Thursday, March 02, 2006

handwriting help please

the words times four

click for larger image
from my email:-
Crosses on Left margin
No 1 - 3rd word in from the right is the village I am seeking translation of
No 2 - 4th word from right
No 3 - 2nd word from left, which I thought was Sodbury
No 4 - 2nd word from left
No 5 - 7th word from left

I have had an email suggesting word could be 'Berwick Glos' apparent;y near Compton Greenfield and Hallen in Glos. Henry has a house at Shirehampton which is quite close to there, but I dont have a detailed enough map to find Berwick?
Henry married at North Nibley, leaves money to the Charity School at Dyrham, the chapel in Shirehampton for extra services to be held, many many bequests and annuities, some in Bristol. He is described as Gentleman of City of Bristol. He also had a house on St Michaels Hill, Bristol.
He is leaving money all over the place, so hard to pin this mystery village down.
It is a huge will, 6 pages long, I have ploughed through as far as page four, slow going.My interest is through a nephew he mentions through Abraham Bodman COOK, which I am trying to confirm is my ancester.


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