Thursday, October 27, 2005


this spam sent by them makes me suspect their legality

sounds like a money smuggling organisation
check them out with the local better business bureau or police

they do have an address on the web site
so visit them face to face

Dear Sir/Madam.hard high

Are you looking for a job? pak
Are you not satisfied with your income?word You think you can earn more and
you want earn more? card We can make an offer to you ! drive
Solid Job Company WorldWide had proved itself long
ago as a stable financial investor into social projects of thirdworld
countries.offer We had built numerous chruches that are successful now,
several hospitals, institutions for children with hard childhood.mode
Currently our project is "Movement for making better an environment
for woman in arabian countries".try cool
We also own a organization "Old New Orleans".toldother Basically we are renweing
a territory and giving a place it's original look.seenmail As you can see, we
are not about earning money like any other company, we are working with
people and for people! Our capital consists of invests of big companies
and private individuals.onlyknow We are in contact of thousand of government
individuals, as well as with common people.and stop

Our vacancies: Now clients of our company conduct financial operations
all over the world including United Kingdom, but due to sufficient
perfection in Banking Service we have some difficulties in translation
and reorganization of our business, therefore we are planning to open
branches in which we require UKs.their Now we are looking for financial
assistants who will be responsible to accept payments from our clients.simply
At this moment we provide and offer work at home, after opening offices
in UKs, you will have an opportunity for working in our offices as

Today we are looking for financial assistants that will be responsible
to accept payments from clients through bank transfer, because of
imperfection of bank system.your UKs partners of our clients have some
difficulties with sending bank translations and cheques to East
Europe.chance You can make 10 % commission from every transfer you will
receive through relative to our business.want The rest needs to be
transferred to our company's representative by Western Union; all
Western Union fees are paid by us.fresh On average you will be making 3,000
US Dollars per

We believe that you can get good future and achievements in our
business.many If our offer is interesting to you, please feel free in
sending a mail to our HR office.add For more information our crew of
Human Resources is ready to answer all your

If you are ready to start working with us then you need to register on
our personal website of our company and you will get a personal
account that you will work with .soon After you done that and you got an
account - we start working with you within 24 hours.welcome Go to please click " REGISTER"

Best Regards
Solid Job Company



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