Sunday, September 11, 2005

Family Tree Maker 2006

Family Tree Maker 2006: "For more that 15 years Family Tree Maker has been America's no. 1 - selling family tree program. Family Tree Maker 2006, the latest version of the world's best-selling family tree software, gives you an easy way to build and share your family tree - and preserve your precious family history. "

I find small but signifiicant changes,
for example:- MENU >> Edit Individual

opens more quickly ALT + P + I
and has the Burial field very usefully added to the first window

I also got the 14 day freebie Annual OneWorldTreeSM Trial

You are here: My Account Options > Subscription Information
Subscription Information
Subscription: OneWorldTreeSM 14-Day Trial
Billing Cycle: Annual
Started: 05/09/2005
Ends On: 19/09/2005
Credit Card: Visa/Delta/Electron
Credit Card #: ************xxxx
Card Expiration: 10/

Ancestry World Tree, build your family tree using our pedigree files: "The Ancestry World Tree contains more than 200 million names worldwide (including 25 million UK & Ireland names) in family trees submitted by our users. The Ancestry World Tree is the largest collection of its kind on the Internet. "

The Ancestry World Tree was created to bring family historians together. When you upload your family tree, you are sharing your discoveries with other researchers and helping others to find success in their family history work. You may even find lost relatives who have information on your family.

You can change, update or remove your work from the Ancestry World Tree at any time.

the jury is out for another week but I will probably unsubscribe


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