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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer is a compilation of available sources concerning Settlement Examinations, Settlement Certificates, Removal Orders, Bastardy and Apprenticeship Indentures, documents that reveal our ancestors brush with Officialdom. It will be added to over the months.

These documents can add flesh to bones, but more importantly give clues to where ancestors were "hiding" between known details. Some are more informative than others, but all will add substance to your family tree.

The details listed are the bare bones in many cases, with Settlement Examinations and Certificates usually giving additional material such as ages of children and occupation.
It would be almost impossible to record every detail.

Now big with child, came to Ashford eight days ago. 1 Aug 1788.
This is listed as Hannah WHIPPEY, aged 30 born Wardlow(about 1858). examined in 1788
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BASTARDY PAPERS record the efforts the Overseers made in ensuring fathers of illegitimate children paid for the upkeep of the child.
It will record name of mother, the child, usually described as male or female, and not necessarily by name and the putative father.
Occupation sometimes given of the father and place of abode. Also may name those who stood surety.


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