Saturday, January 07, 2006

happy birthday to me

myself in about 1939 aged about 3 years

from my email:-

Just wanted to get in an early birthday greeting to you before you got swamped on 7 Jan. You turn 70 years young that day, and I turn 71 (which I find extremely hard to believe). How do you plan to celebrate?

January 7 has always held some kind of mystical appeal for me. I've even collected a large file of names of other Jan 7 persons (yes, you are now in it). While having been an engineer by profession, I was also a professional musician, a symphony orchestra flutist. So I was amazed when I learned that Jean-Pierre Rampal was also a Jan 7 baby, as was Francis Poulenc, one of my favorite composers of music for the flute, and Nicanor Zabeleta, the great harpist who often performed with Rampal. The great pianist, Clara Haskil, was also one of us. My favorite US president, Millard Fillmore, b. 7 Jan 1800, never waged a war against another nation, was a staunch champion of the abolishment of slavery, and sent Commodore Perry to Japan to open trade and diplomatic relations with that country. Each year I exchange birthday greetings with Actress Erin Gray, best known as Wilma Deering in the "Buck Rogers" series of the 1970s. The highest paid woman today on American TV, Katie Couric, turns 49 on Saturday. The list goes on and on. For some reason, that date seems to have prompted a very high degree of creativity. The list of names fairly bristles with it. Montgolfier, Bernadette of Lourdes, Charles Addams, Nicholas Cage, Kenny Loggins, Butterfly McQueen, etc, etc, etc.

Before I forget (yes, it's starting to happen), let me add how much I enjoy your comments on "The List," your various sites and blogs, and your photography skills (the creative eye!).

Well, Hugh, sorry for the long monologue on such a curious topic, but I thought that, of all people, you'd be interested. Nevertheless, best wishes for your 70th. Have one on me!
thank you Bill
my plans are for a quiet day scanning old photographs


Blogger claude said...

Hi, Hugh!!! I saw on the "LIST" you were celebrating your "Big 70" today and had to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY." It is a milestone to reach 70 these days and I know you are just happy to be here. As with Bill, I enjoy your comments on the Help List. You don't say much, but you say a lot in a little. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with those of us who have yet to travel yoru path. Hope your day if full and satisfying!
Claude Callender

7:13 pm  

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