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Tullamore, Kings County Ireland

Municipal Voters in 1889 : a list of Municipal Voters for Tullamore in King's County Ireland in 1889.

King's county, a county of Ireland, bounded N by E. and W. Meath, E by Kilkenny and Queen's county, S by Tipperary, and W by Galway; 43 . long and 39 broad, containing 707 square miles. More than 1/3 of the county is occupied by bogs and mountains; the soil of the arable lands is very fertile, and consists either of a deep moor, or a shallow gravely loam. Principal rivers, the Shannon, Little Brosna, and Greater Brosna.
(From The New London Gazetteer 1826)


Blogger Martin Doherty said...

Ok Hugh... interesting as the list is! What is the significance of this list of Municipal voters?

What rights did they have at that time?

What was so special about them?

What did they pay for the right to vote?

All english?

What links you to this particular group?

Lots of questions!


7:22 pm  
Blogger Hugh Watkins said...

The majority of residents had no voting rights only property owners.

These lists are used by genealogists as census substitutes because few irish census survive before 1901

some of your questions are beyond my knowledge, so you will have to ask a local historian or librarian or consult reference books.

My link is as a surfer and blogger I felt the site was worthwhile and therefore I published an abstract here to help it become better known.

7:55 pm  

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