Friday, April 21, 2006

Josh Hanna of MyFamily Inc

Guardian Unlimited Business Josh Hanna: High priest of the latter-day genealogists: "Hanna is leading an expansion into continental Europe, something likely to be far tougher owing to the political negotiations that are needed. Since his arrival, Ancestry [ ]has spent a huge amount on marketing and rivals call its tactics overly aggressive.

He admits the website made mistakes but in customer service rather than sales. Its customer service would demand a transatlantic phone call with opening hours that left British subscribers up all night. 'We were criticised and rightly so,' says Hanna, who came with his baby girl and wife to sort out the problems. He changed calling times and allowed payments by debit as well as credit cards.

'This is not an excuse for getting things wrong but it's a difficult process. No one has done more to digitise and index family records. Period. Or full stop, as you say here.' The group also plans a new customer service unit, maybe in Britain. Although, as he says: 'People [in Britain] accept such calls being made to Bangladesh.'"


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