Sunday, February 18, 2007

Good news for messy people

tidiness is bad for you-News-UK-TimesOnline:

"Good news for messy people: tidiness is bad for you
Daisy Goodwin is delighted to discover a new book vindicates her chaotic lifestyle

To write this piece I had to excavate my computer keyboard from under a three-year-old copy of The New Yorker, a photocopy of Mother and Baby magazine from 1959, a pearl necklace with a broken clasp, an invitation to speak at a conference on creating long-term value, a bottle of scent, a picture of myself graduating from university, a blank Valentine’s card and a free DVD called Dr Warrier’s Ayurvedic Hour.

Some people, indeed most people, would think my desk was a mess but to me it is a fragile ecosystem. I may never watch Dr Warrier’s Ayurvedic Hour but seeing its karmically balanced orange cover every time I move my computer mouse reminds me that television is becoming increasingly fragmented and that any niche interest can now find a home in its nether reaches. The pearl necklace may never get mended, but every time I think about getting it repaired I remember that jewels would be a great starting point for a TV show, and the picture is an ever present reminder of why 1980s fashion never needs reinvention."


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