Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Genealogist Marjorie Moore klled on safari

Woman Killed On Safari (from Swindon Advertiser):

"A HUSBAND has spoken about his wonderful wife after she was killed in an accident while they were on holiday in South Africa.
Richard and Marjorie Moore were nearing the end of their two week break where they had been tracing relatives when the accident happened.
Mr Moore had gone to church while his wife had gone on safari with a tour.
The vehicle the party was travelling in failed to negotiate a steep slope and overturned. She was one of three tourists, including another Briton, killed in Sunday's crash.
Mr Moore, 76, of Cambridge Close, Lawn, said Marjorie, 67, was a 'wonderful woman.'"

Roy Stockdill wrote in news:soc.genealogy.britain:-

I am not sure how many people here would have known her - since this
is a list more for Internet and newbie genealogists than what I would
call the old-guard Establishment of the genealogical world - but
anyone who did know her will be very saddened to learn that MARJORIE
MOORE was killed in South Africa at the weekend when a safari vehicle
she was travelling in overturned.
Marjorie Moore was one of the stalwarts and leading lights for many
years of the UK mainstream genealogical scene, being a former
Chairman of the Society of Genealogists, an officer of the Guild of
One-Name Studies and a prominent member of the Wiltshire Family
History Society. She and her husband Richard were also well-known
around the country for their advice centre, which they took to many
family history fairs. Marjorie was also a well-known lecturer on
genealogy. Both she and her husband worked tirelessly for genealogy
for many years.
She and Richard were on holiday in South Africa, tracing relatives.
Richard was not on the safari trip but was faced with the task of
identifying his wife and arranging a funeral there. The tragedy came
almost at the end of their two-week holiday. Everybody in the UK
genealogy world is very shocked by the news.


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