Sunday, January 15, 2006

bad taste blogging ?

GENEALOGE: Google Blog Search: "hugh watkins"

blogging my own blog of course

But - and there is always (cliche-alert off) a but !

Well it happened like this:-
I was doing my gmail first today, and I wanted to help a friend, who is a gmail newbie, without getting caught up personally with one on one hand holding and tutorials so I found Google Groups : Gmail Help Discussion

as a google-head I like to participate and I needed an invite to get into ORKUT
so found this FYI for Orkut invites
FYI: Definition "for your information"
pointing me at Google Groups : Orkut Invitation Pool and Orkut
so next I felt I needed to explain who I was and therefore as a nethead and genealogy-freak
so did the old "Google your name" thing
with blogspot "hugh watkins" - Google Search
and ended up in Blog News which I take as a big compliment

and in google cache of Blog News as retrieved on 31 Dec 2005

mysteriously some of my blogstubs get a higher rating in google than my most active blogs.

definition: a BLOGSTUB is a dormant blog sometimes an ancient single test page
or like a domain I wanted

so I created this blogsuite or blogset instead I was born in 1936 started in 2005 after the village of Kilmington which dominates the LAPHAM one-name study

Meanwhile I have 72 emails to read from the Bristol_and_Somerset list, 77 from usenet and 44 in gmail

My Dashboard has 20 blogs to update of which 4 or 5 are in danger of becoming blogstubs with no posts younger than 2 months


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