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Enumerator Instructions 1850 to 2000 Enumerator Instructions

1850 Census: Instructions to
Marshals and Assistant Marshals

Having appointed your assistants, and received a duplicate of the oath of office taken by each, pursuant to your instructions from this Department, of the 25th ultimo, you will proceed immediately to the further execution of your duty, as defined by the act. It is an important service, looked to in its results with much interest, and it is expected that you will use every effort to discharge it with promptness, efficiency, and exactness.

You will be immediately furnished, by express, with a portfolio for each of your assistants, and a sufficient number of blanks for each to commence work. The necessary additional blanks will be, in like manner, furnished you as soon as practicable.
1850 Enumerator Instructions (to Marshals and Assistant Marshals)

IPUMS-USA and IPUMS-International

IPUMS-USA is a coherent national census database spanning 1850 to 2000.
High precision samples
the Integrated Public Use Microdata Series (IPUMS-98), created at the University of Minnesota in October 1997.

The IPUMS consists of twenty-seven high-precision samples of the American population drawn from fourteen federal censuses.
Some of these samples have existed for years, and others were created specifically for this database.

The twenty-seven samples, which span the censuses of 1850 to 2000, collectively comprise our richest source of quantitative information on long-term changes in the American population.
However, because different investigators created these samples at different times, they employed a wide variety of record layouts, coding schemes, and documentation.

This has complicated efforts to use them to study change over time.

The IPUMS assigns uniform codes across all the samples and brings relevant documentation into a coherent form to facilitate analysis of social and economic change.


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