Monday, September 05, 2005

Katrina disaster help volunteered

from my email:-

Hugh, I write this with a touch of sadness.

The US south coast took a damn good pounding.
There are of course the red cross, salvation army plus all our armed military [myself vietnam 1969] After all that Mike and you have helped me locate family in the UK Wales, I want to offer some help. I have 2 week vacation plus a 3000+ ft house.

If there is anyone in distress that you know let me know, phone 419 xxx xxxx .
I live in Ohio and it gets cold,but we have a fireplace generator. and lot" of friends.
I just mean to offer aid

you may contact Jxxxxx through me

British Consulate-General Houston Routine: (713) 659 6270Fax: (713) 659 7094
Emergency: (713) 659 6270


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