Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Google Press Center: Press Release

Google Press Center: Press Release: "The Libraries of Harvard, Stanford, the University of Michigan, the University of Oxford, and The New York Public Library Join with Google to Digitally Scan Library Books and Make Them Searchable Online "
this newspaper clipping from Søndagsavisen has been on my desk since 19 Dec 2004

Google Print beta

Advanced Print Search

Publisher Program
People will only be able to see a few pages related to their search and copy, save and print are disabled. And you can remove a book from Google Print at any time.

Google Print program sues - Google Search

The Other Shoe Drops: Google Print Sued for Copyright Violation: "Rather than duplicate Suber�s work, let me merely add what information I gathered while following this story. According to Fred von Lohmann, senior intellectual property lawyer for the Electronic Frontier Foundation and a Google Print proponent, the defense by Google will turn to a 2003 case entitled Kelly v. Arriba Soft Corp. In this case, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal found in favor of a search engine that copied images from a photographer but displayed them only in thumbnail form. The decision held that the commercial purpose of copying the material was not exploitative and constituted fair use. Google Print�s displays of snippets of text from full-text copies of books, according to von Lohmann, would seem similar.
However, another legal expert advised me that the Kelly v. Arriba Soft Corp. case holds as mandatory precedent only within the Ninth Circuit�s jurisdiction, rather than nationally as do cases decided by the Supreme Court. The appellate court with the largest body of intellectual property cases and the highest reputation in that area is the Second Circuit Court of Appeal, which is the jurisdiction to which the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York belongs. In fact, among the cases citing Kelly v. Arriba Soft Corp., the only one citing it with disfavor was from New York, the jurisdiction in which the Authors Guild suit is filed. Ultimately, however, both legal advisors with whom I spoke assured me that any case that elicits split rulings from these appellate courts would virtually assure an appearance before the Supreme Court. "


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