Saturday, November 04, 2006

amusing ancestry error message

an amusing error message because I am logged on via my virtual PC and FTM 16

and I clicked on an email on the Mac OS via Google Mail
this also happens if you use two different browsers on the same machine

Dear Hugh,

Did you know that you're a member of the world's largest online community dedicated to family history? The Ancestry Community makes it easy to search thousands of message boards and read personal member profiles that can help you determine if another Ancestry member is researching your family history.

better use the original

Visit the Ancestry Community:
How can you connect with another member?
Send an anonymous email through the connection service, which shares only your username and your customized email message. From there, you can ask questions, compare notes - and share what you learn with your family. - Too many people logged in:

" License Limit Exceeded

What does this mean?
Your account is currently being used on another computer. Your Ancestry account provides a single-user license and can only be accessed by one person at a time.

How did this happen?

1.You are still logged into your account on another computer
Solution 1 – After 30 minutes of inactivity your account will be available and you will be able to login from any computer.
Solution 2 – On the computer that is currently logged in, click the “log out” button in the upper right hand corner of the Ancestry site. Your account will then be available from any computer.

2. Someone else has logged into your account
Solution – Contact customer support at 1-800-262-3787 to reset your account and password.

If you would like to open an additional account at Ancestry, please call 1-800-262-3787."


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