Saturday, November 12, 2005

Generating Fake Family Trees Automatically

Reply To Black Hat Forum: "The issue of whether or not you can make money is the top rung of a ladder that looks like this:

Can I make money on this again in to the forseeable future? " Black Hat Seo Blog - Seo Blackhat News

Basics of Black Hat Seo - By G-Man, the co-creator of Syndk8: " common misunderstanding is that it's similar to white hat techniques. I.E. You create a site, coddle it, love it, add content and tweak (stuff) your keywords, hide your text, etc. ad nauseum.

Well folks, I'm here to tell you that what black hat is really about is TRAFFIC and lots of it. But how to get that traffic you ask?

Ahhh...that's where the secrets of black hat seo come out. You see, it's all about bottom fishing. Bottom fishing is going to the bottom of the barrel looking for the keywords that are only going to score 10,20, maybe 500 hits a month." | Fake family trees online may trip up genealogists: "Don Harrold, co-creator of a program called 'Fake Family,' which he sells for $75, says data it produces has 'absolutely zero chance' of matching any real person or family. He says he has offered the program to fewer than 30 self-described Internet advertisers, so its use is not widespread, and he has not made money on it."


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