Wednesday, October 12, 2005

danish cable tv - About TDC - Profile - Profile - TDC A/S - TDC Cable TV: "In cooperation with TDC Cable TV, TDC Solutions has introduced a number of field trials, which will in the next couple of years lead to extensive changes in the domestic telecom market where the borders between the traditional tele and cable TV networks will eventually disappear. The objective is for TDC to offer its customers TV, broadband, and telephony in one joint package irrespective of whether they are customers on the cable network or the telephony network.

It is the so-called IP technology that makes it possible to connect the traditional telecom network with the cable TV network. Thereby it becomes possible to deliver the same products on the two networks: It will be possible to make telephone calls over the cable TV network and to watch television over the telephone network. "

they are playing catch up with their competitors
still 2 or 3 times the price of broadband or dsl in other countries.

TDC Kabel TV - Forside

Beboer TV S9 161.25 G,M,F
TV Danmark K5 175.25 G,M,F
TV2 Norge K6 182.25 G,M,F
TV 2 Lorry K7 189.25 G,M,F
DR2 K9 203.25 G,M,F
DR1 K10 210.25 G,M,F
Infokanalen S11 231.25 G,M,F
Sverige 1 S13 245.25 G,M,F
Sverige 2 S14 252.25 G,M,F
ARD S15 259.25 G,M,F
ZDF S16 266.25 G,M,F
NRK 1 S29 367.25 G,M,F
Ekstrakanalen S30 375.25 G,M,F
Kanal København S31 383.25 G,M,F
Kanal 5 K21 471.25 M,F
CNN International K22 479.25 M,F
Reserveret til Video K33 567.25 M,F
Reserveret til Selector K41 631.25 M,F
TV4 K42 639.25 M,F
TV3+ K43 647.25 M,F
TV 2 Charlie/BBC Food K44 655.25 M,F
TV3 K45 663.25 M,F
VH1 / Private Blue K49 695.25 F
Cartoon Network K50 703.25 F
TV5 Europe K51 711.25 F
Jetix / Hallmark K52 719.25 F
MTV Danmark K54 735.25 F
Discovery Channel K55 743.25 F
The Voice TV K56 751.25 F

CNN pr. 1/11 TV2FILM K57 759.25 F
BBC World K58 767.25 F
BBC Prime K59 775.25 F
Turner Classic Movies K61 791.25 F

Kanal 5 pr. 1/11 Disney K62 799.25 F
Viasat Sport 1 K63 807.25 F
Eurosport K64 815.25 F
dk4 K65 823.25 F
TV 2 Zulu K66 831.25 F
Discovery Animal Planet K67 839.25 F
National Geographic / CNBC K68 847.25 F

Radiokanaler FM Frekvens Info

Forbeholdt lokalradio 87.7 G.M.F
Forbeholdt lokalradio 88.9 G.M.F
BBC World Service Radio 88.4 G.M.F
Forbeholdt lokalradio 89.4 G.M.F
Forbeholdt lokalradio 90.6 G.M.F
NDR 1 90.1 G.M.F
Radio Schleswig-Holstein 91.2 G.M.F
Sverige P1 92.2 G.M.F
Sverige P4 92.7 G.M.F
Sverige P3 93.5 G.M.F
Forbeholdt lokalradio 95.2 G.M.F
Forbeholdt lokalradio 95.2 G.M.F
Radio 100FM 96.1 G.M.F
DR P2 Musik & Kultur 97.0 G.M.F
The Voice Radio 97.7 G.M.F
Forbeholdt lokalradio 98.8 G.M.F
Sverige P2 98.2 G.M.F
Klassik Radio Tysk 99.4 G.M.F
Sky Radio 100.5 G.M.F
DR P1 101.5 G.M.F
DR P4 Københavns Radio 102.7 G.M.F
DR P3 103.2 G.M.F
DR Klassisk 103.9 G.M.F
Forbeholdt lokalradio 104.5 G.M.F
RTL Radio Tysk 105.0 G.M.F
Forbeholdt lokalradio 105.7 G.M.F
NDR 2 106.6 G.M.F
NDR Kultur 107.2 G.M.F
BBC Radio One Engelsk 107.6 G.M.F

TDC Kabel TV - Kanalnøgler and they are rearranging the frequencies again


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