Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Message Boards Are Getting Even Better

Message Boards Announcement

Thanks to helpful comments and requests from valued community members like you, we'll soon be launching significantly updated message boards on Ancestry and RootsWeb. The updated boards will feature outstanding improvements in design, tools and technology.

And to make sure we give you the best message boards possible, we've had current board users testing every improvement and providing valuable feedback throughout various stages of development.

Here's what you can expect from the updated message boards:
You'll soon find many new ways to customize your experience, from choosing how you'd like to view each thread to controlling how many posts and threads you see on a page.

You'll be able to receive notifications individually or choose to receive "digests" on your schedule. New icons will help you easily identify new and updated threads since your last visit.

New Tools
Brand new board tools including "spell check" and "edit" will help you improve your message board communications.

And Much More
The updated message boards will also include plenty of improvements that you can't necessarily see, such as more powerful searches and better spam blockers.

We're excited to bring you the above message board updates and many more, all thanks to feedback and suggestions from users like you. Look out for the improved boards on Ancestry and RootsWeb in the coming weeks.

unfortunately this was written in about March 2006

Rootsweb Message Boards > Topics > RootsWeb > Administrative > Boards Administrators > My Comments as Beta Tester on 12/4/05: "Some of you wondered if there were any beta testers. I helped some and here are my comments in 12/4/05.

Message Board Update Evaluation:" click to read the rest of what
James R. Davis of Sacramento, CA wrote


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