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Velkommen til Danmarks Elektroniske Forskningsbiblioteks hjemmeside

Velkommen til Danmarks Elektroniske Forskningsbiblioteks hjemmeside:

Danmarks Elektroniske Forskningsbibliotek (DEF) omfatter en række projekter og udviklingsopgaver inden for IT, forskning, uddannelse og biblioteksudvikling. Det overordnede formål med disse aktiviteter er at forbedre anvendelsen af IT med henblik på at understøtte forskning og uddannelse. De seks DEF Programområder er følgende:

The Peaceful Occupation of Denmark 1940-1943:
»Sie fühlten sich wie die Made im Speck,«
wrote the head of the Gestapo in Esbjerg of the German troops in the town. Danish historians of the German occupation of Denmark have also noted the comfortable life that the peculiar occupation regime in Denmark afforded the Wehrmacht compared to conditions in other occupied countries.

The present article provides a more complex picture of the Wehrmacht's situation on the so-called »whip cream front.« It focuses on conditions from the viewpoint of the German authorities charged with administering the occupation regime at both the local and national levels in cooperation with the Danish authorities.

The main source for depicting these conditions is internal German correspondence, especially confidential messages to and from the commander of the German troops in Denmark, General Erich Lüdke. Some of these documents, used here for the first time, are essential for understanding how the so-called peaceful occupation was experienced and managed by the German authorities charged with its implementation. "

Denmark: "28 Apr 1929 - 4 May 1942 Thorvald August Marinus Stauning (s.a.) SP
(2nd time)
4 May 1942 - 10 Nov 1942 Vilhelm Buhl (1st time) (b. 1881 - d. 1954) SD
10 Nov 1942 - 5 May 1945� Erik Julius Christian Scavenius (b. 1877 - d. 1962) Non-party
5 May 1945 - 8 Nov 1945 Vilhelm Buhl (2nd time) (s.a.) SD
8 Nov 1945 - 13 Nov 1947 Knud Kristensen (b. 1880 - d. 1962) LP-V "

Christmas Møller (his son died inWWII) in England functioned as a government in exile and secured the recognition of Denmark as an ally by UK and USA but not USSR.

It was a busy day after by train and bus shopping for cheap vegetables at the cabbage king and taking them home to Brumleby

Next I rushed into town town and Rigsarkivar Johan Peter Noack told me that last my email tohim about the broken deep links on Danish parish registers and census online help ended in the spam again

I am starting to research the last month of the Besættelse at Rigsarkivet
May 1945

finding the handbooks, and guides to Bovrup-arkiv, som er arkivet efter Danmarks National-Socialistiske Arbejder Parti (DNSAP

quite a can or worms well explored already
but many secret files are closed for 80 years
Icaugh up with the vejledningsserie Rigsarkivet informerer. and got some new leaflets or research guides.

when RA closed at 16:00
I went to Det Kongelige Bibliotek West reading room, where I am starting to read the standard works of danish history on the open shelves

The big find was my couin's cousin Pilot Officer William Henry (Harry) James
b: 19 MAR 1920
d: 14 SEP 1943 in RAF killed in action
and crashed in the sea off Korsør, Denmark and listed in Faldne Allierede Flyvere 1939-1945 by Anders Bjørnvad. (Odense, 1978)

It recorded precisely where the aircraft crashed between Halsskov Rev and Sprogø
and gave me a better insight into the relationship between public, priests and occupiers.

I also learned how to use their computers better and to log on to the system using my cpr number off my library ticket

Next newspapers in 1945


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