Thursday, March 30, 2006

Danish Embassy says

Tracing Your Danish Ancestors

Perhaps no one in the family understands a word of Danish any longer; but even so, old letters from Danish relatives may still be about, and return addresses, maybe even postmarks, may be extremely helpful in suggesting the best starting point for an investigation. Books and documents brought along from Denmark Material of this kind may be in the form of diaries or a family Bible containing entries about memorable events in the family. There may also be draft papers or service records whose almost unintelligible abbreviations may lead to new openings. Photos brought along or sent over by relatives left behind can also give clues, for example through the name of the photographer. It is important that such material be not destroyed; if the family does not want to keep it, the Danes Worldwide Archives (address below) will be happy to receive it; the material will prove useful to emigration research as such, and may be of great help to other emigrants. . . .

Det Danske Udvandrerarkiv
(Danes Worldwide Archives)
Arkivstrade 1
Postboks 1731
DK- 9100

The Danish Emigration Archives


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