Saturday, April 28, 2007 - Slave Registers of former British Colonial Dependencies, 1812-1834 - Slave Registers of former British Colonial Dependencies, 1812-1834: "In 1807 The Abolition of Slave Trade Act came into force. The act made the trade in slaves from Africa to the British colonies illegal. To combat illicit transportation following this act many of the British Colonies began keeping registers of black slaves who had been so-called “lawfully enslaved”. In 1819 the Office for the Registry of Colonial Slaves was established in London and copies of the slave registers kept by the colonies were sent to this office. Registration generally occurred once every three years. The registers continue through to 1834 when slavery was officially abolished.

This database currently contains the slave registers from Barbados for 1834. Information available on these records includes:

* Name of owner
* Place of residence (name of Barbados parish)
* Name of slave (usually only a given name. If the slave had been baptized this may include the slave name and the Christian name)
* Gender of slave
* Age of slave
* Nationality of slave"


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