Saturday, October 31, 2009

Society of Genealogists, London

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November Events

7 November 10:30am
Tracing your Medieval Ancestors
A full day course with Dr. Adrian Jobson 30/24 GBP

9 November 10:30am
Genealogy for Librarians & Archivists
A full day course with Else Churchill & Doreen Hopwood 30/24 GBP

11 November 2:00pm
DNA: Heredity and Disease
A one hour lecture with Dr. Geoff Swinfield 5/4 GBP

14 November 10:30am
Adoption and Fostering circa 1850 to 1930
A half day course with Louise Taylor 15/12 GBP

14 November 2:00pm
Careers in Genealogy, Pitfalls for Professionals
A half day course with Michael Gandy 15/12 GBP

18 November 11:00am
Using the Society of Genealogists Library
A one hour talk with the society's librarian, Sue Gibbons. Free of charge.

18 November 2:00pm
My Ancestor was a Tailor
A one hour lecture with Ian Waller 5/4 GBP

25 November 11:00am
Scottish Sources in the Society of Genealogists Library
A one hour lecture with Else Churchill 5/4 GBP

25 November 2:00pm
My Ancestor was a Brushmaker
A one hour lecture with Kenneth Doughty 5/ 4 GBP

Please also note the 18 Nov. visit to The National Archives and the 21 Nov. Family Historian software course are fully booked.

Lori Weinstein
Events co-ordinator

Tel: 020 7553 3290

Friday, October 30, 2009

Irish Genealogy

Irish Genealogy: "The Central Signposting index (C.S.I) contains over 3 million genealogical records which may help you trace that elusive Irish ancestor. If you are not certain of the county of origin of your ancestor this could help you make a start.

There are currently 3,198,125 records in the database from Armagh, Cavan, Derry, Donegal, Fermanagh, Leitrim, Limerick, Mayo, Sligo, Tyrone & Wexford. Types of record include Birth, Baptism, Marriage, Griffith's Valuation, Tithe Applotments' and 1901 Census returns. Click here for a breakdown of the records.

The C.S.I (Central Signposting Index) will point you to the local county based IFHF genealogy centre that may hold the records you seek. To use the C.S.I please enter your search criteria into the form below and click on 'Search'."

The Kingdom: Bishop hands over records on diocese: "THE Bishop of Kerry, Bill Murphy, will this week oversee the formal handover of Church records to the Department of Arts, Sports and Tourism.

The bishop will officiate as Bertie Kelliher, chairman of the Kerry Genealogical Research Centre, will hand over of the diocesan records of baptism, marriages and deaths to department secretary, Con Haugh, this Tuesday.

The presentation of the digitised records marks the culmination of years of painstaking work by the Kerry Genealogical Research Centre which oversaw the computerisation of around 500,000 Church documents dating from the 1750s.

Kerry County Council, the Trustees of Muckross House, FÁS, the Catholic Church and Church of Ireland backed the project, while the Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism directly supported the computerisation of an additional 100,000 Kerry records."

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jia Pu

Jia Pu - Chinese Genealogical Record - An Introduction: "In the history of the Chinese people, there are three important elements that are significant. They are China's history, the local gazette and a clan's genealogy. Amongst these three elements, genealogy has the longest history and is the most influential.

Jia Pu (translated as genealogy record), also known as Zu Pu, is a record of a clan's history and lineage. It documents the origins of the surname, the migration patterns of the clan, the family lineage, the ancestral biography, the story of the locality, etc.

The origin of Jia Pu spans many eras and has been found as early as the Shang Dynasty (1523-1028BC). The family trees of the clans then were written on turtle shells, cow bones and bronze. Prior to the invention of writing, Chinese genealogical information was recorded by tying knots on ropes. Objects such as miniature arrows, shoes, cradle, bronze coins, kneecaps of goats and pigs were tied to the knots to show the number of generations, number of members (male and female), etc. in a family. This information was also verbally passed on to the later generations. Such were the earliest forms of Chinese genealogical record."

and who are using 家谱网 - 穿越时空的家族聚会, launched in 2008, hosts more than 3000 Jiapu – Chinese family histories bound in volumes – the earliest being from the 6th century BC and the most recent from the 1940s. The collection has been made available through an exclusive long-term partnership with the Shanghai Library, which holds the largest collection of Chinese family history records in the world. The site is in local language

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

lists of Passenger Lists

What Passenger Lists Are Online?:

"Internet Sources for Transcribed Passenger Records & Indexes

note: If you don't find your ancestor's passenger list online (some have not been indexed or transcribed yet), you can still search offline using the available indexes and microfilmed records. The Finding Passenger Lists Guide is a good starting point for locating US arrivals from European ports.

This webpage is divided into three main sections:
US Arrival Records,
International Arrivals & Departures,
and General Sites.

Items marked 'requires payment' are part of Ancestry's online genealogy records collection."

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lorain County Chapter of OGS

Lorain County Ohio

In 1824 Lorain County was created from parts of
, Cuyahoga and Medina Counties.
For information around or before that date, you will want to visit those counties.

Elyria is our county seat and Wellington Village is the home of our county fair. The photo above is Lorain Harbor Lighthouse located at the mouth of the Black River.

Lorain County, Ohio is a member of OHGenWeb, USGenWeb, WorldGenWeb and The Ohio Genealogical Society. Visit The USGenWeb Archives for Lorain County and the Ohio State Resources for Researchers

Our Chapter was chartered by OGS in 1983 and membership includes two affiliates; Wellington Genealogical Group and Black River Genealogical Group. In 2008 our Chapter celebrated their 25th Anniversary as a chartered Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society.

Ohio Genealogical Society: "The Ohio Genealogical Society is the largest state genealogical society in the United States.

Its mission is to meet the educational needs of its members and the general public through the acquisition, preservation, and dissemination of genealogical and historical information."

ohio genealogy society - Google Search

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Crimean War

Captain WP Richards' Letters from the Crimea (5): "I had my horse shot under me, as also had Dacres, Hamley and Wodehouse. I was knocked down by a round shot striking the ground under my feet, but it hopped 30 feet over my head. Afterwards I was charged by a Russian rifleman, several of whom got amongst our guns, he made a rush at me with his bayonet, but I saw him coming and when close, hopped inside his guard and floored him with a tap on the nose with my fist. I had nothing else as my sword was on the limber of one of the guns and I lost my revolver, which is a great loss, as it was a very useful thing, and also very expensive, however, thank God, I escaped, but other poor fellows were not so lucky."