Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Some Icelandic horse-names

a pearl of a page

>> Langhús is a training-station where horses are bred, trained and traded. We have around 35 horses at all ages. Our barn houses 15 horses, some of them ours, some of them that come for training. All our broodmares are trained, most of them are shown and evaluated, and we only use 1st prize stallions as sires. Thus, all the horses we breed are found in the Icelandic studbook. We are A-breeders, that is to say our foals are marked with microchips, and we are thorough about papers. We also run an over-average sized dairy-farm, with around 35 cows, have 18 sheep and more animals.

www.icelandichorse.is - Langhús Farm and Disa is knitting Icelandic sweaters for you.


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