Tuesday, May 29, 2007

'Which' tested family tree software

Family tree software | Features explained:

"Family memories fade and, sadly, often disappear, but family tree software can provide a safe repository for all those priceless details that make up our family histories.

These programs work as clever filing systems, with separate entries for all known individuals - from newborn babies to centuries-old ancestors.

Programs help you link these entries together to form your family tree, and then share and present it in ways that should excite sulky teenagers and great aunts alike.

Assuming that genealogy programs also help you to research your family is a common mistake. While it's true that some come bundled with research 'extras' - usually searchable CDs of archived data - they're often of little relevance to most people, particularly genealogy novices."

Welcome to Which? I have been a fan since 1959


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