity. We are already received a lot of interest and remaining spaces will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Also to mention while Tea and Coffee will be provided, as with previous events at the National Archive, lunch is not included. You can either purchase lunch from the Cafeteria or bring your own.

Further details are shown on the booking form, which is available on the Guild website: under the 'Events' tab.

For any queries or for a mailed copy of the application form, the Guild Helpdesk telephone 0800 011 2182 will be able to advise.

Thank you very much

Rod Clayburn
Secretary, Seminar Sub-Committee,
Guild of One-Name Studies

Google News Archive Search

Google News Archive Search: "News archive search provides an easy way to search and explore historical archives. In addition to helping you search, News archive search can automatically create timelines which show selected results from relevant time periods."

with my thanks to Cyndi's List
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet

and Free Genealogy Tools Blog: Google News Archives: "Pretty much everyone knows about Google News. For many of us, it's the first stop for finding a news story from earlier in the day or week.

But did you know there is a deep (and I mean deep) Google News Archive here as well? Newspapers and other digitized materials going back to the 1700's. And Google has been adding new archives at a furious pace, so this is a resource tool to return to on a regular basis.

The Google search is free, of course. Most of the material that is archived is also free to access, but there are also links to materials, like articles from, Proquest, Lexis, or, that you have to pay a fee to access.

Use the advanced search feature to fine tune your search by zeroing on a particular date range, geographical area, or even a particular newspaper. You can choose to see all results, or only results that are available at no charge."

Shipwreck Ireland

Irish Shipwrecks database is a searchable database of shipwrecks on and off the Irish Coast: "Irish Shipwrecks database is a searchable database of ship wrecks on and off the Irish Coast. The intent of this site is to provide researchers and divers with information pertaining to the numerous shipwrecks around the the coast of Ireland and to increase awareness of this valuable historical and recreational resource.
The material found here has been sourced from many original documents, including newspapers, Lloyds Lists, English Board of Trade Records, a full list is available in the references page. In many cases, all the information we have is the name of the vessel and the General area where it sank.

We welcome any relevant information, and are especially interested in wreck locations GPS or Lat & Long , depths, condition and any stories relating to dives on Irish wreck sites."