Thursday, May 26, 2005

Comedy of Errors

Michael Whitfield Foster
After six years of preparatory work, special and unprecedented permission from the Registrar General for three periods of unique research at the General Register Office (the GRO) in Southport has allowed me to explore the structures and workings of this national record system. The organisation and processes of the system have been revealed for the first time. This has produced a fascinating story of the many many ways in which the records have suffered from errors and omissions. Working directly within the GRO records has produced results far exceeding any of my prior expectations.
still one of my favourite pages


Blogger Family Tree Nut said...

You should see the size of our family genealogy "tree!" Just one segment (printout) is almost the length of a neighborhood block. I didn't do the work, my dad's spent 40+ years of his life doing the research, compiling it, printing and having it bound. Of course life goes on so someone sometime must keep it up ... Oh, in his honor I've tried to put together a resource that might be helpful for anyone looking for info on free family genealogy search (hope to have a blog in place soon0

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