Sunday, July 16, 2006

thank you martin

from my email:-

Store Heddinge ny kirkegård

  • Name: Jørgen (født Pedersen i 1911 købt) Strømsholt
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 20 JUL 1869 in Varpelev, Stevns, Præstø, Denmark
  • Death: 1957 in Store Heddinge Stevns Præstø (købt Strømsholt 23/12/1911 )
  • Name change 23 DEC 1911 Pedersen to Strømsholt ministri breve
  • He was the first Strømsholt
  • Name: Bolette (Marie) Sofie Rasmussen
  • Sex: F
  • Birth: 23 SEP 1874 in Atterup Overdrev, Øster Egede,
    Fakse, Præstø, Denmark
  • Death: 8 OCT 1924 in Rigshospitalet København

  • room for about six or eight people here

  • Name: Hansigne Elizabeth Olsen
  • Sex: F
  • ALIA: Signe /Olsen/
  • Birth: 24 NOV 1893 in Klippinge, Magleby Stevns, Præstø, Denmark
  • Death: 1972

  • Rasmussen, Bolette (Marie) Sofie
    23 SEP 1874 Atterup Overdrev, Øster Egede, Fakse, Præstø, Denmark
    8 OCT 1924 Rigshospitalet København
    WorldConnect database

    Father: Niels Jørgen Rasmussen
    Mother: Ane Kirstine Pedersen
    Spouse: Jørgen (født Pedersen i 1911 købt) Strømsholt

    more photos Stort billede: 1600 x 1200

    Hey there,

    I assume you remember the old cemetery, which is around the church. I don't think they use that anymore - most of the stones are old, and it looks like a museum.

    The "new" cemetery is a few hundred meters north of the old / the church. It has the chapel you see on one of the pics roughly in the middle. If I'd turned a bit more to the right, when I took the picture, you might have been able to see the entrance.

    I think I passed Richters gård when I rode on to Højerup on my bicycle.

    Martin V. Andersen

    Martin's homepage

    and the Lokalhistorisk Arkiv for Herfølge-Sædder Sogne site he maintains

    google maps of Denmark are a bit primitive but show a fascinating field pattern


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