Saturday, January 13, 2007


WorldConnect Project -- Connecting the World One GEDCOM at Time: "Submit Your Family Tree To WorldConnect"
More than 460 million names on file

RootsWeb: Registry of RootsWeb Sites: "RootsWeb houses tens of thousands of websites for the genealogy community."

the community - Message Boards
The world's largest online genealogy community with over 18 Million posts on more than 161,000 boards. - Genealogy mailing lists: "RootsWeb's mailing lists can help you find information about your ancestors and connect you with people who have research interests similar to yours"

ancestrylibrary edition
with approximately 4000 databases at major libraries, archives and all LDS Family History Centers World Wide

and if you can not afford windows gramps on linux - Google Search - Family History and Genealogy Records
Personal Ancestral File (PAF) is a free genealogy and family history program. PAF allows you to quickly and easily collect, organize and share your family history and genealogy information.

Download PAF


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