Sunday, February 05, 2006

Ancestry corrections are too slow

RootsWeb Message Boards [ United Kingdom and Ireland ]: "Corrections for John R R Tonkien - 1901 England Census
Author: Hugh Watkins

Date: 5 Feb 2006 9:11 PM GMT
Classification: Query

Given Name: J R R

Surname: Tolkien

Correction Type: Variation

Explanation: to be the famous writer

Contributed By: hughwatkins ( Contact This Person ) - me !

Contributed On: 9/4/2005 ( This name is not currently searchable )

why not?
makes your landing look silly

"The 1901 Census contains names including Queen Victoria,
[no she is deadand in Frogmore mauseleum]
Charlie Chaplin [see Charles] , J.R.R. Tolkien [see TONKIEN] and many more. "

Hugh W


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