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Aurelia Clemons is an acredited genealogist and has been researching since 1967.

She has not used the extra characters in the Danish alphabet but uses ae = æ , aa = å, o = ø;

(=)for married, CH: = Child/Children/Børn, WIFE = Kone/Enke

Research Outline for Denmark with helpful hints and column headings of Parish Records, Census, and Military Levying Rolls.

List of Scandinavians who joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and emigrated with the saints to the U.S.A.
Emigration from Scandinavian Mission - LDS - 1852-1866
Emigration from Scandinavian Mission - LDS - 1867-1881

- PARISH to Estate Cross Reference Guide Lists - Parish, Herred it is in, then the Estate number that has holdings in the parish. This list is alphabetical by Parish and number corresponds to ESTATE file below.

Listing of Parishes within ESTATE Jurisdictions for Sjaelland Handbook for finding estate probates on the islands of Sjaelland, Samso and Mon. Each estate lists the parishes under its jurisdiction.



Happy Hunting!

All my EXTRACTED RECORDS are now included for searching. On error message click on MORE PROBATES.


Denmark: Church Records, Census, Probates
CURRENT PROJECT: Holbaek Probates Project
NOTE: for updates of Probates extracted for Sjaelland - search Listing of Parishes within Estate Jurisdictions for Sjaelland

England: Church Record

Norway: Church Records


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